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  1. I like the variety in atmosphere that's presented here. You've got some really light, quiet moments that build to something more majestic and outgoing. I don't remember the Honeybee Manor theme too well, but this mix definitely lives up to its name as well as the atmosphere of the Honeybee Manor from the game itself. I do sort of have to concur with Instrument of GAWD in that it does try a bit too hard in some places with trying to portray "epicness", however, if that was not the intention, then this mix is overall a good salute to the original. Keep it up, Will!
  2. An amazing orchestral piece. Beautifully done, every section of the orchestra: the brass and especially the percussion just make it so majestic. Yup, add this to the list of potential material for the OST for the next Zelda game. Keep it up!
  3. I second all previous comments. This remix really captures the mood of the original and the percussion really keeps it going with the intricate rhythm. The stop-go pace of this remix really keeps you engaged. Keep it going Paragon X9!
  4. Great guitar, great mood, great salute to the original. Great in every way! Keep it up! This is awesome music to chill to.
  5. Everything I do.... I do it for you.... THERE'S NO LOVE, LIKE YOUR LOVE! Every little thing that you do... Baby, I'm amazed by you... EDIT: Okay, less singing, more hello/welcome.
  6. The only issue I have with SSBM is that Donkey Kong rap. Absolutely horrendous. Other than that, SSBM was much better on all levels.
  7. Ash as a playable character would be good for comedic value. I'd put him on versus and just kick the crap out of him with Bowser. I wonder how Mew would fare as a playable character...
  8. A nice, fun, laid-back remix. This would actually make a good song on the next edition of DDR, lol. I don't have much else to say, other than it is very well done and a great salute to the song and game. Keep it up!
  9. This is just beautiful. You can certainly feel the sea breeze, hear the gentle peace of the scenery, as well as the forceful crashing on the waves as the winds gain their strength with the amazing guitar you got going there. What else can I say? Great job, guys.
  10. I think you hit most of it on the nose there. It's all about gathering up the words to speak of something on your mind in the most descriptive manner possible, or at least in the way you want to portray it, whether it be with imagery i.e. something poetic, or just a normal narrative that sounds good with the tune e.g. the Rabbit Joint Cover mix. The way I see it, figure out your tune first, and then see what lyrics would fit well with it, what YOU think would fit well with it. Keep in mind syllables and pick your rhyme scheme if you want one. I think it all comes with practice, and you just have to keep trying. Eventually, the words will just come to you, especially if you want to write about a strong feeling you have about whatever--the words should come to you even easier. Try it. EDIT: about your note on a chorus, yeah, it is harder because it is the part of the song that "summarizes" your thoughts or expresses the general feeling or subject of the whole song. Anyway, good luck.
  11. For the first two minutes, I was enjoying the beauty and tranquility while doing work, and then it just picks up and I had a blast! I love these kinds of mixes for they allow you the oppurtunity to enjoy the music in different ways in just one track i.e. you're hearing the soft soothing sounds at the beginning and then all of a sudden you are grooving uncontrollably in your seat (or wherever you are while listening). Basically, the variety makes it a classic. Now that's what I call an audio adventure, haha.
  12. Protricity. Ok... did you know this song was never actually submitted? DJPretzel posted it on his own whim... and I think it's awesome that he did. I really don't care if you hate this song... but before you go bashing it, just take a step back and realize that it's people like you who've kept me from writing anything new in the last four years. Suikoden II was my swan song, and that's that. Love it or hate it, it's here to stay. --- Haz The only thing stopping you is yourself. Change comes from within. Home is where the heart is. Or in this case, somewhere in Kakariko village. So true. Don't get me wrong. It's a really cute remix. Perhaps you could write something that's more in your vocal range, or work your way up there, lol. Don't let others get you down!
  13. The voice on helium is funny for a little bit, and it fits well with the cutesy simplicity of the lyrics, but good thing it's less than a minute cuz then I'm not sure we can all handle hearing that voice for a lot longer than that. Overall, it's short and sweet, and I like it, haha.
  14. It's okay. I'll make sure to be nice Anyways, nice to have you on!
  15. I absolutely love it. It draws you in from the beginning and you stay engaged all the way to the end. Just blast it in the car and it is sure to pick up you up no matter how down you are feeling. Yeah, the synth, the kick-ass beat, everything about it is awesome. It really makes my day. I really can't put the rest of it in words. Keep it up!
  16. I'm loving this. Very serene as if you are sitting beside a waterfall in the warm summer heat enjoying the silence as well as the beauty of the landscape. It's very mystifying throughout. Keep these coming!
  17. This mix effortlessly gives the edge, character, and life to the Prelude. With character comes the rich collection of thoughts and mood presented in this mix. Kinda paints a picture of the badass Cloud, haha, well, that's how I see it. Keep it up!
  18. It's a party, alright. Yup, grab a stereo, towel, shades, sunscreen and head down to the beach. Kick back, enjoy the rays, play in the waves. An awesome one! Keep it up!
  19. I'm drawn in from the beginning with the original song. It just sets the mood. And it's interesting cuz the beat is not too heavy like you think it would be when you're getting into it. An awesome salute to the original. Keep it up!
  20. PARTY! PARTY! Actually, this would also be good material for the next release of DDR. Yup, Kitty-N's theme was my favorite from the game. And this mix gives it an awesome twist. It's so uplifting from the very beginning, like how the intro just draws you in. So ya, keep it up!
  21. So beautiful and soothing. There is perfect use of dynamics on the piano, which just makes it come to life. I can't believe I haven't posted on this yet. You two should collaborate more often. It's wonderful.
  22. You definitely captured the mood of the various themes you presented in this mix with the amazing use of those intricate chords throughout. This is very well put together, with harmony at its best. Keep it up, Zoola.
  23. It's an interesting take on the original. But yes, I do get the lounge feel. It's chill, mellow, and practical. Good work.
  24. Finally I have found the words for it: helps you contemplate, reflect, and relax while listening. The beat, the mood, and the guitar is awesome. An awesome salute to the original, as well as a very unique, individual piece.
  25. I really love the laid-back atmosphere of this mix. Great for chilling out. Some amazing acoustic guitar going there with some true skill. The improvisation is truly genius (I'm always blown away by those). Wonderful. Keep it up!
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