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  1. I'll get something done. There is still fight left in this tired Vampire Hunter...
  2. I like Shariq's idea a lot and feel that the end product would be way stronger. Other thoughts on it?
  3. Simon and Dracula both limp into battle? Sounds funny. I have a lot of other stuff to get done deadlinewise, but I will make an effort to get something, as lame as it may sound to me.
  4. eh. im am not coming up with anything good and would rather not embarrass myself with a bad entry, so I will concede the title to Jorito. Dracula rises again....
  5. TBH I haven't started yet, been trying to get OCU stuff shored up for the upcoming album release. I have picked my 2 bonus sources though. Hoping to hit things this weekend
  6. same, it was really tricky picking out sources, but i got my 2 that i think will work pretty well, I'm curious to see what you've chosen.
  7. We are still looking at options for the physical release (production costs of 1 disc vs. 2), but the digital version of the album will have individual tracks as well as one super mix.
  8. it's more like a sport, with a defined win/lose goal, and specific contained matches, whereas diablo is more freeform exploration. Also, while in each individual game, you can level up and buy items, it is only for that specific game (30-50min), and each game starts from zero.
  9. OverClocked University: Spring Break DJ Set GET IT HERE, CHUMS! https://t.co/UStHNTaeop The sun is shining, the waves are crashing, and there is an umbrella in your drink. It’s gotta be spring break! Get down with the latest OCU release, “OverClocked University: Spring Break DJ Set”. It’s sunny, it’s synthy, and every track is completely crossfaded to have a continuous playing time, so the party never stops. Featuring fully-licensed music from: BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger Bravely Default Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Final Fantasy V Mario Kart Wii NiGHTS… into Dreams Pokemon Black/White The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Street Fighter 2 Tales of Innocence Undertale Xenogears Available soon from OverClocked Records!
  10. League of Legends keeps improving. Looking back at the game when it released I am amazed anyone would have wanted to install it on their computer.
  11. I am very burnt out, but option 2, 3, or 4 would be fine with me.
  12. +1 for this game having an incredible soundtrack. I have started on a remix of the game but it's currently in hiatus as i've been busy with other songs for various things. I'll probably return to my mix sometime this year, but others should hit this soundtrack up too.
  13. Dracula claims another victim. I was looking forward to hearing what you had put together.
  14. ok, took great advantage of this and the ending i have is no longer hot garbage. Looking forward to hearing the other entries!
  15. I will definitely take this opportunity to polish things up a bit more. Rest up and get better, MW.
  16. I think the true purpose of this compo was to turn us all into night-dwelling vampires ourselves. Very clever, MindWanderer...
  17. You can do it! If it makes you feel any better, I am also feeling the crunch. I need to write an ending and do a little more recording. Good luck to us both!
  18. for this competition, yes. We started a few months back and are nearing the finals. There will definitely be many more compos coming up though, so keep your eyes open.
  19. slow start x3 - definitely feeling the endurance aspect of the compo here, and I am trying to make the mix interesting, thouughh that is up to the voters I guess.
  20. Going to add in my vote, I don't think the source is dominant enough, and those notes could be any other number of sources. The mood is great, but I don't think it recognizable enough. No
  21. it's buried, but the original source is directly in there. I like the mood, but it can't contain the original music to be accepted. No Override