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  1. Thanks to the tireless reviews you guys are doing, every mix on the site has at least 1 review! Excellent work! You are all one step closer to having me be your very own dog!
  2. Pretty classy amping up of the source, I am a bit disappointed you took the cool 'hot potato' section from the source and put it all into one synth, but it still sounds good. The variation of sounds is interesting, and the energy is used well, with nice drops. The drums are intense, the mixing is solid, and the energy is incredible. The other additions are really solid too, and the overall song arc is pretty satisfying. OVerall im feeling this a good deal. Yes
  3. Wooooooah I did not have a plan if anyone exceeds 500.... Ok, if you get 1000, DragonAvenger will be your other dog. This can be us:
  4. The Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games have a lot of great music, and this song is among them; I love the emotional chords and the melody is pretty great as well. Let's see how you've made it your own! It's an interesting approach to really downplay the melody for most of the track, and while that would be the part i'd want to retain the most, I can appreciate the completely different mood it gives your rendition. I do think the heavy sidechaining gets a bit repetitive, and a section where that drops out would improve the track considerably. The drum loop would benefit from an extra layer of tam
  5. This takes the basic theme and builds an entire trap world around it. The source itself is really basic, so the choice to wait for the melody to come in until the track had a lot more time to develop was good, as it kept things from getting repetitive too quickly. It almost gets to the point of being overly repetitive, but it ends before things get out of hand. I do think a section where the arpeggio drops out for a bit would be a nice reprieve, but otherwise there is a lot of care put into the various drum parts, and the vocal clips add some mood without getting overused. The arrangement
  6. If you hit the criteria, you get the presents! If more than one person has 500 reviews, they will have to take turns having me as their dog.
  7. this could be yours! ok im done. GO REVIEW!!!!
  8. THE FIRST POST HAS BEEN UPDATED WITH INFORMATION ON HOW WE INTEND TO BRIBE YOU!!!!!! There are bribes presents for people who review! There will be little signature badges for people to show off their awesomeness, and if you review MANY SONGS, there are even better presents! 50 Reviews in December: Download code for Mega Man 25th anniversary album 100 Reviews in December: add a Physical copy of Final Fantasy Random Encounter 200 Reviews in December: add a Physical copy of Final Fantasy VI Balance and Ruin OR Final Fantasy VII Voices of the Lifestream 500 Reviews in December: I will come to
  9. I INSIST! Say what your favorite part was of the mix! Ask technical questions on the exact settings of that wobble bass synth! Listen to something you've never considered giving a chance before, and finding something about the mix you like! The possibilities aren't quite endless, but they are vast!
  10. Come one, come all, and do some reviews! This is the time of year when many needy mixes need extra love and attention, because it's a good month to do it! It's cold out, you are inside, now is the time to listen to some of the millions thousands of mixes that you can download for FREE and then write something about them. It can be a sentence, it can be a paragraph, it can even be a sentence AND a paragraph! GET YE TO THIS PAGE AND START REVIEWING! TRACK THE NUMBER OF REVIEWS YOU DO SOMETHING GOOD HAPPENS?! * COMPLIMENT MY REALLY PRETTY TYPOGRAPHY *
  11. Nice references to the original while taking this for a little detour. Some of the strings felt weirdly placed in the soundscape and so far away from everything else, it was like they were sitting at the kid's table at Thanksgiving. Other than that, nice performances, great source, and plenty of unique rhythmic and stylistic differences to get my vote. Nice work~! Yes
  12. The synth used is immediately better than the Darkesax™ that is used in the source song, which is a relief. The overall structure is pretty similar, however, and there isn't a lot that really makes it sound expanded upon or different than the original. I think there is a lot of room to do so, however, so adding some additional harmonies, rhythms, or countermelodies would make this really interesting. The original sax/synth melody is really basic, so there is a ton of room to accent and ornament it with another instrument, or even have the melody deviate from the source by a few notes once in a
  13. This is pretty well done; it would have been really easy to just take the source and directly convert it to the genre, but you've done a lot of cool arrangement by omission. The melodic snippets are pretty cool, and the little pinky arps add to the aquatic mood. The backing chants were pretty nice too, and added some energy to the repetitions of the main theme. Structurally there isn't much different, but things are sufficiently decorated and the track progresses well. I'm digging this, it's not revolutionary, but it takes a lot of fresh ideas and applies them to an old favorite. Yes
  14. I am enjoying the backing track for this a lot, the piano, bells, and percussion all work pretty well together. The oboe being so exposed is causing the track to feel a lot weaker though; it's a bit strange for the original genesis synth to feel more expressive than the oboe sample. When the harp and drums come in, and the strings double the oboe, it is feeling better, but I think a darker and richer sound for the oboe would be better, or double it with an epiano or something that offers an easily blended tone. The arrangement is pretty good, though the second half feels pretty similar to t
  15. It starts out pretty conservative, but starts to sprout into it's own near the end of the song. The production and performance is solid and well done, but I think this really needs to introduce it's own flavor much earlier in the song. Playing up the reggae aspect would be really cool too. There's a bit of swagger in the song, but adding some additional instrumentation to make the arrangement a bit more expanded would improve it. I think a solo section would be really good as well. I think the idea here is great, and your recording and performing skills are up to the task, but i'm asking fo
  16. The soundscape is pretty nice, but there needs to be more interpretation in your mix. You have a nice start, but right now it is basically the same song with new instruments, and no real melodic , harmonic, or rhythmic variation from the source. I think adding one, or preferably more of those is the minimum you'll need to do to have a more expansive arrangement. There is a lot that you can do as well to make this track your own, with changing the tempo, or adding countermelodies, or even writing your own section that suits the feel of the original source. I recommend making some additions t
  17. Gonna agree there is not enough source. The concept is cool, but i'm not hearing enough dominant source for OCR. No
  18. Wow that source song is terrible Your rendition sample wise is much better, and it has a lot nicer feel overall. The high hats are a little overly prominent, but mainly because there is not a lot of high frequency stuff to join them. I am fine with the harpsichord, but maybe treating it a bit and doubling it down an octave would help it feel a little bit less thin. I do agree that some of the string sequencing could use some smoothing. The larger areas that need it tend to be near the end, around the 4 minute mark and beyond. I think this is sitting pretty good, but a little bit more pol
  19. Cool interpretation of the source. Some of the mixing was a bit muddy with the kick and bass fighting with some of the backing synths, but otherwise the soundscape was interesting and reasonably deep. I do recommend sidechaining your bass and layering your kick with something that has a bit more high end. It doesn't need to be a lot to change the tone, but just something to shape it a bit better. Some of the beats felt a little too off-kilter, though it did help to add to the unsettling mood. I can't really say i'm a fan of how they never lock on to the rest of the track, however. Even doing
  20. I really like the more aggressive tone you are taking with the track, as while the original source is good, it relied too much on the vocal clips. Your version uses the same clips a decent amount, but has a lot of extra interest, and the more subdued B section where guitar was featured was just what this needed to get to the next level. Production and arrangement are both above the bar, and the mood was great. I'm really feeling this, nice work. Yes
  21. The sequencing at the beginning has the right idea as far as a build into the main part of the track, but the levels are a bit off, with the flute being overly loud, and the sequencing in general being a bit stiff. I really like the arrangement, it's just the execution that needs refinement. The brass ideas specifically are great, and are the perfect notes to accent the track. The guitar playing is really nice as well, but is too loud if you are going to have the rest of the track (specifically the bass and drums) in the same space. If you bumped up the bass and drums in the mix, especially t
  22. This is great, with really well thought out dynamics and a really nice collection of themes. I love how unrushed it is, and how the sources chosen all combine into a pretty cohesive whole. I am not super familiar with the FF9 soundtrack, so I listened a few times before vetting all the sources, and before I knew which source was what, it all felt like a realized whole, although with a few parts that stretched out between themes. Nice work, I can tell a lot of care has been put into this, and it's really nice. I look forward to what you might work on next Yes
  23. Pretty nice work, It is an arrangement that takes it time to unfurl, and while I agree somewhat with DragonAvenger's assessment that it's a bit repetitive, it is constantly evolving and rewards careful listening very well. It reminds me a bit of Michael Kamen's work, with prominent harp. The evolution of the track is really slow, but when you decide to kick it up a notch, the guitar is a bit surprising. I think it fits, but it is not really what I would have expected. Overall this is really pleasant, and thoughtfully combines several themes in a fresh way. Nice work. Yes
  24. Right out of the gate it has a similar feel, but is a lot more intense. I really am enjoying the builds you've added, and the synths in the lower end add a lot of cool texture and mood. There are distinct similarities in the arrangement, but you've sufficiently personalized it with a lot of expanded parts, some new articulations. I really enjoyed the dynamics, and while I feel that the styles are really similar, enough expansion and progression has been done, and it's all pretty intelligently added in, that this passes muster. Sequencing is really nice, some of the marcato stings could have
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