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  1. Wind Waker was one of my favorites. Now I'm going to leave this thread because I am not finished Skyward Sword yet. I'm only in the Earth Temple (yeah I'm disgustingly far behind) and I'm pretty sure I'm about to find out the princess is in another castle...
  2. What Flo doesn't want you to know is that Sonic's car insurance rates are directly proportional to how many times you drove him off a cliff in Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing.
  3. Happy Double Birthday! Celebrating together?
  4. Old classics: Final Fantasy 7 ROBOVoice - Joe Redifer Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy 9 Knights Come Marching Home - Ailsean Both have been on my playlist for almost 10 years now.
  5. It's been almost 5 years since my last post. If you remember me as an avid remix reviewer/listener and forum poster, it's nice to be back in touch. If you joined any time after 2007, let me give a full introduction: Lady Zelda here. I live, eat, sleep, and breathe video games. Over the last 5 years I have worked to grow my video game horizons exponentially, including discovering a hobby for writing video game-themed song parodies. For that, I recently started a YouTube channel, where I am known as Lady Game Lyric, that I have been working to grow. If you are interested in checking it out, here is my channel: www.youtube.com/LadyGameLyric This of course moved me to get more involved in the video game music community (even if video game song parodies don't count as video game music...do they?) and made me realize I owe you all a long-overdue visit and a pledge to be more active on OC Remix this year. So hello from Lady Zelda/Lady Game Lyric, and it is very nice to be back!
  6. Chamomile! And how effective is just not talking for a little bit? I know some people who do that and I don't know about the rest of you but I have found it is counter productive for me. The more I don't talk, the scratchier I sound when I try to sing (e.g. early in the morning). I guess it differs with every person.
  7. I remember! Now that I think back to it, that Sega commercial you originally mentioned was quite disturbing. I mean, all the Sega early 90s commercials showed someone random yelling "SEGA" with that same voice like the one with the karate sensei, but it did not fit with the air stewardess.
  8. Others: Kill Bill 1 and 2 The Incredibles has pretty good swingy/jazz stuff Shrek 2 has a good eclectic mix Team America has both entertaining and good orchestral pieces Garden State also any movie with John Williams music
  9. The mix in general has such an awesome laid back and free spirited feel and it works so well with the original melody too. Great work! Keep these coming!
  10. Now someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I think Link is played by a girl, or so I've heard. I mean, they dance pretty well. Nice coordination and cool moves in general. It's just so...ridiculous and thus freaking hilarious. I'll leave it at that.
  11. I love the zany feel from this mix. It's just so much fun. The first half kind of reminded me of Bennie and the Jets. I think it was the percussion. Simple, fun, light, just plain awesome. Keep it up!
  12. I too have not gotten to this part of the game yet but this mix makes me want to get to it NOW. Amazing arrangement here, rich harmony, and the Latin chant makes it all the more amazing. Keep these coming!
  13. I love this. I love how you start with a mysterious, almost eerie, beginning to lead into the awesome ride you have planned for the rest of the mix. Keep these coming!
  14. I love the first 15 seconds, so mysterious and it stays that weay throughout. And then it gets going and you can't stop listening. Great stuff, keep it up!
  15. Final Fantasy 7 Costa Del Sol DANCE - po! Zelda 64 Eutopia Pegasi - Destiny, The Wingless Zelda 64 River of Time - AmIEvil Zelda 64 Gerudo Peeples - Scott Peeples Final Fantasy X-2 Under a New Moon - Fatty Acid, sephfire
  16. Ahh, this bring back old memories. But this time, the music has grown up. You've turned it into something truly serious and suspenseful and you never let up as you continue to build your idea up to 3:15 where things really pick up. This sounds like something straight out of a good RPG dungeon where you explore and finally get to the boss battle. Great work and don't stop mixing!
  17. I am rarely disappointed by anything by pixietricks. I love everything about this piece, especially the lyrics. Very descriptive and poetic in all ways. Don't ever stop mixing!
  18. The flute at the beginning gives it a nice touch, and I can tell that this is a melody that's not easy for flute alone. Then when you developped it into a medieval dance tune it really revealed what the flute tune was all about, which kept things more exciting. Perhaps you could have added a little bit more to develop this mix with a more complex result in the end, but of course, if that was not your intention i.e. you wanted to maintain the kind of atmosphere you did already, then that's great too. Overall, it's spritely and fun, short and sweet. God job.
  19. Funky, fun, quirky, groovy, mood-lifting, and colorful to the greatest extent. Don't ever stop mixing. Ah, this brings back old memories to my younger days with a colorless Gameboy.
  20. I found out that you get one year of complimentary repair coverage (check Support section of apple.com) so if you got it 4 to 5 months ago, it's not to late to send it in for a new one (which is probably what they're going to give you) for free.
  21. Your warranty is most likely still good (assuming you got it within the last month), so I suggest giving them a call about it or going to apple.com and going to the help and support FAQs. But if you don't mind giving it up to them for a couple days (they'll send you a box to ship your iPod back to them), they should either get it fixed for you or give you a new one for free.
  22. Kill Bill Vol. 2 > Kill Bill Vol. 1 (though I love both)
  23. Who has experienced waking up really early in the morning, going to the bathroom door and standing there for a while because you're trying to press A button to make it open?
  24. In this day and age, graphics are important now that 3D technology has developed tremeandously in the last ten years. Though ultimately, I think that now with the new consoles on the market and pretty much all games have good graphics, games can't just rely on beauty of graphics alone to make a game sell. Once they get the content down, then that's what sets a good game apart from a mediocre game. Basically, good graphics are pretty much part of the required ingredients for a game, and not just more flavoring on the cake like it once was.
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