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  1. Hi all, haven't posted a music update for a while. My OCR stuff has kinda been tied down in projects. I'll have two in DKC3 and three in SM64 when those get released. MacGyver Remix and Music Video. Just finished up a MacGyver remix which can be downloaded from my remixes page, as well as a for the track (recommend the music video for first listen).Website. Finished up a month or so ago enhancing my website. It now has streaming audio previews for all remixes and lightbox video popups for youtube embeds. Also updated bio, links, and what not, though I will still be adding a links page. Any thoughts on the design itself from web pros would be appreciated: http://www.solesignalmusic.com "Nemesis" Trailer. I recently scored an original movie trailer that my brother wrote, produced, and directed for IMTF (International Movie Trailer Festival), with a potential $5,000 grand prize. It's been on the front page of their website the past two days as the featured trailer. Check the direct link here and the votable link here. Bridgestone commercial - used on Russian national television - check the video . Facebook and Twitter and Youtube. Links below. http://www.facebook.com/solesignal http://www.twitter.com/solesignal http://www.youtube.com/user/silverlinemusic Thanks guys! I've got some big news coming up (involving "Rising Impact" high profile uses) that I can't divulge at the moment, but it's looking promising. I appreciate all the support from OCR!
  2. They do play OCR music in the halls as well. When we had a big OCR group down in Louisville a few summers ago, they had a presentation with OCR reps up on stage too.
  3. Absolutely. Use any of my OCR stuff or at the links: All remixes: http://solesignalmusic.com/documents/remixes.html GoldenEye remixes: http://solesignalmusic.com/documents/goldeneye_source_remixes.html
  4. Spent some time tonight reworking the production on all three of my tracks for this project: Staff Roll - 95% complete Koopa's Theme - 99% complete (collab with Fishy) Hazy Maze Cave - 100% complete
  5. I fixed my RROD...for like a month. Then it died again. Apparently it has worked well for some people, though. It's an "easy" fix, only took me about an hour. Cost me maybe 10 bucks; the most expensive part of the repair was the silver thermal paste. You can find it on amazon pretty cheap. Here's the method I used: http://something4free.net/xbox-360-news/how-to-fix-rrod-three-red-rings-of-death/ It is true that the new slim is much superior to the older models. See if the fix works for you, then pick up the slim if it doesn't.
  6. I have Friday off from work and hope to finish my remaining track to a degree that I'm comfortable with. Hopefully.
  7. That Goldeneye one rocks. Nice video editing too; clean and sharp. Will keep an eye on new videos too.
  8. I submitted a Halo remix a few months ago which mixes "Never Forget," "Finish the Fight," and the main Halo theme.
  9. Will try to catch you on AIM one of these nights. I'm wanting a machine that can do double duty music/video production. At this point, anything new will be an upgrade for me. If I can tweak it more that would be great. Thanks!
  10. I'm looking to upgrade my tower. I'm not really looking to build my own (or have someone build me one) because I'm wary about that. I spent some time looking online and found that the big box stores seem to have better deals for the same computing power than tigerdirect, newegg, and what not. Is there somewhere I'm unaware of that is a good go-to place for prebuilt music and video production workstations? http://www.bestbuy.com/site/Dell+-+Studio+XPS+8100+Desktop+/+Intel%26%23174%3B+Core%26%23153%3B+i7+Processor+/+8GB+Memory+/+1.5TB+Hard+Drive/1244502.p?id=1218240957609&skuId=1244502#tabbed-customerreviews The above link seems nice. Are there other deals online that are better than this one, for example? I don't mind spending a little more if need be. I'm a little out of the loop when it comes to the new i3, i5, i7 processors and acceptable RAM specs nowadays.
  11. That's a crazy deal. I just paid $700 or so for EWQL Gold, Pianos, and Stormdrum 2 Pro upgrade a few months ago. Kinda wish I had waited now... This still seems almost too good to refuse. Anyone want to buy my aforementioned libraries separately for $300/250ish (negotiable)? I realize that buying all three this way won't help you a bit, but if you want just one of them it can save you some money.
  12. Thanks guys! Yeah, the photographers did do a fantastic job. That picture of us sitting and reading the book was taken off the reflection of the glass in front of the fireplace. They had great ideas and executed them very well. It's still another month until we see the rest of the pictures; this is just a teaser for us.
  13. Interesting, I hadn't seen this before. I had always thought that Keen track sounded out of place in whatever game it was used in. Makes more sense in the context that he described. Cool video, thanks for sharing.
  14. Yeah, I worked with Jeff on my original track "Visions" I already found someone, and just need to get the stems to him to start working on it.
  15. I'm putting together a Mario 64 ending remix in a sorta similar style to my Mario Kart Day's End mix: http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR01706/ It will be on the SM64 project, and is about 90% done right now. PM me any samples of your work and we can go from there. Here's the source:
  16. Great stuff! Anything that sounds like is something I'm a fan of. Production sounds very comparable too.
  17. Sole Signal

    Halo Reach

    I just played through ODST, which was fun. Need to finish ME2 (almost have my whole team recruited) and then Reach will be next.
  18. Oh, certainly. Having "The Otaku" (or any handle) up at the top as your name is a very bad idea if that's what the OP was asking.
  19. Beyond the question of using "the Otaku," you should have different resumes tailored to who or what you are submitting the resume. I see no problems with sliding your pseudonym tastefully into a resume, but make sure it's applicable. Just having experience in your resume for the sake of experience isn't the best idea. My management roles at work have expanded to include reviewing resumes and the hiring process, and it's sad how unprofessional and fluffy peoples' resumes often are. I've seen "very experienced with operating a fascimile and copier," and "submitting files electronically" in their skills section. Mix in scores of grammatical, formatting, and spelling errors and it's hard to bring them in for a professional position. Just be prepared to explain why you chose to include your artistic work under "the Otaku" when the employer (inevitably) asks. Even though all my applications were for financial positions, I found that my Audix/Sole Signal business name always was a good talking point to show differentiation from the other applicants. It's good to show that you have pursuits outside of work and a fun, creative side that could add to the business. I do wonder if it's a bad thing that one of the first links in searching for my name brings up my OCR profile. I wonder if someday I'll get to explain that one to a CPA firm.
  20. This is great! Never played the game, but I love the atmosphere of this.
  21. Congratulations on landing the position! Best of luck in making the transition.
  22. Yeah, really the only extra mic position I would use would have been the close mic, and you can upgrade to that later if you want to, so no big deal. I just bought Symphonic Gold, Stormdrum 2 Pro and the Pianos collection. I'm really glad I checked my spam mail folder this week and saw this deal.
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