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  1. This is amazing stuff. Adds that sweet party edge to that really haunting original tune from the game. Vast, grand, elaborate, and engaging. I love how it adds a brand new character to the theme. Keep raving!
  2. I completely second what everybody else has said. It's amazing. I would still describe it as movie soundtrack material, not that I'm promoting a Zelda movie, but it's dramatic, beautiful, and engaging throughout. I will say once again, that Disney can't top this. Awesome stuff, Zas.
  3. I've had this mix for a long time, and from the first time I heard it, I knew the shop theme and that Hawaii tang were meant to be together, and you put it together so well, Noppz! Now this must be played at the bar of a sunny beach resort. It's paradise! Enough said.
  4. This is VERY catchy and upbeat. I love that guitar, it's the best part, as well as the jazzy piano during the "slow-down" part. It just adds an amazing twist to the low-key cutesy tune from the game! Haha. This is great stuff, Dr. Fruitcake.
  5. It was so cute when the Yoshis sang this originally on the game. Now this remix plays the tune in a more mature manner; it's as if all of a sudden, I'm like, this song just grew up and there you are listening to the utter beauty it has grown into. Well, that's my analogy, but really, this complex piano piece is just amazing. Enough said.
  6. This is so much fun, short and sweet! I just wanna sit down listening to this and bounce up and down in my chair, lol! That's how uplifting it is. Scott Joplin ain't got nothing on this! Good stuff, McVaffe!
  7. ^ I can't agree more. It starts out with that melancholy and then you get the percussion that makes it sound like a march to war with that spirit inside every soldier, but the main melody tells us that despite that, there is a deeper darker truth that will emerge. This is an amazing multi-dimensional work and there's definitely a message between the notes that we all relate to.
  8. Wow. I was like whoa, when it just started all of a sudden, but really, we should demand that AmIEvil submits an extended version cuz I guess we are all itching to hear more after hearing this uber-sweet guitar work (understatement, yeah)! The best of yours, I've heard, AmIEvil!
  9. I love that metal bass and how it sticks around for the entire remix and it serves as an awesome undertone for all the different motifs. And the addition of the Song of the Fayth just adds that extra icing on the cake! This remix is unstoppable! It just keeps you on your feet the entire time and doesn't let off until the sudden ending. This is awesome stuff, Jared, keep it up!
  10. ^ You said it, all right! This quirky, innovative, and catchy electronic sound really works with it. It's a completely different way to interpret You Can Hear the Cry of the Planet, and I love it! That sweet futuristico-ness here gives it that awesome twist. Gotta love it!
  11. I love listening to this driving down the freeway on a rainy day, it's so perfect. It just takes the gloominess away and puts me at peace with everything. That hip-hoppish beat and piano are amazing and they fit well together and it maintains the cleansing beauty of Eternity from the game. Keep these coming!
  12. This had better be on the next re-release of FFVII. I love how the different themes are so well integrated together and the orchestra can make it smooth, foreboding, haunting, suspenseful, or simply beautiful. ^ Yup, I second that comment too! Disney soundtracks ain't got nothing on this remix. Keep 'em coming!
  13. After hearing this, I was like, I always sort of knew at the back of my head that Tetris Song B was meant for a concerto, or any orchestral arrangement for that matter. Well, that's exactly because this remix just owns! It pulls off perfectly as a classical orchestral piece! Now this definitely needs to make it into a concert hall someday...it's enough to make Mozart jealous! Hahahahaha!
  14. I have never heard that song from FFX and I should really kick myself up and buy that game, but this mix is so beautifully haunting and I really gotta put this on outside on a starry summer night and relax to this in the backyard. Spiritual melody + pixietricks's elegant, springwater-pure voice (did I forget to say BEAUTIFUL?! ^o^) = score of 110%
  15. I haven't heard much from Reel Big Fish nor know too much about them, but it doesn't matter cuz I still love this mix! It's so uplifting with that upbeat brass and guitar. I get the perfect picture of flying through the sky on a beautiful sunny day with the summer breeze, and even if it's cloudy, this uplifting mix will clear the sky and there will be nothing but blue up above! Haha, that's me and my wild imagination, but what can I do? This mix just picks me up when I'm down! It's a must-have for everybody!
  16. The jury is out! BogusRed is un-arguably (for lack of better grammar) a true jedi-master piano mixer of the highest order (all for lack of a better term)! The LttP credit theme is one of the most beautiful themes ever made in VGs and who better to not only do it justice, but take it not only to the next level, but beyond expectation into the stars and beyond! I mean, the main theme already has the beauty, but this mix enhances it one-hundred fold! It truly encompasses the pure atmosphere of the closing of LttP. What more can I say? I am in desperate need of somebody to give me pointers on how to find better words to describe it...but in short, I LOVE IT!!! This is definitely material for the next Zelda!
  17. Haha, imagine if there's a boss fight with this music, that would be nothing short of amazing, though strange, but anyway, I love this, it should really be played at a sports tournament, it fits so well! Love that sax and the percussion, so very groovy. Keep it coming!
  18. Now that's catchy. This remix has really grown on me these past few weeks and now I can proudly say it's a must-download for all Zelda fans. It's Zelda with a Sci-Fi twist! Heh, I can really see Link in a green Star-Trek suit driving his ship through the stars with the Master Light Saber, hahahahaha! I dunno, that's just how I interpret it...for now at least...Bottom line, this is amazing, zircon, keep 'em coming!
  19. ^ I agree, intense, and you nevire tire of it, though it's 7 min+ long! I like to call it an orchestral piece with a trance-like twist. First, it fades in and you know right away it's the dungeon theme and then the drums come in and it just builds, completely drawing you in and then that prevailing suspense sends you on a quest at...wherever you interpret it to be. Then it rounds off perfectly fading away, love that!!! Keep it up, Disco Dan!
  20. Okay, first of all, the fact that this piece was improvised already blows me away. How do you do it? Well, I can sum up what I think it is in one word: creativity. This mix is perfect for the car especially after school when I'm tired and I just wanna relax to something that of course, doesn't put me asleep at the same time, lol! Anybody, even if you haven't played FFVII, should just download this and immerse yourself into a nice warm piano bubble bath, lol!
  21. ^ I completely second those last two comments. I don't know how you do it, I just don't know how you do it!!!! You just take an idea and run with it...BEAUTIFULLY! It's as if you sit down at the piano and you're playing this tune as it comes to you. I don't know how to explain it. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I guess when you make a remix like this, you do it by exploring different sides of the main theme in a way that you see other ways to communicate the atmosphere, style, etc. and that's what gives rise to the different motifs/sounds (can't find the right word for it) that you weave together, like the one at the beginning and the one that builds from 4:48 or so. Well, that's the way I see it, it could be completely different, but all I can say at this point is that it's a true masterpiece not to be forgotten, whether you have played FFVII or not, you gotta love it.
  22. Okay, so maybe it could've gotten more variation, but at least there is some extra icing on the cake i.e. you've got this single tune that prevails throughout, but you still have other cool sounds that build and build to this complex mixtutre of stuff at the end and it still keeps its composure and the main tune is never lost, which is good. The beginning is fun, it gets you into the mood quickly at least.
  23. ^ Ditto. The flute solo was what made me love this remix, so creative, and it takes the already amazing tamber of the remix to an even more exciting level. Perfect for dancing! Need I say more?!
  24. How do I explain this? This remix is like a pair of shoes that fit perfectly, not too tight, not too loose, comfortable, and stylish. I mean, this remix just makes all the ocarina songs fit together in one delux track perfectly with a great amount of variety in the general atmosphere throughout from a majestic symphonic Song of Time to this suspense built up to the Bolero of Fire part. Variety, utilizing many different base tunes in one remix, and best of all, it just goes together like the green duds on Link!
  25. This is definitely material for the next Smash Bros! I'm not generally into trances and rave stuff cuz I find they are a bit repetitive, but I definitely beg to differ with this one. It offers enough motifs/variations (whatever the word) for a main tune, and that's what keeps its appeal throughout. Awesome, bLiNd!
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