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  1. of course there will be 61-70 brackets....the BGs were a big sucess for blizzard..they won't just abbandon the old ones because a few new ones are coming
  2. cmon...choose a game i've actually played..i want to enter one..i almost entered the mega man and zelda ones
  3. maybe i can help....i'll PM you if i'm able to write something ok?
  4. i haven't gotten mine yet...i'm sure i was one of the first to post..
  5. wow! someone actually started this thing.....i had a feeling it would be pixietricks a chance to showcase my beautiful voice...and get that OCR shirt thats otherwise impossible for me to buy
  6. yes...i've heard lvl 61-62 greens from quests will be better than lvl 60 epics
  7. DJp featured my 3 favorite mixes from the project on the site...i think this is the only project that got 3 mixes posted in a row
  8. baranowsky never let me down..... this one rocks, where are the lyrics DJP?
  9. this one freaking rocks....if you love the phat beatz you'll love this one
  10. even if we got pins can we win the shirt?
  11. sry suzu well i8'm gonna stay here on onyxia...you'd be very welcome to join me.... as for the expansion...i think i'm going to enjoy all of outlands 60+ stuff before thinking of an alt OBS: no alliance for me..just don't like the races
  12. all you guys with your moving out and animation things and stuff make me feel kind of lazy i just study...play games....and go out sometimes =)
  13. suzu? rama? seph? none of you will join me?
  14. bump anyone else interested in joining me/us?
  15. i'm having a couple problems guys... before i started illidan i had a warlock going on a server with my best friends an undead warlock much similar to my mage with you guys. the lock is lvl 22 and i really liked it and i decided to lvl him seriously and i don't want to lvl another undead thru the same path so i ask of you this: since we are the only 3 people from OCR on that server and not many seem to be eager to join us...would you guys like to join me and my friends on onixya? i'd really apreciatte it...and we'd be able to get those signatures we are planning on making an arena pvp grou
  16. ok created my char: tavernerorud undead mage
  17. so it's illidan horde side ....i'll be there character named tavernerorud (troll mage) i'mn going to have tests on my school tommorow so i gotta study...then i'll be able to roll my new char tommorow afternoon my char will be born =)
  18. i'll reroll with ya'll..just pick an official OCR server and i'll roll my mage =) (horde plz)
  19. Now that was a cool boss. Bitch, too, with it's rather efficient killing techniques. Got it second time after clearing the rooms above it beforehand, came down with a full 100. Was left with 30 by the end of the battle, and only just enough to carry it's treasure. you found man-at-legs hard? wait until titan dweevil....he's the toughest thing on the planet
  20. i'd reroll too..i'd go with any faction...as long as it's US server me and my brother would reroll let's go with the onixya server...it's PVP..new and has no queue..it's my suggestion
  21. ooooh this sounds so great....well i'm going to try negociating with my mother see if i can travel alone. the chances are slim since a plane ticket is kinda expensive and my mom wouldn't let me go all alone,maybe if i stayed with someone above 18 it'd be alright... i'll need some help hope i can count on someone to share room or something...i don't mind sleeping on tha floorz hope it works...
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