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  1. Definitely getting the wrestling-intro vibe. Samus would perform the 'wrecking ball' and do some crazy Japanese-Mexican acrobatic thing, steamrolling ftw.
  2. Definitely concur on the 'opening to an anime' theme. I can almost see the character montage, and a hokey voice-over "through the power of team-RocK!"
  3. This is a lovely, uplifting peace that creates a calm moment for your mind during a busy day.
  4. The storm rumbles in. The winds pick up, and the rains start. Wash everything clean for the clear sky will soon be here...
  5. Maybe upbeat rock? Chip-hop synth fusion? https://www.youtube.com/embed/n4aYSdVs0c4[
  6. How'd I miss this early gem? It sparkled, and caught my ear. Reinvigorating.
  7. This song splashes across my mind like a neon paint spill
  8. Creepy: this sounds like it belongs to a fallout game....good work
  9. Definitely feelin' the Shnabubula-connection. Unforrtunately, what makes them so engaging does eventually turn me off from wanting to listen to them repeatedly. His CONTROLLER album is somewhat like this. I never fast-forward or skip a Bub song once it comes up tho'.
  10. I can totally see this as some kind of extended intro to Paul Simon's Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard. ~Happy go-lucky mix~
  11. Transporting. I can practically feel the ocean breeze on my face as I listen to this. Makes me smile Thank you!
  12. An early gem oft rediscovered that still shines bright as it first was found.
  13. It was VGL Level 4, I thought it was a great show. Tallarico's EWJ series doesn't get enough love, nobody clapped for Lorenzo's Soil/New Junk City, but I personally love those themes. Such crunchy guitar riffs. I thought the choir work and vocalists (Aversa was great during the Tetris opera) So who else was there? Did anybody go to the meet and greet afterward? The lemon coconut cake at the diner next door is pretty good, btw
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