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  1. I'm currently eating a Crunch bar because the dining hall doesn't open for another two hours.
  2. Strati


    Same. There's really only four songs of theirs I like, Bring Me To Life, Eternal (that crazy seven minute instrumental from Origin), Call Me When You're Sober, and their cover of Korn's Thoughtless. But they're a good band, all in all.
  3. Which model is it? I don't seem to have that capability with the Nano.
  4. (WHERE THE HELL IS THE QUOTE BUTTON? Oh, found it.) I don't know, the vBulletin is hella faster than phpBB2 on my home, slow-as-fuck connection. But I also have images disabled, so I wonder if that means anything.
  5. All right, Tor's installed and enabled. I'm now getting an "Error creating socket." message rather than a "Connection refused" message, so that's progress. Where do I go from here?
  6. Okay, so I used to be able to get on IRC by changing the port to 6668. Recently, though, it seems as though they have blocked ALL ports that can be used. No matter what port I change it to, I can't connect. Does anyone know a remedy or if it can even be remedied? (I'm using ChatZilla, by the way.)
  7. i second this idea I also like this idea. Maybe assign everyone a number and number the songs, and then vote? Otherwise, people will vote for the big names.
  8. My university blocks IRC access, so Skype's good for me. I also now have a Wi-Fi USB Connector, so I can play a lot more.
  9. Well, that's a major obstruction off my back. Thanks.
  10. Yeah, see, that's what I mean. There's not much to take from here.
  11. If you're going to do lyrics, they should be written with this competition in mind—not taken from somewhere else. But explain what you mean by "inspired lyrics." If they are taken from a really popular song, changed dramatically, and credited... that should be okay. Feel free to PM me what you had in mind. What I mean by "inspired lyrics" is lyrics that were inspired by the game, lyrics that actually tie in with the game.
  12. Question: does it matter if they're original lyrics or inspired lyrics? Because, usually I do well writing inspired lyrics, but I'm struggling with such for this. Now, I can write some mean original lyrics, but since this is for a VG song, would it matter?
  13. Then why even have this thread at all? My guess is that it is to raise awareness about the Skype room.
  14. You know, we could always use some new people in Skype. If you play Wii or DS online, don't hesitate to drop one of us a line, we'll let you in.
  15. As I don't have a Wii (yet), all I can do is DS. Tetris DS - 641013 071115 Animal Crossing - 0430 1460 7541 I'm working on getting other Wi-Fi games. PM me or message me on Skype if you add me - name's mewtation.
  16. Well, I range from clean singing to screaming, so I don't think a condensor mic would be best for me. I've even got somewhat of a metal vocal scream. Thanks for the advice. klm09, that sounds good, I might be interested. I've got to get this situation worked out first, though.
  17. So, I'm a decent rock/metal vocalist. I've had singers from bands in the local area tell me this. I'd love to donate my talents to OCR somehow, but I'm wondering what sort of microphone would be good for this. A vocalist is only as good as his microphone. I'm looking for brands, prices. Any advice?
  18. I like this piece. It's very atmospheric. The beat is amazing, at times being very techno-esque, and others, being very tribal-sounding. Great stuff, djp.
  19. Miyamoto's been smoking some serious crack.
  20. This ReMix is the most awesome thing I've got on my iPod right now. Starts off with a mild, mellow intro, then kicks into electric. Runs about two and a half minutes, then slams into some of the best rockage I've heard, ReMix or not. PriZm takes a song that managed to pump enough adrenalin into your system as an original to kick some ass, and turns it into a rockin', in your face, four-minute package of kickassinage. I don't really pick favorites for ReMixes, but if I did, this could easily be #1.
  21. The ReMix was pretty good, I loved the percussion, but I thought the monkey screaming at the end was a little much.
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