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  1. Lately i've been scouring the web searching for pirate songs or songs that remind me of pirates...i've tried google and many other search engines but can't seem to find anything related to those would you guys help me? if you know a site or if you have pirate songs on your PC please post em here thanks in advance!
  2. it took you 7 days to get 62? you have some serious lvling issues..got BC 5 days ago...i lvld from 57-64 doing terokkar forest now...very awesome there! zangamrash was nicer tho tommorow i hope to hit lvl 65 and go do nagrand
  3. i just got TBC today...and all i have to say is.....hellfire peninsula alone was worth every penny i spent in the game
  4. you said your server is full of queues and lag...well onyxia and...well darkspear as far as i know...don't have any onixya has teh advantage of being new..so that means even less lag
  5. come to onixya! we got fun, games and a hardcore arena team forming!
  6. i liked sonic 3 and knuckles more than all the previous sonic games and sonic the hedgehog 1 holds a special place in my heart for being the first game i ever played
  7. shut up...go troll somewere else
  8. the records were really evil too...they had psi thunder that hit everyone. franklin badge would deflect it...and they would deflect back! DAMN! the coffee cup scald attack was mean too...i always beat the mook in the first try...but took 30 tries to get up there
  9. cave story rocks, a lot i've been working on a remix of the balcony theme
  10. Happy new year people of OCR (sry couldn't get to a computer yesterday)
  11. chrono is in the list. you're blind? oh snap...it is there....i don't have my glasses today, they are in for repairs
  12. i second earthbound Gradius III and SMRPG EDIT: chrono trigger is there.
  13. The fee isn't that much. If I recall it was 13.99 or 14.99 a month, like WoW. it's a little more expensive then WoW and the other MMos
  14. i played the trial..the gae seems great...but i spent the first 3 days on tutorial and mission where you have to warp arounnd to other places with no action the game get's better later right?
  15. same lvl here...and same problem...but i'm a lock
  16. Rama! want to go to onixya with me or are you staying on illida/another server?
  17. VGDJ! return to us! i've got all the shows since pixie and zircon joined (and the wingless ones) i can't believe i will wake up staurday and not listen to your......stuff
  18. YAY! i got my VGDJ button! the envelope was pretty banged up....and it had a small tear...but the button is still here!! zircon has really funny handwriting
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