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  1. Dragonavenger and I are going to play it tonight for a few hours! I am excited! I have already started my arrangement, too!
  2. I definitely had a lot spoiled but it made me want to play the game! I started on my remix as well, It's been fun thus far
  3. I just listened to the soundtrack and there are a lot of melodic gems in this; I'll be remixing a song or two from this, and I think i'd like to play the game too.
  4. I think a lot of the ideas were presented well enough, but the delivery was thin. An editor would have made these a lot better, and it's unfortunate that he's done with these because with time I think they would be a lot more effective.
  5. good to hear you have seen awesome progress, keep at it, man!
  6. There was a lot of needless yelling, can't say I was that impressed. He had some good ideas and opinions but it seemed he took a really long time to get to the point, and then he could have elaborated a lot more once he finally arrived. Maybe others reading this would enjoy them more than I did, but I can't say they were really for me.
  7. It felt sufficiently Star Wars to me when I was playing it as well.
  8. it says Star Wars in the title.
  9. I would agree completely. It was fun driving around the AT's and using turrets, but the non-Hoth stage was super dumb and boring, and it felt somewhat unbalanced on Hoth. Since no one is organized, it's way harder for rebels to defend the communications uplinks, whereas the empire just needs someone to get in the AT-AT and then rack up 10 kills super easily. I had a lot of fun for a few hours, but I don't think the value is there for $60. The graphics were amazing to me, and the lighting and textures were awesome. The vehicles were generally good,though flying is difficult to do anything wit
  10. good stuff overall, a cool mix of sounds, well paced, and solid production. The guitar playing was fine, though I think could have used a touch more energy (perhaps a result of the mixing) and it may be a few cents flat. Still is way more expressive than any midi i've heard. Nice team up and congrats on a great track! Yes
  11. got the room all covered, are we doing a group registration?
  12. im just taking it easy this summer, am sitting at about 9% BF and am still pretty strong so I am chillin. I work out 4 days a week with Deia, working on increasing my bench numbers a bit and can manage a new 1RM at 275, but its stalled there since I am not eating much.
  13. this is epic and awesome but it sounds like a part 2 of the song rather than a reinterpretation of it. If the song was twice as long, this sounds like it would be a prety natural expansion, but as is, it feels like the mood and chords are there, but the melodic content is not precise enough compared to the original. It doesnt need to be exact, but it does need to be more present. Great work, but not quite an arrangement by OCR standards. No
  14. Was anyone here really a huge fan of the original show? Like, I thought the original show was pretty bad even when I was a child. I strongly doubt anyone on this site is the target audience for this.
  15. oh wow, waterslides are the way to go. Rollercoasters are fine too, but there's a reason that amusement parks typically charge extra to get into the waterpark, and that is because they are fun and sexy.
  16. I played for a few matches last night and had a pretty fresh time, still levelling my stuff up, but I really enjoy how fast the matches go for. WHat is the consensus for best weapon combinations? I am preferring the roller/sonic blaster right now for pushing territory.
  17. i definitely like the idea of more immediate releases at E3. I am hyped for some of the Sony stuff, but that is likely years out. Mario Maker looks very fun and creative, which is something I am definitely looking for in games.
  18. I have the game but have not fired it up yet - where can we exchange bro codes? I am ready to get rekt.
  19. lift however you can that doesn't hurt. If your knee is just in a place that it'll get wrecked by deadlifting normally, don't do it. Another alternative can be rack deadlifts, where your knees are already mostly extended; see how that goes.
  20. awesome, more people than expected joined up, so ill make a bigger one! I'll PM you each the link!
  21. I'll be getting it, it looks amazingly fun
  22. Hey guys, i'm looking for more people to join our LCS fantasy league! The way it works is that the bottom ranked people at the end of the season have to buy a skin for the top ranked people. If you are in the middle of the pack, you do nothing, and get nothing! Any interest?
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