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  1. I just started P90X (a workout regimen) and am feeling pretty darn good about it right now (albiet quite sore) . 90 days is a bit of a commitment, but it will be worth it.
  2. Much like my track, I had the opportunity to produce themes for the NCAA Division I University of Virginia men's and women's basketball starting lineups. As I promised months ago, here is a video. Make sure you pick HD if your connection can handle it! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IZWTViEvjP8
  3. I've used Pendulum - 9000 miles, Hybrid - Finished Symphony, and (narcissistically) my Goldeneye - Runway for the past couple months. EDIT: Also, SSBM "unlock" jingle for texts
  4. I like the self-awareness of knowing what it takes for people to click on the thread, haha. You'll be able to ride that marketing aspect of it for a few more years. Cool music too.
  5. Been meaning to post this somewhere...no better time than now. http://www.audixmusic.com/documents/audixfreeringtones.html
  6. Sweet, took 1st in techno. Couldn't have done it without help, as my votes were all done with 25 min to go. Would appreciate any votes today in finals! EDIT: DKC2 strikes again; look at the winner of the Beats category. :/ http://www.ourstage.com/music/channel/98-beats/LTEZLMRLMQCC-pyrex-vision
  7. FEBRUARY 2009 ourstage www.ourstage.com/judge Hey guys, instead of starting a new topic just thought I would bump this old one. There's about one hour left to vote for semifinals. So far we've got: Audix - Club/Dance - Visions Audix - Techno - White Rain I really dislike pandering for votes, but not enough to stop me from posting this I suppose. Thanks to any who may jump in to vote tonight! Semis go by really fast; it really only takes about 15 minutes to go through a category.
  8. Every music forum I've ever been to, there are always folks railing against mixing with headphones. It's all about results; different methods for different mixers.
  9. I do the majority of my mixing on headphones, the ATH-M40s. Once you get to know how good mixes sound on a certain set, you can start to compensate for the issues that people have brought up here. Running the track through several different monitoring systems to simulate the usual listening environment is always a good idea (i.e. standard car system, home entertainment system, earbud headphones). As has been mentioned several times now, coming back to listen to a track after a day or so can help, although most times one night of rest is enough for me. I'll work on a track late into the night and force myself to keep adding material. The next morning it is a lot easier to assess what needs to be tweaked and has enough freshness to give me inspiration to keep working. I tend to mix and "master" while I move through the mix so that once I get to the end, the track is usually done.
  10. I thought the same thing; "Freeman" looks nothing like himself, and neither does Alyx. Visuals are amazing though. Also, am I the only one who at first glance thought that was the LOTR tower?
  11. Was it immediately after a spawn? Like the original game, there is about a 2 second delay before you can take damage. Also like the original game, after you take damage, there is another small delay before you can take more. It's much better to shoot in spurts than just emptying a clip into someone.
  12. Because of this thread (specifically, those great Ys tracks), I discovered S.S.H. Awesome.
  13. I have a lot of stuff up on my youtube channel, a good number of FL Studio playthrough videos included. http://www.youtube.com/user/silverlinemusic
  14. Great change! Really appreciate all the work you put into this, djp.
  15. Really glad you guys are enjoying the OST (and game). The patch will be released in about a week, really tightening up the gameplay and making a fun mod even more enjoyable to play. Also, there are some awesome maps in development right now. Can't say much more than that, but it's only going to get better from here.
  16. Happy Birthday! Now enjoy your President's Day weekend!
  17. Wow, Vegas? And I think making my videos takes a while in Vegas; I can't imagine how long animation would take.
  18. Wow, man. I'm completely flattered. That's awesome.
  19. Great to hear the finalized version of Necromancy after only having the WIP you sent me a while back to listen to. Crisp, clean production throughout; extremely polished. Love Star Trails and Nimbus especially. Straight up inspiring work.
  20. Yeah, the biggest issues people are mentioning as annoyances occur when servers (unintentionally) mismatch the amount of players with certain maps, or the option to start with a weapon is not selected. 20+ players on complex (auto-suicide spawns) is just insane and reflects badly on the mod, especially when people assume that's how the gameplay is throughout the game. Same with 3-5 players on some of the larger maps when it takes a while to find someone. We will soon be releasing a patch that addresses many of the issues people have noted that we have control over. A few of the fixes are allowing servers to select from a random weapon set rather than just random weapons, and also fixing the issues with the better guns coming at spawn in the lvl1 spots. We're also recommending settings for servers to use. The sound effects and voices dropping out thing at death is a Source issue as I understand it. Our programmer explains it somewhere on the GE forums. Overall, though, when you have a good balance of players and weapon set, it's great fun. EDIT: Thanks Larry, appreciate it.
  21. Thanks! Though you may be interested in knowing that Beta 3 is 100x better than Beta 1. It's an entirely different experience. @ Zephyr - The tracks are split about 50/50 in the game, though he has a few more in the released zip because I've only been with the mod for about a year and a half. I did nine tracks and seven of the achievement/win/loss jingles. And yes, you do die a lot. Optimum game size IMO is 8-10 players per map (except in complex), and with most of the servers doubling that number it gets a little crowded.
  22. Thanks guys! Empty servers are hardly the problem now. We almost have "too" many people for several of the maps. And yeah, that's the correct ID. Just try a search for Audix and scroll until you find it. Also, thanks for the recommendation, Triad. It was good to see you in-game last night. I would also love to see more OCR people in the mix. Especially on License to Kill, it's an absolute blast to play, very fast paced.
  23. Any fan of the original GoldenEye really owes it to themselves to try this out. We had eight servers maxed out all night long. 31 player deathmatch in Cradle = Epic. My Steam ID is [GE:S DEV] Audix; I'll be in and out of game all day.
  24. Thanks guys! Game is now released! Check the first post for linkage; I'll be in game tonight - feel free to say hi!
  25. GoldenEye: Source Beta 3 is now released! It is a dramatic upgrade from the previous Beta, now at the technical level of Half-Life 2: Episode 2. To play, all that is required is at least one Valve game purchased and a free download of the Source SDK Base - Orange Box tool (in the Tools tab of Steam). Download mirrors for Beta 3: http://forums.goldeneyesource.net/index.php/board,18.0.html I produced about half of the current Beta 3 soundtrack along with Basstronix. We blended the old-school GoldenEye feel with orchestral and electronic elements for a fresh new take on the classic themes. Also included are several of our own "original" remixes of the bond theme. The soundtrack can be downloaded here: Mirror 1: http://ryanlobbins.com/mods/goldeneye/downloads/GES_Beta3_OST.zip Enjoy! This has been a project I've been working on for quite some time and am proud to have it finally released. Here's a video preview of the soundtrack:
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