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  1. But...the enjoyment he will get out of the chair will far outweigh any physical cost.
  2. Have you tried restoring? That usually works. If not, you can format the thing and then restore it. I had to do that when I majorly fucked mine up putting Linux and themes on it.
  3. Define "good Metallica". I picked Disposable Heroes because the riffs on it would be perfect for Guitar Hero. But, what do you think?
  4. How about Metallica's Disposable Heroes?
  5. PM them to me so I can keep track, but you can put it in the thread, too, if you want. I need to have a record I can keep an eye on.
  6. If you mean what do you win, basically just bragging rights and the ability to pick next month's game.
  7. O....KAY. PM results to me so I can keep track of things.
  8. You don't have to play five if someone wins best out of before. PM results to both kamoh and myself, so I can keep track and he can update the scoreboard.
  9. Double post. Signups are now over, matches will be announced later.
  10. Sorry about that, I missed you. You sure? Only 69 minutes remain for sign-up!
  11. ZSNES has a record feature, if I'm not mistaken. EDIT: Less than twenty-four hours remain!
  12. Sorry for the delays, everyone's added to date. (If I missed someone, let me know.) Bump, and kamoh, the ideas sound good, maybe I'll just put you in charge of organizing brackets or whatever, if you want.
  13. I alternate between Bad Religion's "Progress" and "Drunk Sincerety", and rarely, the SMB theme.
  14. ATMUH. Fix the title. It's Pokémon. Not Pokemon.
  15. Ooh. You should land a 900! And tape it. I would fucking worship you.
  16. The songs play just fine on the computer. It's when they're on the iPod that they trip out. I don't have any CDs on me, so what are you suggesting?
  17. Dudes, I'm sick as hell right now, and also I think my controller broke earlier. Hopefully I'll be sane enough to continute orchestrating this stuff, and I can remap my control if necessary. Also, kamoh, looks good. I can't comprehend that at this hour and in this state of mind, but know that I looked at it, blinked a few times, and wrote this post! I'll consider it when I feel better, hopefully tomorrow, as you seem to know what you're talking about.
  18. Well, personally, I'VE always wanted to go to Canada...oh, wait.
  19. Strati


    As far as female vocals go in commercial rock/metal, I dislike both Lee and Turunen. Lee's voice, as was mentioned earlier, is a bit whiny sounding, and I just dislike Turunen's style of singing. Nightwish, I hope Hietala takes over vocals, because he's really good. But, for female vocals, I like Cristina Scabbia (Lacuna Coil) and Angela Gossow (Arch Enemy).
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