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  1. Got NeoForte's and Horseboy's lists. Horseboy, I need your hold items on the list. Arek, if you're lurking this thread, send me the lists you've got; it'll make this a bit easier. I'm not kidding: Wednesday midnight.
  2. All right, the mewtation is now in control. Now, here's the thing. You have exactly ONE week to get your lists to me. Well, maybe I'll be a little generous, I'll give you an extra seventy-three minutes. You have until MIDNIGHT, Wednesday 18 July 2007, Eastern Standard Time, to EMAIL your lists to me. I check my email a hell of a lot more than I check OCR, so there. mewtatedmewtation@gmail.com, if you didn't know it already. Make the sure the subject contains something about the Pokémon tournament, so I know what it's about, and include your username too so I know who you are. There will be no exceptions on the list deadline, because this mofo's been delayed over, what, a month now? Same rules Arek set up apply, same Pokémon are banned, and I expect no hackeds. Now, I would still like to participate in this tournament, so I've got two suggestions. First one, what if, in the brackets, I would be a phantom participant. As in, I would move up as well, but whoever I played would also get a valid participant. I wouldn't compete for standing, just for honors, and I couldn't win the thing. Second suggestion, I would bare my entire Pokémon, item, and movelists here, and participate as normal. Or something you could suggest that I haven't even thought of yet. What do you think?
  3. Oh, snap, I am totally saving my money for that. So that's basically the only solution?
  4. (Yeah, I know I'm pretty much screwed already.) Anyway, I just bought a Schecter Diamond Series Omen-6, it's pretty sweet, and it sounds awesome. I've got a Dell Latitude D620 with integrated audio and graphics, one gig of RAM, and running XP Pro. I've got the necessary adaptors (I mean, the 1/8" jack to 1/4" inch phono plug and vice versa) in order to plug the guitar into the computer, but whenever I do, the audio's all muffled or muddy, which I'm blaming on the integrated audio. (As far as I know, for a notebook of that size, there's not much else you can do.) Is there any way I can kick up the potential of my audio and/or graphics (speaking of graphics, Chankast won't run properly because of my graphics situation) without a major extraneous purchase?
  5. All right, people, I'm fully willing to host this motherfucker to get this show on the road. I'd have to drop out, but there's a lot of people interested in this, so it's a sacrifice I'm willing to make.
  6. Oh, man, this is going to rock extensively hard. Arek, expect a PM from me in the next couple of minutes about last-minute list revisions.
  7. Oh, come on, Halo totally ripped Smash Bros's Beam Sword off with the Plasma Sword.
  8. If you're desperate enough (hell, I did it for a year before I got my wi-fi dongle, and I still do it when I don't have steady access to wireless internet), you can camp for access points. Almost every McDonald's has an access point now that's free for DS users, and they're everywhere. A lot of gas stations have wireless internet, and if all else fails, seek out neighborhood unprotected wireless. It's cheap and poor, but it works.
  9. 133 logged. I have no idea how I've gotten that many, though, I'm sure I haven't played it that much. I must have left it on somewhere on accident.
  10. I know there was something like that for the Shuffle, but I can't think of any drag-and-drop interfaces for the non-Shuffle iPods.
  11. But I thought they fixed that in DP, where Shadow Tag would be ineffective when pitted against another Wobbuffet.
  12. Yeah, I picked Chimchar, too. Key to the first gym is picking up a Budew first chance you get.
  13. I really like that sort of art style. I've always heard it referred to as 'urban'.
  14. With this and the Imus deal, I believe we're about to see a new age of censorship. Fuck.
  15. I've got a response especially for debates like this: Megadeth was formed as a revenge project because Mustaine was always too drunk off his ass to perform with a level of sanity. At least, that's the Mew-abridged version. And for what started as a revenge project and turned into one of the best damn thrash metal bands ever, they're pretty damn good. Unlike Metallica, Megadeth's managed to maintain some semblance of something that vaguely sounds like thrash through their span. (Alliteration ahoy!) Metallica, back when they STILL did thrash, was pretty damn good. You just couldn't compete with their guitar skills. It was so raw, so powerful. Megadeth's always been more technical with their guitar skills, which is equally as cool. I've always liked Metallica's lyrical skills more, and it's the only thing they really have going for them right now (excluding St. Anger: the lyrics on that album sucked). I mean, Creeping Death, Fixxxer, Justice For All; I can go on. Frankly, I've never been very impressed with Megadeth's lyrics, but hey: Mustaine's a fucking genius with a guitar. Whereas Metallica's fate is really up in the air with me when it comes to their newest album, I'm eagerly anticipating Megadeth's United Abominations. Therefore, it's really a draw between the two, in my opinion.
  16. So are we still doing this? My thoughts: hurry up and finish SMK so we can move on to next month's. We're behind.
  17. Yo, Malcos, could I suggest something? One thing that turned me off about this month was the genre of the source tune. I mean, I know that different people are going to be turned off by different genres, because they might have vocal styles that would better suit one type of music and not another. Anyway, the point of this post: if it would be possible, next month, could we try to find something like, say, rock? I think it could open up a whole new level, branching out into different vocal styles with a different genre.
  18. I think you've got to create a loader.cfg file. I use a 4gig Nano, with iBoy and Rockbox, so my file is as follows: # iPodLoader 2.3 config file backlight = 1 timeout = 10 default = 1 beep_duration = 0 bg_color = (157,215,208) # here come the menu choices: Apple @ ramimg iPodLinux @ (hd0,2)/linux.bin Rockbox @ (hd0,2)/hp/ROCKBO~1.IPO iboy color @ (hd0,2)/iboykernel.bin /bin/iboy iboy test @ (hd0,2)/iboykernel.bin /hp/iboy_newkern Sleep @ standby Disk Mode @ diskmode But you might need something slightly different. # iPodLoader 2.3 config file # here come the menu choices: Apple @ ramimg iPodLinux @ (hd0,2)/linux.bin Rockbox @ (hd0,2)/hp/ROCKBO~1.IPO Sleep @ standby Disk Mode @ diskmode Try that. Just open Notepad, paste that into the document, save as loader.cfg (cfg is your file extension, make sure it gets through like that), and put the file in the root of your iPod.
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