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  1. what?! me? a human priest NEAR me? whut are you talking about?
  2. damn...i wish i could go i wonder what'd be the cost to travel over there AND buy videogames live tickets....and stay somewere
  3. we need a whole day when we're all free for a decent rush
  4. well...i'm on kurast in normal mode =)
  5. i'd play...but you guys wqent too far ahead...if we're rerolling i'm playing a pally
  6. if we could find a way to mail it to brazil at reasonable price i'd buy metroid prime hunters...i've been dying to play it and it's retarded expensive here
  7. this kept me up till 00:35 on a school night and falling sand game made me ALMOST forget my geography project damn you darkcecil...damn you!
  8. the musical is right there! unmod:a legend
  9. i'd sing...if you guys could get me to the US i also vote it to be shot at DJP's basement or similar dark area
  10. well i've read a lot of good and bad things from you guys i really like the command & conquer series...but it's 130 reais here in brazil (equivalent to 70 dollars) and i've gotta know if it's worth that much
  11. thats what i do...i love videogame music and i'll be damned if i'll let anyones opinions change my view of VGM it's still kinda annoying to hear those hurtful comments like how it's "not music" a\nd how DJP must be a fat guy living in his momma's basement eating mini-pizzas
  12. i've tried but they've known me for too long...once one found out the whole school knows
  13. I was about to nmake a thread like this today! in my school everybody makes fun of me because i listen to "crappy lol wtf videogame music amateur remixes" and it pisses me off! i keep trying to find ways to make them see it's great music...they simply don't wanna even listen..it's prejudice!
  14. i think older games (up to N64 i'd say) were much more "fun" to play than the new ones...better gameplay and story than the new ones that are big movies instead of games
  15. wow you guys are too far ahead... how will i ever catch up..i'm in tal rashas tomb normal mode =(
  16. i can play today.....and tommorow night...and every weekend (exept saturday cause i have a D&D session with my buddies)this week is pretty free so i'm up for it now if everyone agrees or such
  17. ok when zircon get's his copy we start! but how will we meet before it? are we going to schedule it here or somewere else?
  18. so...when is this starting? i have the game installed just need to patch and whatever then i'm ready
  19. thats good! i'll look into it when i get home (posting from school PC during recess) plz keep em coming
  20. wow! count me in for sure! my account name will be tavernerorud and i'll probably get on tonight if i can finish reading my book for school Goethe's Werther seriuosly suxx
  21. i have all OCR songs in my ipod...including most site projects, when i go to school i notice i have no "common" songs that other people know and listen too. While i defend and love videogame music and OCR i think i should get to know more bands and groups thats why i ask of you to recommend me some. my favorite genres would be techno/trance and the genre that fits hoobastank and billy talent ( my friend sent me those amd i really liked 'em) thanks in advance! i know you won't let me down!
  22. i have that one....awesome game...but really crappy
  23. i already got all the flogging molly songs, They rock! also got the full monkey island sound track from the 3 games including the singing pirates song
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