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  1. Good luck to my heroic opponents, im going to try some new stuff this time, and I hope we all have exciting entries
  2. not often, but usually something pops up at magfest with people bringing instruments and such
  3. I'll sign up for Alucard (and mix dracula's castle with tragic prince), and Death (Heart of Fire)!
  4. My entry is going to come down to the wire here! I have about 3.5 minutes down but will really need to haul ass to get my whole vision recorded. I hope my opponents have something good!
  5. I totally hate when people say how close their votes are (especially when i disagree with them ), but I understand their perspective on that. This vote was super close for me, and it took 4 listens each before I was confident in what I was preferring. The production was pretty close for all of them to me, and the arrangements were all good, I voted for the one that had the most energy.
  6. im not going to enter because of obligations/timeframe, but I absolutely love this theme, and all of the Ishgard variations.
  7. back from mag and thinking about my entry. I'll do what I can to mix sources together this time, there are a few spots where it'll be really easy, and a few that it'll be trickier. Really curious to hear what my opponents have cooked up, idea-wise
  8. Magfest was great, I enjoyed seeing so many friends and meeting new ones, playing games, and having Nandos!
  9. mag workouts will be mornings (and by mornings, i mean technically before noon >___>)! I am setting up this laptop to link into that group chat thing! we are here and it is fun!
  10. i'll be there as well, I am hoping that I am able to have a good entry with the first 5 days or so taken up, but I have a general idea of the style i want to do. I'm excited to see people at MAG!
  11. ADVANCED GAINZ MODE: Redstone: Eat a whole rotisserie chicken for every meal of the day. Bench press the prowling cougars, 5 reps per bite of chicken.
  12. So if Jorito and War Machine tie, can they both advance into the next round for an epic 4-man battle?
  13. Redstone ($$$, 3.5/4) PROS: Rotisserie chicken, buffalo shrimp, typically a lot of rich cougars on the prowlCONS: It is really spendy, the ones in MN are probably better A 'casual' restaurant for rich people where they are super meticulous about service. The chicken is amazing, and the buffalo shrimp are incredible. The prices are really high, and i've never heard of having a Cheeky Redstone. Better off with Nando's, IMO.
  14. I am going to MAG with the assumption that we have a small disadvantage if we go. I am thinking about arrangement ideas with my own source anyways in a spreadsheet, so I can get it down quickly when things start up, and worry about the other sources when they are announced. Edit: Thanks Mindwanderer for the critique on my song, I will definitely work to blend the sources more for the next round if that is what the goal of the compo is.
  15. i have no idea about these kind of headphones. i'm helping.
  16. I think it's personalized enough in the smaller details. The structure is unchanged, which is fine. I'd vote yes to this as a judge. His Theme seems to be just a tiny easter egg at the end, unless I missed a quick reference earlier in the track (EDIT: I did, around 3:20). I remixed both of these themes earlier, and you if you listen to my version, you can hear I didn't do much with the structure of the overall track either, but personalized the smaller details to a degree that it was a unique arrangement. To polish the production a bit, i'd focus a bit more on panning the counter melodies to give some space, and maybe have a bigger build to the ending, so it doesn't feel as abrupt. I really enjoy this though, and I'd personally love to see this on the site.
  17. I thought this was awesome! Some of the synths do get jammed a bit together in a few frequency ranges but overall it's not that noticeable. I enjoyed it a lot and the chord changes, synth counter melodies, and rhythmic shifts you made were classy and cool.
  19. I have a lot of other stuff going on i need to take care of, so I reached a reasonable stopping point. I could definitely tweak things indefinitely, given the chance.
  20. definitely in for Blazblue - got some good ideas and have carved out time for it.
  21. Tentatively for some Blazblue, let me check the soundtracks and see what sticks out for me.
  22. I just realized how frequently my source modulates. It is making things awkward for me to say the least in combining sources easily. Normally it's just a simple transpose and then snip-snip the pieces to arrange. I will do my best though! Normally I do upbeat stuff, so it'll be a good challenge to do some more gothic-sounding work.