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  1. Thanks for the comments everyone; got a couple more in the works, one I'll be submitting probably within the next day or so (the Ocean Palace one). Thanks for listening.
  2. Pretty much exactly how I thought this would sound; dunno if that's good or not. The guitar is right on, but the track needs more instrumentation. Right now it's a tad bit empty; the drums sound a little thin, for example. Layer some electronic percussion perhaps. Good start though.
  3. I could just tell you this through AIM, but...meh All this is missing is a goofy youtube stare at the camera moment. Other than that, great arrangement, nice playing, quality video. Cool stuff.
  4. or Noteworthy Composer http://www.noteworthysoftware.com/composer/
  5. hehe I can empathize; not too long ago (just about two years now) all I had ever used was NWC, and FL was a bit of a learning process for me too. First things first; get yourself some decent soundfonts/free VSTs that make you feel like you're actually...doing something musical, instead of making all the horrible noises that you mentioned. It'll come with time. Do some searches on google, or I'm sure there's some good stuff in this forum's stickies.
  6. Voxengo Span is great too, and free. http://www.voxengo.com/product/SPAN/
  7. Yeah, the string attacks do seem a tad bit slow. That first bell hit is rather jarring, and the subsequent hits are too loud for the texture around it. Love the source with the brass hits starting around 1:25, but your mix as a whole is pretty much verbatim. As every else has said, work on adding some personal touch.
  8. Thanks (as always) for the lengthly comments and inspiration. I made the comment in another one of my posts that my finished tracks tend to sound nothing like the WIPs, and this one will be no exception. Appreciate the thoughts. EDIT: fixd 1:41, better mastering, more epic, etc
  9. Thanks for the comments guys. Yeah, this was more of a quick sketch of ideas than anything else. Basically everything after 1:32 was just tacked on within a matter of minutes and will definitely be revamped. Same with everything else; my WIP's tend to end up sounding nothing like the final product.
  10. EDIT TWO+ YEARS LATER 1-7-10 www.solesignalmusic.com/remixes/treetop_tumbleWIP.mp3
  11. It's all about the processing you do to the drums. Let's see...the beat at :30 is constructed from parts of a free loop I found and several one shot samples layered for the snare and kick. 1:00 is an FPC groove with a number of amp, EQ, and compression effects added. 1:27 is again a constructed beat with a loop at the foundation and several one shots layered on top.
  12. Awesome guitar work. Once you get the drum and bass situation worked out, this'll be rocking proper.
  13. First off, this is pretty cool. I like this style a lot. Some comments...most are probably personal preference. :29 - I don't like the drop off/snare intro transition. It feels like something should come in around :30 to help with the transition (maybe a single high string note that stabs into the next section?) :32 - Sweet groove. :42 - Don't like the abrupt introduction of the lead. There's gotta be a better way to bring that guy in. I'm sure you can figure something out. 1:50 - Could use an echoing crash/hit/something to hit and fade out over the next 6-7 seconds. 2:30 - Same comment as :29 3:16 - I'm fine with the tempo change, but when you slow back down at 3:38, you really need a crash or something there to "finalize" it instead of the awkward shift back to the slower tempo. I'm with tweek's suggestion to just drop that last beat section out completely and fade out with the orchestral elements. Overall, a cool track; great groove and concept. Good luck with it.
  14. Okay, I put some work into it this morning and afternoon and came up with this: http://www.silverlinestudios.net/Mp3's/audix_oceanpalaceWIP.mp3 I realize it's a little crowded later on in the track and that the synth lead is a little piercing; I'll work on separating the sounds a bit better. Comments always welcome.
  15. You should be able to right click the VIDEO_TS file and pick "Open with..." then load up your usual DVD software and it should run fine. Converting it is a much more painful story, and I'm not the one to help you with that.
  16. Wow, has it really been three months? Er, I really need to get to finishing this. I get a one-week break from my 55 hour work weeks before school starts up again; I'll see what I can do. PS: Note the name change, too. No more Miszou.
  17. ...so? I just got mine yesterday; great work all around, with my fav probably being Nitronic with bgc's solo awesomeness. Really like Speed of Light too.
  18. Sweet dude. Was waiting for this one. Slick, slick production and great atmosphere.
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