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  1. http://www.soundsonline.com/22nd-Anniversary-Sale-Eligible-Products-p-235.html?nl=20100726&id=dae8d46cdc9278e5c67aeb48e00fd99b I was going to pick up symphonic gold sometime soon anyway, but now I'm thinking platinum for the extra mic positions. Does anyone here have platinum who can vouch it over gold?
  2. I've got a small section on my website dedicated to this: http://solesignalmusic.com/documents/ringtones.html As for OCR stuff, I've used Prototype Raptor's Cheetah mix and "Passing the Blue Crown" before. Currently using the A La Menthe:
  3. My bro just won the Butterfinger Defense League commercial contest at Comic-Con yesterday! http://g4tv.com/thefeed/blog/post/706477/BUTTERFINGER-Defense-League-Winner-Announced-at-Comic-Con-2010.html http://news.yahoo.com/nphotos/Entertainment-Photos--COMMERCIAL-IMAGE--photograph-taken-AP-Images-Butterfinger-John/ss/707/im:/100725/482/urn_publicid_ap_org245859277c084d56bfc259612106b70c/ EDIT: Sorry, thought this was a Comic-con discussion thread and didn't read the first post. Still cool though.
  4. This was a pleasant surprise, although some of the synth choices are a little grating and loud, especially that ubiquitous saw wave throughout. 2:00 was awesome, though.
  5. I'm trying to enjoy some of the World Cup, I really am. Dives like this are pretty lame though and make it hard to respect: Dumb decision to fake the kick like that, but that's just sad. Will be watching tomorrow morning's US match, though!
  6. You can take me off "Co-Coordinator." I haven't been able to put the time into this that I should be, given that title. With that said, I do have a good "almost-done" version of Staff Roll and Fishy and my Koopa's theme has been done for about a year and a half now. My Cave Dungeon WIP is about 4 minutes long, but after listening to it again, I don't really like it.
  7. CDbaby (http://members.cdbaby.com/) is the best way to do it, no question. Once you pay their very reasonable one-time price, they'll set you up with iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, and several others. There are many OCR artists that went this route.
  8. Track is completed and submitted! Download it on the remixes page of my website. Titled "Remembrance" http://www.solesignalmusic.com/documents/remixes.html
  9. I have the day job working in accounts receivable, and then am involved with several things on the side. My brother and I freelance video/DVD production for businesses in the area, and I do music production though not as much as I used to. I've also done freelance financial consulting/analysis work for a school system in the area. My artist name change really hurt me a lot and it's hard to recapture a lot of the fans I lost when I don't have as much new music coming out. There's still "Audix" stuff all over youtube that I'm trying to get changed. Then Disney cut my rights to sell my Pirates remix, which was really driving album sales. I want to release a vocal/electro album but need a consistent vocalist (and lyricist) first. I've got some track WIPs that have some great potential. But anyway, I like the mix of the steady income with the other creative stuff that I also enjoy doing. Getting married in six months and I'm certainly blessed.
  10. Great read and thanks for the unexpected mention in the article, Jimmy. Congrats on the release and you and the team deserve all the props you get!
  11. Sounds great! I love the concept and hope the other tracks are melodically strong as well.
  12. Grats dude. Last I checked when I posted mine as a video response you were at about half that I think. Hopefully it translates to good exposure for you.
  13. Awesome. How did it go? Glad to have been a small part of it.
  14. Buerhle with a 6-0 shutout and a play that may end up being the defensive gem of the year: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gDIEp-xyOl0&feature=player_embedded Feeling good about their chances this year!
  15. NG is extremely slow to take action. I requested months ago to have my own old artist name changed or taken down, and nothing has happened yet. Pretty frustrating.
  16. Really some great stuff throughout; immediate highlights for me the first time through were "Sturm und Kong," "Rare Respite," "This Chase is Haunted (just awesome)," "Dance of the Zinger," "Beneath the Canopy," "Bramble Reprise," and "Re-skewed." Now let's tackle DKC3. :3
  17. To add yet another way to do it, my usual procedure is to use Fruity Mute 2 and automate the On/Off knob in "Edit Events" within the pattern. Works best for my purposes.
  18. Yeah, it really does feel like a brand new game from Beta 3, with the new guns, renovated maps, and game modes. There's been a lot of positive feedback so far.
  19. Yep, it's a fan built community mod for the Source engine. We're getting closer to wrapping up everything we wanted for multiplayer. Thanks for listening!
  20. Thanks for showing me I need to clarify something. :3 There are about 12 new tracks on this iteration of the soundtrack, three of them mine which can be found above in the direct link to my website. Or here: http://solesignalmusic.com/documents/goldeneye_source_remixes.html
  21. The GAME We just wrapped up the Beta 4 release of GoldenEye: Source, with new features including the long awaited grenade launcher and rocket launcher (with the classic rolling explosions), and the moonraker laser. Since the release a week ago, we've been sitting as the number one mod at moddb.com and seen a huge upswing in playerbase. Game install files (requires a Steam Source SDK game): http://forums.goldeneyesource.net/index.php/topic,4703.0.html Game documentation: http://forums.goldeneyesource.net/index.php/topic,4822.0.html --------------------------------------- The SOUNDTRACK I had the opportunity to write three new tracks for this Beta 4 release, along with the seven or so I wrote for the Beta 3 release. We added a new artist to the mix, who has a heavily Eric Serra inspired style. My individual tracks can be downloaded at my website: http://solesignalmusic.com/documents/goldeneye_source_remixes.html The new tracks I did are: "Flight to Arkangel" - Dam/Cradle/Bond remix "Shaken and Stirred" - remix of GoldenEye multiplayer themes a remix of Caverns The entire soundtrack (250 mb) can be downloaded here: http://my007heaven.net/gesource/GES_Beta4_OST.zip --------------------------------------- CLOSING Enjoy! Hope to see some in-game as well.
  22. Thanks guys! For fans of the music, just happened across this cool video; it's an Owl City cover of the main theme. Pretty sweet. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OSKrRuYWRN4&feature=related
  23. Bump for three new remixes with Beta 4: http://www.solesignalmusic.com/documents/goldeneye_source_remixes.html
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