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  1. hello... Lvl 60 shaman on gorefiend tavernerorud(don't play him much tho) lvl 37 paladin on gorgonash tavernerorud(playing him seriously) anyone here from gorgonash? (alliance side) would love to have someone to play with (since my friend is grounded for a month and i hate playing alone )
  2. Num pode postar em portugues...soh agora q eu vi isso...... q absurdo.......... vou baixar a muysika soh por isso (e eu axava q era o unico brazileiro q sabia da OCR) thats all...moving on .......great mix!
  3. WTF the trailer looks so awesome...i loved metaknight and the special attack idea...i think thei'll make it not overpowered by making the item rare and the attacks not 1 hit KOs but rather grotesque dmg dealers
  4. Samus is most definetely not bad! and ganon i think it's ok...but you can dance circles around him with sheik
  5. guys that definetely appear on SSBX should be: samurai goroh (OMG he's fat!) magus (pwnage) chrono frog (from chrnono trigger) no more pokemosn plz! diddy kong captain olimar (and or louie) dark samus and pokey from earthbound... thats my wishlist for it heheheh
  6. hey it's me again! (love saying this) i need some help with fruity loops and midi... srry to post on the general forums...u can trasfer later but i needed ppl to notice cause it's eating me from insde...how com my midi don't work on FL tudios? i can import but can't hear it again sry but i'd apreciatte help
  7. OK... thx feer all the tips guys... now last questions.. 1: what in the nine hells is a WAV import file thingy? 2: zircon OMFG you are arendor? we wiped together for quite sometime! i'm on tonite if you wanna get on vent just well do i'll be on the AFk room 3: is there any demos i can use without downloading 3 thousand more programs?
  8. *shivers* thuis"money" for the quality stuff costs 2.5 more here in brazil...now those lovely 60 dollar things become somethiung around 150 reais ( including taxes and /e) and thats just sick... my mother would keelhaul me if asked for 150 bucks to START remixing
  9. Call it a coincidence, but I made my first remixes in 1999 when I was 15. Nothing is impossible
  10. oh why oh why does this evil contration called fruity loops doesn't let me save my lovely lil remixlingspawn thing...i worked hard on it (kind of) not fair what they do to you...i wish the demo was more limited but you could save =(
  11. yes being 15 in brazil means you are broke i'm trying to save it all upo but man... and zircon yes i play on gorefiend...how did ya kno?
  12. hello all...you prolly know me as the annyoing guy who randomly shows up in the forums.... my name is nathan and i'm a 15yo boy from brazil (south america...big green thing) I greatly enjoy your remixes..they are about 90% of my mp3 player, and i started remixing some stuff myself (i know you can't call firsat times remixes but rather warped spawns of remixes(at least kine are)) i'm using fruity loops as the tutorial instructed, but, i stumbled upon a rather mean obstacle.. i can't save my lil remixlings unless i pay 49 dollars for the EXPRESS version (49 dollars goes about 120 reais wwhi
  13. aww cmon ye wimps! someone said DARK LINK WAS HARD (from oot)but damn! i didn't lose a single heart against him...poke him with the sword until he tries to poke back...he'll let his guard dopwn and you'll score a hot....it's simple button mashong now magus was hard...lavos was hard...friggin RPG bosses are hard...single player bosses arew just annoying
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