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  1. thanks for bumping this, evktalo, I had only streamed the soundtrack before but wanted to buy it, now it's convenient for me to find
  2. I finally got around to racing on the new courses; I love the wild woods and would love to see a mario game or something in that exact environment. Mysterious but not spooky, with a really cool sense of scale.
  3. yeah, really cool to see where he is using efficient picking where I wouldn't think it would be needed, but it gives a lot more control to the arps. The new song is great too; keep posting, these songs are great.
  4. the first song is awesome others are good too, but the first is the best
  5. Hang out in the WIP forums and you'll get a lot of good feedback. Welcome to the site!
  6. here's a classic: This has been my favorite song for almost 25 years
  7. if you can do 15 reps with rest, you arent using enough weight to get solid muscle growth. For optimal muscle gain, you want to aim for what you can do 10 reps and have a few in the tank, and then do 10 sets. for building strength, i like doing a pyramid of lower reps. Combine with some volume and you have a great program. 5 pull ups with 25lb 5 pull ups with 45lb 5 pull ups with 90lb then 5 sets of 10 unweighted pull ups.
  8. Whew, landmark one of my cut is basically here, as PAX east is in a few days and i'll be mostly shirtless for our group costume thing! I'm reading at about 9.8% bf right now, which is a little higher than i'd like, but is about 2% lower than I was last year, which is pretty good. I'll get some pics of our group from the convention up here on Mon or Tuesday!
  9. I am down to 10.3% BF and can already tell I had a pretty good year in improving shoulders and upper pecs; I took some progress pics yesterday and did a bit of analysis. My arms are a bit lagging, as are lower lats and quads, but otherwise I am feeling pretty good about stuff. I also got my 6pack of Nando's Peri Peri sauce, which will hopefully last me about 6 months. the one bottle I brought home from magfest was finished in about a month of casual use, so this should work out decently well. I cannot wait for warmer weather so I can start grilling with it though, OMG~~ I think we can all agr
  10. good work, this is the turning point, pretty much, nice amount of protein for your weight too.
  11. The stuff I use is whey protein, creatine, and a preworkout for 2/4 workouts per week. Typically C4! Sometimes fish oil, but generally i forget.
  12. if you want gainz, you need to take the advice of a wise man and "don't fuck around". Get enough gainz and they will want to get you on itunes.
  13. He took 4 proteins and now personal trainers HATE him! Learn his one weird trick here~!
  14. I am doing basically IF now and it's working fine. Metabolism confusion I have never heard of, but I am skeptical of any sort of 'confusion' when it comes to working out or nutrition. Muscles are basically binary, and metabolisms are easy to get predictable results out of, once you find out how yours works. I say 'basically' IF because I will have a 100cal yogurt as a snack at 11am, two 100cal yogurts post workout at 2pm, and then 1200cal dinner, and 200cal evening protein shake. so for example, last night for dinner was 19oz of ground beef, 2 cups of corn, and a banana for dessert. nommm
  15. Good to see some new people in here, welcome bros! I am in cut mode for awhile, but have a planned cheat meal for March 14 that I am already dreaming about. Currently on a 700cal deficit per day, and making good progress. My body composition and distribution of fat is such now that I can see a visible difference about every 3-4 days, which is pretty cool, but I am really ready for that pizza. Only 31 days to go!
  16. You can't build muscle and lose fat at the same time. Technically it is possible in some ways, but the level of discipline and dedication (as well as genetics and luck) is ridiculous even to the guys who have been doing this for years. Pick one for 6 months, then switch to the other.
  17. join me, my metallic brother! BEEEEEEEEEP BOOOOOOOOOOOP
  18. yeah, just show up and introduce yourself. I like that I am considered a robot, it is all true. Very good deduction on your part!
  19. yeah good stuff, reminds me a bit of some older BT when he worked with a rapper. Decent production choices, generally clean EQ, and some good additions with clear source. It even has the now-required sonic game samples in it, making this a pretty clear Yes
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