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  1. http://www.vgmusic.com/music/console/nintendo/gameboy/pkgsc_teamrocket.mid This one? It's an excellent tune.
  2. This is an excellent idea. I'd also love to see a little more touch-screen interaction. Diamond and Pearl were great in that they pretty much made all menu commands touch-enabled, but I'd love to see other things use the screen too. I had this problem when I first had my DS at my college. I had to find out all the relevant info, like IPs and things like that and input them manually before they'd work. I dunno, maybe it'd work for you.
  3. I bought this at MAGfest. This album is awesome and you guys are awesome.
  4. I had that problem at WVU. I had to use Tor to get around it.
  5. I really don't think Gossow does. It's nearly impossible, I've heard, to process death vocals, so that's purely vocalist talent there.
  6. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Bands_with_female_lead_singers Also, I'll second what Tensei said about Arch Enemy.
  7. They have some instrumental tracks of the vocalled songs available.
  8. Wait, are we talking acoustic technique or electric technique? Because they're two different styles.
  9. Oh, shit, now they have to have Shadow. That would make my fucking day. Don't complain about later release dates. Later release dates mean they have more time to make sure the game doesn't suck, right?
  10. Registered, and I can give a ride as well. I live in southern WV.
  11. Eragon the movie sucked because they left so much of the book out of the movie and changed so much that it will now be virtually impossible to make a movie of Eldest without some major tweaking.
  12. I'm sorry, but I'm gonna have to side with this dude.
  13. HI GUYS, WHAT'S UP. Yeah, sorry about that, I've been mondo busy lately. cobalt is being a HUGE help, thank you! Drack, I'm working on seeing if Ayres has an alternate way of getting in touch with you. ASF, there will DEFINITELY be another tournament, so I'll keep you posted. Anyway, if all goes well, Oddllama and I should have our match over with this morning, so we can get this thing rolling again! EDIT: I got totally owned by Oddllama 'cause I'm an idiot. It was so awesome, though.
  14. Right, so I've got this music album that's in OGG format. iTunes won't read the format, so therefore, I can't listen to it in iTunes or transfer it to my iPod. Any good conversion programs to convert it to MP3 out there? Okay, that was the easy question. I was going through my hard drive sorting and deleting stuff the other day (how I found that music album, too), and I came across this unmarked folder with two folders in it, an empty AUDIO_TS and a five gigabyte VIDEO_TS. I'm thinking it's a DVD I've ripped at one time, because I've got DVDShrink installed. But how can I convert the files to a video format or at least view what it is so I can decide if I want to keep it or ditch it?
  15. I plan on logging MINE, but I don't know about anyone else.
  16. cobalt suggested I do this in the thread since we saw how well sending individual lists out was. --------------------------------------- Drack 2749-7572-0013 -Ninjask -Togekiss -Rhyperior -Starmie -Magnezone -Garchomp -Salamence -Gyarados -Electivire -Tyranitar v. Ayres 1246 5188 1796 -Garchomp -Tyranitar -Aggron -Dragonite -Scyther -Ampharos ----------------------------------------- cobaltstarfire 3823-4992-4310 -Vaporeon -Flygon -Luxray -Torterra -Weavile -Leafeon -Charizard -Gastrodon -Staraptor -Lucario v. Majin_GeoDooD 4081-2073-0458 -Exeggutor -Kingdra -Gyarados -Porygon-Z -Typhlosion -Staraptor -Magnezone -Weavile -Vaporeon -Tangrowth ----------------------------------- Horseboy 2406 1680 9601 -Snorlax -Lapras -Zapdos -Infernape -Alakazam -Luxray -Scizor -Tyranitar -Venusaur -Salamence v. NeoForte 1590-1512-6453 -Torterra -Gastrodon -Luxray -Drifblim -Garchomp -Masquerain -Gardevoir -Breloom -Crawdaunt -Cradily --------------------------------- Oddllama 1890-7731-5803 -Swampert -Scizor -Blaziken -Sceptile -Spiritomb -Zapdos -Torterra -Blastoise -Smeargle -Weavile v. Mewtation 4210-0473-2447 -Roserade -Vespiquen -Froslass -Tentacruel -Houndoom -Milotic -Absol -Ludicolo -Shedinja -Toxicroak Also, we're using cobalt's bracket because it rocks and it works.
  17. Battles are set. Drack 2749-7572-0013 Ayres 1246 5188 1796 cobaltstarfire 3823-4992-4310 Majin_GeoDooD 4081-2073-0458 Horseboy 2406 1680 9601 NeoForte 1590-1512-6453 Oddllama 1890-7731-5803 Mewtation 4210-0473-2447 I'll drop PMs and emails and shit around when I get a chance. Might be tonight, might be tomorrow.
  18. Got it, Llama-man. Signups are over and participants are: NeoForte Horseboy cobaltstarfire Drack Majin_GeoDooD Ayres Oddllama Mewtation Am I missing anyone? Anyway, I'll BS some opponents together and send them out. And I'll send my list to those playing me, so it's fair.
  19. Got five lists so far: NeoForte Horseboy cobaltstarfire Drack Majin_GeoDooD Some people have asked nicely, so I've extended to Sunday midnight. Three more days. Oh, and you can PM your lists to me now, I'm in the habit of checking my PMs more often.
  20. Are any of you participating in the tournament? Four and a half hours left on signups, check the competitions thread. Email me your lists, email's in the competition thread.
  21. I've still got only two lists, and you've got five hours. This is going to be a pretty boring tournament with only three people. Arek never sent me the lists HE had.
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