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  1. Put in a lot of good work on the Staff Roll, and got a great start on Cave Dungeon last night.
  2. Went straight onto my trance playlist from the first time I heard it. Epic tune.
  3. 1. Toy Story 2 2. WALL-E 3. Incredibles 4. Nemo 5. Monsters Inc. Everything they make is fantastic and guaranteed almost instant classic recognition. Nice not to have all of Dreamworks' pop culture references that will grow dated over time.
  4. For some reason it didn't recognize the whole link. Should work now.
  5. Bustatunez sent me this a while ago; the artist used 100% Synth1 for the track. Very impressive. www.audixmusic.com/Kaiyoti_-_Army_of_Synth1.mp3
  6. Militant? Not really. The entire point of his film Expelled was showing how theories other than evolution (intelligent design, creationism) are ostracized in universities worldwide without allowing any room for discussion. Not sure how that makes him militant.On topic, Piano Man is a great song. Really not too familiar with his other work.
  7. Oooh nice. I'm probably in. Thanks for bringing this up!
  8. If you're looking for free orchestral sounds, you can look into soundfonts. I have a few hosted on my page that will get you started: http://www.audixmusic.com/documents/freesamples.html I also know Nutritious has a guide around here somewhere with a few other tips on how to produce orchestral mixes free with FL. He used squidfont (another soundfont) for much of it.
  9. Er, do you realize how expensive All-Star Game tickets are? If they're not already sold out, of course. Sure, it'd be awesome, but yeah.
  10. That's a very good deal as long as there isn't a catch. I pay $10 a year for my domain names, and about $4 a month for hosting through godaddy.
  11. Man, I missed a lot while I was gone. I read through and just wanted to address a few points. Wait for it... So, you realize there is a difference and that some people shouldn't be trusted with certain jobs. Why should "lower-level" jobs be stuck with those people? Those businesses need to flourish just as much as any other. Actually, the cost of bad hires is a VERY large expense for any company. Investing in human capital is often the largest investment that any company will make and one of a manager's BIGGEST decisions. They have every right to ensure that there are no surprises that pop up a few months down the line. Anything you post for the public to see online is and should be fair game for an employer to browse and make a hiring decision. Managers are under a lot of stress from their superiors to make good decisions; seeing questionable behavior online makes it even easier to toss your application away...and it should be.
  12. That is not the same thing at all. If that "shmuck" showed a willingness to work hard and was a reliable, motivated employee, an employer would never hesitate to hire that person. It's a completely legitimate choice, and completely fair. I've explained why several times already. Must have missed my section.
  13. Well, actions have consequences. Are there things I want to do that I restrain myself from doing? Sure. Is this encroaching on my "personal freedom"? Maybe, but I certainly don't look at it that way. That's where character is often born, by exhibiting self-control and showing your strength over a situation. I'm not saying I'm that perfect example at all, but I do make a conscious effort to assess my actions and decision-making. So what if it means I don't do this or don't do that. I can deal.I have worked with plenty of people who are all about exhibiting their personal freedom, and they're usually the last people I would want with me on a project. Even if they aren't that demonstrative about it at work, you can still tell what's under the surface -- disrespect, laziness, a complaining attitude. As bgc said, how can you trust someone who acts a different way entirely off the clock?
  14. Okay, well, Day's End and Riptide are certainly more laid back than the others.
  15. I have a harp soundfont hosted on my page that might sound like what you're looking for: http://www.audixmusic.com/documents/freesamples.html
  16. Nice, I had always wondered how that sound was created. I had no idea that so much work was involved.
  17. My first thoughts before I realized you wanted OCR stuff: (from 1:17 on)Or a quick glance through my "New OCR" folder reveals: "Jade Catacombs" by Blind "Purity" by ABG "Riptide" by Disco Dan "Harden the Duck Up!" by norg "Day's End" by Audix and tweek "Endless Skies" by PrototypeRaptor Should get you started at least.
  18. That's a rather idealistic view. I've held several supervisor-level positions, and with few exceptions unsavory off-job activities are in direct correlation to poor job performance. Laziness especially.Having completely different personal and professional lives will only catch up to you (Michael Vick, Bill Clinton, Larry Craig, etc). If (when) I'm ever in a position to hire, I'll pick the good solid person with integrity in their personal life over Mr. Vampire 10 times out of 10.
  19. I played in several basketball tournaments there back in high school. Small world.
  20. Northwest Indiana here, about an hour and a half east of Chicago.
  21. Thanks guys, I'm open to name suggestions for future submission too.
  22. UPDATE 9-12-09 Now finished and subbed. Download "Serenity's Wake" at my remixes page. http://www.audixmusic.com/documents/remixes.html
  23. Go ahead and use anything of mine that you wish, either OCRemix or here. I think Aqueous Transgression is already on there; I had someone contact me about that a while ago.
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