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  1. I definitely feel a lot more emotionally invested in this game than basically any others and haven't had a reaction like it since probably FF4 when I was 11 or 12, and the concept of a story blew my mind then. I think it's the kind of game i'd want to create if I created games, where you get rewarded for being a considerate human being, but in a way that is both interesting and not superficial. It's the kind of game I am happy to see have a lot of success, and am wondering how my son (almost 7) would react to it. Also, since you guys would understand this more than anyone else, here's our
  2. I think you guys are selling the arrangement and expansion a little short, and there is a decent amount of interesting rhythmic changes added, and the track evolves a bit with some cool double kick getting added into the second repetition of the melody, but I do think that a bit more expansion is needed for it to pass the arrangement bar. Some things to make it more expansive and exciting would be additional harmonies, some minor melodic or lead changeups, and/or a shredding solo. This is definitely on the right track, but needs a little more to hit the arrangement bar. I really enjoyed it and
  3. Really great stuff, i remember when Will was working on this. The finishing touches and tweaks he put on it really stepped it up, and the modulations in the second half were really welcome surprises in a source that is pretty well travelled. Nice solos too, Im a fan. I agree about the drums needing a bit more oomh, but I can't hate on this, great work, sir! Yes
  4. Great track, The soundscape is excellent and i am groovin'. I agree that a bit more arrangement variety would be nice in the transitions, but overall it felt that there was just the one speed and it never changed up. I think it's really close but needs a bit more work to vary the different sections. No, please resubmit
  5. Cool sound design, some great reverse synth stuff at the end that is super interesting. I thought the beats were underwhelming overall, and the huge silence in the middle isn't compelling, but the arrangement seems fine. As a song i'm not really feeling it, but as an academic exercise it's pretty cool. While I don't really enjoy it, it checks off all the boxes so if the middle is trimmed down to 1 second or so, i'll vote yes on it. No, please resubmit
  6. Pretty nice percussion and synth work, it's well done. I do feel that some of the sections drag a bit without changeups, but the song presented is strong enough that it really is a good overall package. Nice work. Yes
  7. I generally agree with Chimpazilla here on the arrangement, it felt like there was something more that was going to happen that never did. Ha;f of the running time being a lead up to what I would define as the main section was a bit odd to me as well, as if we were missing a few more minutes of material. I think the sequencing was passable, though some of the piccolo mixing is a bit hot compared to how it'd be sitting in an orchestra; i'm not saying it's wrong as-is, but it's definitely not how i'm used to an orchestra balancing, which gets me a little bit out of the mood of the track. O
  8. I'll talk with DragonAvenger and see if we can do anything cool for December Reviews month.
  9. Really pretty work, the sequencing flows really well, and I do agree it needs a bit of a volume bump, but otherwise it's a great rendition of the theme. I think normalizing it a bit would not detract at all from the mood and would make it more listenable on multiple sound systems. Yes, but would like a normalized version
  10. The sludgey tone works really well for a more primal song, I really enjoy that aspect of the mix .he early panning could work, but there needs to be something on the other side, even if it's a very subtle pad or clean arpeggio. I think the area that needs the most work put in right now is the arrangement and the repetitive nature of it. Even though there are a few variations on the theme, they all feel very similar, as there are no countermelodies or other sections to break up the main theme. I think a little more variety of parts or sections in this would help it feel like a more cohesive
  11. I think this needs to be normalized a bit, but it's really nicely sequenced and has a really good mood. More of an issue to me is the difficult to place source. I think the best way to handle this would be to go throughout and sprinkle some tiny motifs throughout. It's a fantastic piece of music and it's expertly put together, but it's a little bit too liberal for me to give it a pass, due to dominant source. I hope that you will consider adding a bit more prominent theme use into it, because it'd be great to feature this on the site. No, please resubmit
  12. The arrangement ideas was pretty nice, though the mixing issues are a bit too apparent for this to get my vote. The hiss at the beginning, the guitar being a bit too prominent, and the drums being a bit too far back all add up. Structure-wise this needs an ending. It felt like a nice lead up and then you just got a text or something and needed to stop. Having a nicely composed ending or even a further progression of the track would be much preferred. This definitely has promise but needs more work. I am excited to hear a resubmission! No, please resubmit
  13. The bass is a bit too loud in this overall, which is negatively impacting the headroom and the rest of the sound, but I think this is a really nicely performed and executed mix. That bass is too impactful right now at it's current volume; adjust it and i'll flip my vote! No, please resubmit
  14. I'd love to hear a re-render that fixes the clipping early on. The arrangement is really nice, good polyrhythms and nice playing, excellent solo too! The acoustic interludes are what set this apart stylewise, though and takes it to the next level. Really good phrasing and chops, you played to your strengths here. Yes
  15. This is a sweet arrangement, with a lot of clever ideas packed into a small scape. I'm a big fan of complextro done well, and this is getting it done. Both the arrangement and production OCR bars are being cleared, so it's more important to evaluate whether or not the song is interesting and exciting to the listener, which this track definitely excels at. I do think there is room to grow as an artist, but this more than clears the quality mark OCR aims for. Great work! Yes
  16. The sounds are fine, I don't see anyone complaining about another metal remix that features distorted guitars. The mixing of the leads is a bit more problematic to me, where they feel really buried under the rest of the track, but I think beyond that this is creative and generally well executed. The percussion is solid, the care to the backing track has been well thought out and it feels like a fully realized vision. I enjoyed this. Yes
  17. Good tempo shifts; the choir was fakey but fit well enough, and the drums were a touch loud but the patterns were powerful and interesting. The arrangement was solid, and while the ending felt abrupt, the mood and expansion of the source was well done without meandering. Sequencing overall was good enough, and I think the strengths of this outweight the weaknesses. Good progress and determination on this one. Yes
  18. It sounds like it's being compressed a bit hard, or bitcrushed a bit, though the spectrum itself looks mostly fine. It is likely that it is a bit crowded in the lows, make sure everything below 50hz is rolled of, and that there is not too much conflict at 200hz. The arrangement is pretty nice. I think cleaning up some of the incidental frequencies is going to be what puts this over. The abrupt change to the ending would work if the build was larger overall, and the music box length was doubled. Good stuff overall, just needs some minor tweaks to be tipped over. No, please resubmit
  19. i'm really excited to hear this, and I hope you have a lot of success with it. The concept is really cool, and the samples in the video were excellent.
  20. haha oh man, I was like, "ok WTF is wrong with my computer?" when it autoclosed and then was being all weird afterward. I tried a few things but the fight hadn't resumed yet, and we were going to just call it a night on the game, right before it started up again. Super awesome and creative boss fight. As for our second playthrough, it'll be similar to the first, since we only killed Toriel, and that was by accident. I think we need to explore the world a bit more too, but the fights will be pretty similar
  21. Good stuff guys, sounds great. Deia and I finished the game last night, ending was crazy, we are going to play through it again. Really interesting stuff.
  22. ill try it out this year, lets do this
  23. we are slowly making our way through it and are in the cave past the snow town. Really funny and charming so far, DragonAvenger and I are loving it. My remix is about 2/3 done, with about 4:40 completed, and the rest sketched out, at around 7 minutes total. I am really happy with how it is coming out, and I am really excited to show it off, I am using a ton of new studio synths, so while it definitely has an OA vibe to it, it sounds really new too.
  24. The story got better, but I'm generally underwhelmed with a lot of the other stuff, honestly. There are some good boss fights in the dungeons, but a lot of what I enjoyed about the gameplay itself is largely removed. Locking certain areas behind levels makes it a chore to explore, especially since it was way grindier to 60, and by the time everything was open to be to visit, I was just frustrated. My first entrance to Idylishire, which should have been pretty epic, felt really meh. I got there, attuned to the crystal, and logged out. I generally log on, do some grand company turn ins, re
  25. sounds great dude, I really like it. I didnt watch the video, just listen, since there were spoilers, but props! We played for a little over an hour and have been having a great time so far.
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