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  1. I saw yesterday finally and thought it was great! All of the new characters were really cool, and they interacted well with the old ones. It was pretty much everything I was hoping for, and I am excited for the next one.
  2. Keep on going! It is great seeing all these reviews
  3. Im going to go see this tomorrow now. im pretty disappointed it didn't work out to go last night, but tomorrow will have to do. Still pretty excited to see it, sounds like it is pretty good
  4. I love this source and Amy has not only created an expansive and unique version of it, but a source-companion that really works as a stand-alone track. The mixing is solid, there are a lot of carefully arranged details that add more interest (that filtered intro is incredibly attention-grabbing), and her vocal performance is emotional, nuanced, and powerful. The arrangement is a huge step away from the original song, but it feels so natural. The new melodies fit in seamlessly with the original song, the lyrics are great, and the guitar and violin add a lot to the soundscape. The vocal ha
  5. Thank you very much! I will have to figure out what to get, but there are several skins I have been looking at
  6. I received my gift from Koriantor! I got my first and only Amiibo, of the best SSB character, Zero Suit Samus! I'm levelling her up to be an unstoppable smash machine. My son James has an amiibo too, so we will have them battle it out, starting at level 1, and see who's will be the ultimate champion. Thank you Koriantor!
  7. saga frontieer 2 was not a great game either, but it was WAAAAY better than saga frontier 1. I believe it is in fact you, who is the weinerman.
  8. I do, yeah. Was super reliable until the US release of Saga Frontier. :'-(
  9. shipping my package out this weekend! Congrats to the people who got their stuff already!
  10. We will figure out a time to do a Mag workout or two for sure!
  11. Geez, Cloud has some tiny arms, what the heck. Fits the character drawing for sure, but I am not accustomed to characters in games having smaller arms than me. The game looks beautiful, i'm really interested!
  12. Interesting take on the source, but there are a lot of small issues that stick out to me. First, the mixing sounds way off to me. Everything is being wiped away with the bass response, so when the bass notes hit, you can't hear much else. The guitar performance is on the sloppy, side with a lot of audible flubs, and some off-key hits every once in awhile. Combined with the very mechanical synth flute, i'm not really feeling that this track is gelling in the way it needs to. The backing track is reasonably personalized, but overall this isn't quite clearing the bar for me. No
  13. Damn, I can't believe anyone still remembers this game! Pretty good track, which I guess is important when it's pretty much the only song in the game. The original song is only about 20 seconds long, so we'll have to have some pretty significant arrangement to make it work out, but I believe in you! There are some good ideas that expand on the original arpeggios and harmony, and while I think there are a few production snags, there are some good ideas in here. I think it would have been nice for the breakdown section to have the chord progression in half time, to give it a bit more unique
  14. Nice source choices, i'm always up to get more Bravely Default on the site! The organ and choir sound great, though the guitar tone is pretty thin, and the bass is pretty muddy. The guitar fits well into the mix when a lot is going on, and the organ is filling in spots in the frequency spectrum, but when it is more exposed it isn't near as strong. I recommend for that specific section to amp the guitar part differently with a fuller and more mid-heavy tone, and use the thinned sound for the parts of the song that have a lot going on. The arrangement is pretty great, however, with a lot of
  15. This is a beautiful soundscape, but arrangement-wise it is too close to the original for me to give it a pass. I love the concept and idea of this, but I think I need to give it a NO based on the similarity to the original. I'm gonna right click-save-as, but for the sake of OCR, i gotta vote No
  16. I think the arrangement is awesome, but I agree that the production aspects are holding it back. The drums have a lot of missing energy due to a lot of lossy frequencies; some EQ would help clean it up, and then some additional volume would help them feel like the anchor of the track. The synths also are feeling pretty dry and need to be moved throughout the soundscape to be blended better as a sonic space. I really like the ideas, I just think the execution needs to be polished. No, please resubmit
  17. Into the Wilderness is a great and iconic early Playstation song, and it's good to hear it get some arrangement love now and again. It starts out pretty subdued, with a nice lead up, and a solid soundscape, but DANG, are those drums over-ARMed! The volume of them needs to come down a good deal, as they are way overpowering the rest of the track. Even if the rest of the song was going a lot harder than it currently is, they would be too much, and with it retaining it's dreamy feel, it's complete overkill. I think beyond that, the melodic line needs to be a bit more prominent, and there needs
  18. This is and was the best DoD song ever. Sorry everyone before and everyone after, but you are just aiming for second place now. The vocal is expressive and not overly treated, and the arrangement is basically a best-of showcase of the entire New Jack Swing genre. All of the references to other songs and motifs of the era are both clever and fun, without being too damaging to the 4th wall. The beats are varied and danceable, the solo tears it up, and the progression of the track is great. Also YES
  19. This is a pretty great arrangement style for the track, I appreciate how prominent the chords are compared to the beats, which are pushed back a bit; it gives the track a warmer and more enveloping feel to me, and the track feels really personalized. The green hill cameo was a nice touch as well, and sounded really good with the new chords. The melody was a bit relaxed and takes it's time, and overall it's a great personalization. The balance is a touch mid heavy; a price to pay for the prominent piano chords, but otherwise feels decent. I think bringing it down a little bit with give more
  20. here's the source link for fellow joojz: It's pretty ambitious to consider this specific source for a remix, especially using famitracker, but using the source as a canvas to paint a pretty creative theme and variations structure is the perfect way to go about it. I love how each variation increases the intensity, and the melodic additions or ornamenting the melody heavily while keeping the same 4 notes is really well done. I like the parts where you use the 4 note progression of the source as a call, and then respond with a resolving melody line. The added backing arpeggios, bassline, a
  21. This is somewhat difficult to evaluate initially, as the source song is an intro with vocal, and then 2 short riffs. This is definitely expanded upon in a huge way, being 5 times the length of the original, but beyond the vocal tie in, most of it sounds like pretty much original riffs. The 2 riffs from the source are well-represented, and the original writing is pretty solid. I do think this one is going to require Larry's stopwatch to really tell, but based on the impression I have, it may be too much original writing unless somewhere an additional source is being referenced without it being
  22. This is one of those tough votes where I love the song but have to vote against my own preferences. I do think the arrangement is too close to the source for OCR. I think more reinterpretation is required to pass the arrangement bar, though the performance and sound quality is great. You consolation prize or my judgement is that you can put this on youtube and get a million views. Seriously though, I think that expanding the arrangement a bit more would make this an easy YES, but as-is, I need to follow the guidelines. No, please resubmit
  23. Some nice grooves and a decent soundscape, but I think there is a little too much material before the track really comes together. The other judges have some good advice on things to do to get your next submission on the site, should you choose to follow that route! No
  24. yeah, weird, i hadn't heard of this either. BUT IT JUST MEANS MORE REMIXES TO REVIEW
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