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  1. Whoa...it's interesting how it happens that way. It's either a glitch, or something that was intentional...I think it's a glitch. Okay, anybody know the name of the Bach piece that is apparently what Song C is based off of? I can't seem to identify it. So back on topic. I really like the game sound effects that you add here. I like how it goes from the original tune and eventually adds that amazing Russian beat. An awesome salute to the original. Good work.
  2. It's perfectly understandable if you don't like a mix. I reiterate: perfectly understandable. But I don't understand why some ppl can't just say they don't like it, justify why, and leave it at that. I really think it is unecessary to be all anal about it, I mean, ppl mix for fun on this site, there's no profit or monetary gain in any way for the mixers. Only the personal glory of knowing that they completed a work of art. And really, I think anybody who put in time and effort of making a mix that was actually accepted onto this site should deserve at least some degree of praise. The mix may not be your favorite, you may hate it, but I think some ppl are just excessively harsh...I mean, what's the point of being that way? I know this isn't the first time somebody has brought the exact same thing up, but I think that we may be losing some great mixers on this site if we keep bashing like this. And to be perfectly honest, perhaps this wasn't the best vocal mix by pixietricks, but ask yourself before you bash: could I do any better myself? Do I know anything about singing? About the technique e.g. posture, control of the anatomy of the sound, expression in tone, anything else I don't even have time to list...? Just a thought. I'm sorry if this is completely off topic for a review thread, but I felt a need to say this in a thread like this. If not, sincere apologies and feel free to move it if so need be. Enough said.
  3. Yes, pixietricks has exceptional vocals and I doubt many of the rest of us at OCR can top it. But if you still beg to differ, I can still see that you certainly have not listened to pixietricks's other mixes. You'll change your mind in an instant.
  4. question what guitar The w/e that plays the main tune/melody...w/e you want to call it. Oh well, I still love this mix.
  5. The "dreamer" quality is amazing and it really sets the listener soaring, if you know what I mean, lol. I love the atmosphere developed here, and the woodwind just intensifies it, while staying true to the original track. Keep these coming, Kaijin!
  6. I've had this mix for a while and it never ceases to put me in a trance every time. It launches the imagination into a tranquil realm where everything is at peace with the chanting voices whispering around you. Now that's good stuff. I don't know what else to say.
  7. I like the fade-in at the beginning and the electric guitar adds a new good twist to it while still staying true to the original. The sax is amazing, haha! Really adds something new and unique to it. Enough said. Keep it up, chthonic!
  8. Now this is creative! The suspense from a fight is replaced with the jazzy/mellow feel. Now that's contrast at its best. And it goes really well too! This definitely needs stage time at a jazz club. Overall, the entire package, the mixing and the improvisations alike are amazing. Good work, Lau! Yeah, I could've sworn I posted on this thread too...I guess not.
  9. Love this! It starts out slow and majestic like a Medieval dance and then bam you just get drawn in and you can't stop bouncing up and down in your seat. So catchy and the shifts and slight modifications in mood really keep you drawn in. Definitely party material all the way to the end. Keep it up!
  10. If I remember correctly, this is the first OCR that I downloaded and I was immediately stunned by its beauty. The sound of the water at the beginning immediately draws you in and the first sounding of the flute makes sure you stay there, haha. And for the rest of the mix, the dream-like quality keeps you mesmerized and meditative until the very end when it fades with such magic. Yup, I second previous comments. This is great to wind down with after a long day. Keep it coming!
  11. This is well done. I'm not too sure if I'm too fond of the talking, but it's catchy and brings back the old school feel. On that note, I think I'll listen to it more and I'll come to apprecite the 80s more, haha. (Never was too fond of that period...)
  12. Love this one. It's got a tough techno beat with a light snowy effect playing the main melody. Hehe, it's catchy! Yup, I re-iterate what every1 else has said. Keep these coming!
  13. Oh my goodness...I just don't know what to say...the minute I saw pixietricks and Reuben Kee's names I knew I had to download this mix. And I am so glad I did. It's just too beautiful, no, I'm serious, it's something we can all connect to, whether it be about missing somebody, regretting a break-up, or simply going through a dark time without friends whom you wish were back here with you...The message in this song is universal partnered with a beautiful piano, just like the song Imagine by John Lennon. Yup, I think this piece will last a long time, too. Heh, it makes me want to release a vocal mix too, haha, though I think this set the bar EXTREMELY high. Thank you. Thank you pixietricks and Reuben. You two are a match made in remixing heaven and I think I have little more to do than twiddle my thumbs while waiting for you two to release another remix together. Keep at it. <3
  14. Whoa. This is a very interesting combination: a back-alley type beat like R and B mixed with some upbeat trumpet underlining it. Don't get me wrong, though, it's amazing. Now that's a stroke of true creativity. It's like mixing two foods you wouldn't normally put together and then realizing that it tastes really good! Thanks for this innovative mix!
  15. From the first second of this track, I knew I'd love it. The guitar work is amazing and the rest of first minute is so breezy and relaxing but it keeps you excited and on the edge with this mix of an upbeat undertone and the woodwind instrument. And the rest of it is unforgettable. The piano is amazing. I just love how you took the tune, gave it a general beat and atmosphere and then explored it on different grounds, and by that, I mean instruments and you showed how each of those instruments can interpret the original tune differently but still stay true to the original as well. Really, I'm not sure how much sense that made, but bottom line, this is amazing and I'm struggling to find ways to describe how I feel about it. What more can I say? Keep these coming!
  16. This is so catchy and ya, I love them bells too! It adds a cute, quirky, and unique tamber to it. Now this is definitely something we can all club to, a bit lighter, haha! Overall, your mixes keep the party going, FFmusic DJ! Keep it up!
  17. This is just beautiful. I never cease to be amazed by these piano mixes. I just don't know how you just sit down at the piano and it just comes to you?! Ya, I have said that way too many times and I guess I can just throw my hands up and say that your skill as a pianist is unparalleled with your creativity that allows you to encompass any possible melody that can connect so well with the original track. Keep these coming. Enough said.
  18. This is sweet stuff! Ya, I'm sure the girl who told you not to sing is now turning beet red in the corner cuz this mix is amazing! Unfortunately, I am now wildly jealous cuz I don't know if I can top this if I were to make my own mix of Small of Two Pieces...hahahaha Bottom line: gotta love it.
  19. The minute I turn this song on, I am immediately swept into it by the waves. It starts out relaxing and low-key and then the mood changes. It's multi-dimentional in terms of emotion, and that only allows the listener to connect even more to it. Ya, I second what the last three posters have said. Well done. It's beautiful.
  20. What else can I say? This is amazing, the piano is just beautiful. It really captures the beauty from that BEAUTIFUL scene from the game. (I would go into detail, but I don't wanna go into any spoilers.) This is definitely material for a re-release of FFVII. It's the best done remix of Aeris's theme on the site I've heard so far. Keep these coming, okay?!
  21. This is a very unique and awesome mix. You've got that rhythmic fight vibe going on at the beginning and then it's onto some sweet, mellow-but-upbeat-at-the-same-time jazz. In short, it's really enjoyable throughout. You two make a good mixing pair. Keep it up!
  22. You gotta love it! You've got a hip-hop beat plus these sweet little quirks added to it. And I love the transition at 2:00, it's as if all of a sudden everything went all sweet sounding and then before you know it, it's back to the original mood. I love it. Different, innovative, and most importantly, all the elements fit together. I agree, it's a must-listen.
  23. ^ I agree. It's beautiful. Breezy and relaxing. It's like a beautiful green field with the wind blowing through the tall grass. No remix deserves a 5/10 rating, especially such a wonderfully welcoming and comforting one like this. The piano is wonderful. Enough said.
  24. Okay, all I can say is hahahahahahaha! "Suck my triforce", lol, only a real die-hard crazy Zelda fan can come up with that and throw it into a mix. I mean, imagine somebody actually did spray paint that on a principle's office door, lol. I'd be...just...I dunno...hysterical or just rendered speechless.
  25. What can I say? This is techno at its best! You keep the party going while still maintaining the grand elaborate tune that is Cid's theme. That was an interesting incorporation (for lack of a better term) of that voice at the beginning into the mix. Overall, gotta love it.
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