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  1. I'm going to wait a few days and finalize this gift package before sending it off, I think. There are some final touches to put on it. Still, I think my recipient will be more than pleasantly surprised.
  2. http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=41314 You mean this one? It's still there, you know. Complete with a request from me, which is still valid if you consider it worth your while. More on topic, I have not had a chance to listen to this set yet, but like a great birthday present I haven't unwrapped, I'm looking forward to it with enthusiasm.
  3. Well dang. I'm really flattered guys. Thanks for the awesome birthday wishes. After 6 years of loyalty, I finally got a birthday thread. I'm a real member now. Woo.
  4. You should check Swapnote, while you're at it.
  5. I'm really flattered that you liked it so much. As for me, this year I don't have anything specific in mind. I've gotten music two years running now, and that's been great to me. But if you draw my name and you have the desire to spend money, I'll also give some general ideas: -Like many, I am a college student. -I wear a medium in men's -I have a 3DS and a 360 (I don't have access to Live for the foreseeable future) that I do most of my gaming on, in addition to an old PSP (not hacked, sadly), a PS2, and on occasion, a Wii (it's out right now for repairs). -I also have Steam, but it's spotty what I can and can't run on this laptop. Portal 2 barely runs if I shut everything else down, so that's the absolute upper limit. -I love just about anything Zelda. -Other series I happen to like a lot: Assassin's Creed, Kingdom Hearts, and Alan Wake -While I love music, I have absolutely no shortage of it right now. Which is not to say you can't gift me some, but if you're going to, it might not be a bad idea to ask if I have it. -I am also a fan of creative gifts, both giving and receiving. Make it a good one, and that's good enough for me.
  6. I actually really dug the Alan Wake Soundtrack, and not just for either. does a great job with capturing the of the game, both in and out of it.I've also got to cast a vote for Bastion, Radiant Historia (play this game, it's awesome) and Shatter. I liked Assassin's Creed overall, even if the theme from Revelations sounds too much like Nolan's Batman, otherwise they tend to be .
  7. And then I took it two steps further, because why not? A video I shot and edited And a couple of pictures:
  8. Some preliminary shots. I sewed the elbow patches on myself, since for some reason the otherwise perfect jacket had none. What kind of self respecting tweed wearer dons a jacket like this and doesn't rock the patches? For comparison:
  9. Remember earlier when I said this: I decided to stop being a wuss and just go do it. As it turned out, I found a perfect tweed jacket and green shirt at a thrift store. Pictures to follow once I get everything else in order.
  10. If they gave person of the year awards, I believe you would be the winner. That is the coolest thing I've heard anyone do for other people in a long time.
  11. I thought about dressing up as Alan Wake, but the thought of having to explain that I'm not a professor from my college (Alan wears a tweed jacket) and actually a character from a two year old game just doesn't have a lot of appeal.
  12. I think that's because, at least at the time I wrote it, that remix hadn't been posted yet to the site. Edit: Ha, I totally missed that it was listed under PS3. Saw the "no remixes in database" under the whole deal and took it as a catchall.
  13. Loved that part in Zero Mission. They also bring back one of the classic tunes once you get through, which just makes it all better. I remember the first Crysis had a tone shift at the end of the game that was jarring. It's all FPS-centered run and gun up until that point, and then all of the sudden it's a vehicle section straight out of nowhere. Could also bring up the oft reviled Mario Sunshine, and more specifically the sections where you don't get to use Fludd. Those are real palm-sweaters, and I can recall more than once being quite glad to be able to hover again once I got through them.
  14. I did my part and threw in $50. Looking forward to the tunes.
  15. Team kill- killing members of your own team, either by accident or on purpose. Generally frowned upon, especially if it occurs often. Sandbox/open world- refers to the kind of game that features a large world in which the player is capable of wandering freely to any area and of doing anything they wish beyond the storyline. Playthrough- One complete session of the game from opening to the end credits, either continuous or over time. Bunge- From my Gunbound days, I don't know if people still use this, but it used to mean that you dug the ground out from under a player and made them fall to their death. RNG- Random number generator. (someone else can describe this in a pithy sentence if they like) PECFN- Personal experience counts for nothing. This was used a lot when Fire Emblem came out, but really the term applies to anything in which stats are randomized. The idea is that your playthrough, characters, and experiences will be different enough from someone else's that they will be incomparable.
  16. I'd argue that kiting doesn't necessarily need strategic points, only that one uses aggro to lead a mob or boss around and attack them from long range while running to avoid damage.
  17. Is there any way you could add the rough time estimates for the songs onto the Traveler tracklist, like you used to with the other sets, G-T? I know it's kind of trivial, but I like being able to listen to these, have something catch my interest, and look it up based on the time marker.
  18. So if anyone wants to add me, I finally got a 3DS (had to play the new Kingdom Hearts.) Friend Code: 4210-5286-5376 I am loving this thing, and all of the stuff that it can do. Especially like the ARG stuff that it attempts, even if it's a bit limited for now.
  19. Also, you forgot Metal Gear Solid: Ghost Babel, which was a fairly good GBC translation of the gameplay, while maintaining all those wonderful MGS tropes you've come to love and respect.
  20. I would also like to show my support for this. Even though I've suffered from major depression for a long time, I know that it's not always people who have the diagnosis who end up taking their lives. Sometimes life just has a way of taking a turn you don't expect. Things get bleak too fast, and there's nothing else to do. But I always say, please don't. As much as I respect a person's right to do so, I don't want to see anyone go like that when they've got so much good left to bring to the world and to have given back to them. I've lost friends this way, and I've seen others lose family to suicide as well. I nearly did it myself, a long time ago. The thing is, if you've got anyone who's bringing it up or who is reaching out, tell them how you feel about them. Tell them that they aren't facing life alone, even if it seems like they are. Even if they fight you about it, press on. And get them to seek help if they're able or willing. Like others have said, there's no shame in it. Heartfelt condolences for the loss of your friend, Doug.
  21. Correct me if I'm wrong, since I may have suppressed this particular memory, but can you not just run from them after activating the thingamajig? Either way, I can make the claim now of having soloed, on legendary, every HALO game they've put out. Which is odd when I think about it, because I didn't set out to do that on purpose. Something of a product of only owning a few games for the original XBOX, and later at the goading of a close friend who said I couldn't do it on Reach if he couldn't. (He never has either.)
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