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  1. I think this is it. When I limit to -.1db in Sound Forge and save as an mp3, re-importing the file sees it as 0.0db and on the verge of clipping. If I save the same file limited to -.1db as a .wav, it reads it correctly.
  2. It took almost three weeks for someone to do something about my stolen track at NG. I had to PM Tom multiple times.
  3. Doing some final tweaking of mine, will be done in plenty of time for the deadline.
  4. Thanks, the track is Malevolent Mansion. The keyboard is an Evolution MK-461C. The 61 key setup is the perfect size for me, not too big and not too small. It's not bad for a MIDI controller, though the action isn't the greatest for realistically playing in live piano. All the knobs and sliders come in handy for automating volume and filters on loops when messing around with live performances. The majority of the time while producing, I just have my left hand on the keys while clicking sequences in with the right.
  5. I can't speak directly for the Directwave samples as I'm unfamiliar with them, but I know that there are plenty of mixes that have passed here at OCR using free sounds. Basic orchestral samples should not be inherently muddy; perhaps you're using too much reverb (or they were recorded with too much reverb)? You may be interested in what Nutritious put together, an FL orchestral template made up entirely of free soundfonts: http://www.ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=15415
  6. This game is great. Half the fun is just making crazy vehicles and seeing how they perform. I'm not a big fan of the more enclosed levels; Nutty Acres and the Jiggoseum are my favorites. I loved the exploration aspect of the N64 titles, so I was having second thoughts about the new vehicle mechanics at first. Some of the challenges seem pretty forced, but others are awesome (the Grunty pool ball one!). I did too, until I played the one where you have to defend the statue in Nutty Acres. I created this huge flying box with the bottom cut out of it and guns, springs, and spikes sticking into the air. I knocked over the statue, then landed on top of it, using weapons wildly. Pretty awesome.
  7. VGlive rocked when I went down to see it this summer at the Louisville OCR meetup. It was great except for the whole part about missing the Zelda segment because bgc, Tweek, and I were walking backstage in preparation for our appearance onstage.
  8. Oops, forgot about this. Sorry I missed your post prophet; I sold the guitar hero a few weeks ago and the rest soon after. So, you can take my games off the X360 listing. Thanks though!
  9. hahaha awesome Thanks for sharing (the vid).
  10. Not debating, just commenting. I know several people that use ableton to great effect. I watched a few vids about it and would like to learn more.
  11. Not trying to derail this thread away from Live anymore that it already has been, but this is the absolute truth. Clicking quickly through dozens of drum samples, dropping them into sampler channels, dropping loops in, creating an "A" drum pattern, ctrl+shifting+C to create an identical "B" drum pattern, and then shifting kick drum and snare hits on the fly in "B" to develop an evolving breakbeat takes literally seconds. I can't think of anything, short of my own tendency to have too many unhelpfully labeled patterns spread out all over the playlist, that gets in my way in the workflow. With that said, I really haven't tried Live (v 4.15 demo with EMU 0404!) as much as I would have liked. I just watched that video avaris linked to and it looks awesome!
  12. I think I'm finally starting to come around to the kick drum intros that are a staple of the genre. Regardless, this is awesome. The plucked melody in the breakdown is beautiful. Great job!
  13. Thanks guys! @ Native - I get what you're saying, but I love the source's strings and want them to have their own time to shine. @ hewhoisiam - Not sure about everything you're saying, but I'm sure I'll end up lengthening the parts that you mentioned. Thanks for the thoughts! Put some more work into it, and realized that I'm not exactly sure how I want to go about this yet. The section at 1:07 is now the epic Fight theme, and it may be too soon. I may keep the track more chill/groove influenced as the first minute is right now, and use the section at 1:07 near the end. We'll see. www.audixmusic.com/audix_halo3WIPnew.mp3
  14. Great production; I love the sound. If you're still having problems with enough source material to work with with dome 16, I think the main chrono theme would fit perfectly. I could just hear the melody coming in at :27 if you decide to try it. Either way it sounds awesome as it is.
  15. A source I've wanted to mix for a while now, so here's what I've come up with so far. My usual orchestral/electronic blend, hope you enjoy. www.audixmusic.com/audix_halo3WIP.mp3 It has more of a chill vibe right now; I'm planning on expanding it fully as the track progresses. EDIT: Updated! www.audixmusic.com/audix_halo3WIPnew.mp3 final edit: Track is completed and submitted! Download it on the remixes page of my website. Titled "Remembrance" http://www.solesignalmusic.com/documents/remixes.html
  16. Sitting here going through some soundtracks and trying to decide what my next remix to do "for fun" will be. Decided to check and see if this source had any mixes yet and came across this gem. Love the electro groove. Great work!
  17. Got a few xbox360 games for sale: BRAND NEW Call of Duty: World at War for $35 Grand Theft Auto IV for $20 Guitar Hero III:Legends of Rock with wired controller for $40 If interested drop me a PM or IM me. Prices can also be negotiated.
  18. Or if you can't find your track on Harry Fox, you can contact the Publisher directly. I did that with my "He's A Pirate" remix from Pirates of the Caribbean on my latest album. I contacted Disney and "negotiated" (I use that term very loosely) royalty payments directly with them.
  19. 7 months, for Gene Rozenberg's "Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure!" http://www.ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=20014
  20. Thanks for the info! I received more details of what the deal entails. Here's what I'll get for my $300: X360 20gb Test Drive Unlimited Midnight Club: Lost Angeles Tom Clancy: Ghost Recon 2 Guitar Hero w/ controller GTA4 Forza 2 NFS Carbon Call of Duty something or other 2 wireless controllers w/ chargers (?) Is 20gb going to be large enough for comfortably saving replays, save files, and perhaps (in the future) game demos? I'm not going to be using it for videos or music or anything like that. Overall, seems like a good deal.
  21. Have an opportunity to buy a X360 20 gb, with 7 games, 2 wireless controllers, and Guitar Hero controller for $300. Seems like a pretty decent deal. It's already been sent in to fix the RROD once, so I assume it'd be a safe assumption to assume it won't happen again?
  22. Cool, I'm remixing this track myself for the SM64 project. Let's see whatcha got. At a few parts I wonder if your note choices and playing sound more like mistakes than actual original arrangement (e.g. :14, esp :22). I like the tone of the guitar but agree that the low end is a little grating in the rhythm. What could be cool is if you tracked complementary rhythm parts and panned them left and right to open up the soundscape more. Keep working on it, good to see this source up on the WIP forums.
  23. Seconded on the OC Supertones. Them and Five Iron Frenzy.
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