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  1. Well, I've only been around this site for maybe a year and a half, but it rocks. Thanks for the continued service to gamers everywhere, I for one love it. I bow to DJ Pretzel, you've made my life complete.
  2. Well, I know I've never heard of it. Had to go look it up. Obviously, I've never played it, but from what I know of the other two games, being Hideo Kojima games, I'm not suprised that you didn't get the story. Did you play the other two for PS2? Don't knwo if that would help, but it might give you some background story if you haven't.
  3. Darklink42


    Holy shit...how did you know???? That being said, this movie was so awesome. I haven't seen this good a movie in the theaters in a while. It was kind of artsy, and I think that I could've done without the flying head, but other than that I felt exactly like the above description. I wanted to go out and fight some hordes right there. I just love how the Persians brought wooden sheilds in the first part. I laughed so hard when they stabbed straight through that one guy's. And damn did Leonidious have the most insane smile I have ever seen...so beautiful. Did anyone else have a bit of a hard time at first seeing the guy that played Van Helsing's sidekick as a Spartan? Would I go see it again? Hell yeah! Would I buy it on DVD? Hell Yeah! Now...where are those damn hordes.
  4. that is one of the coolest things i have seen in a while. Too bad I don't understand a word of it, but I get the gist and it's still awesome.
  5. A good compilation of fan art (some atrocious and others excellent) is www.zeldart.net. Unfortunately it's owner vanished so it hasn't been updated in a long time. Still, it's got some jewels like these: HAU2 Kathy Choi
  6. I can still pick out every security camera visible anywhere I go because of that game. On top of that, the other day I was playing FF 12, and I reached for my soda but was still holding my controller and honestly thought about how long the Queue would be before I could drink it.
  7. I was listening to this song again on my head phones, and I noticed somethign that I didn't before so I thought I'd send out a second post. I still stand on my old opinion that the flute detracts a little because the notes are short, but I noticed that there are also vocals in there too. And in that regard, this song has jsut shot up to one of my favorites. For some reason, the vocals underneath seem to blend in really well and I like them a lot. On top of that, it adds a very personal touch that makes the song more powerful.
  8. I just finished this game, and I loved the hell out of all the songs. I did like the original song, and listening to it again makes me think that it's really not one of those songs that you can remix to make better. You can cover it, you can copy it, but the song itself is beautiful in it's own right. One that I thought would be cool to cover is the daylight theme from Lake Hylia. The night theme of Hyrule Field also leaves a lot to be played with, although emulating the "vocals" might be difficult. Still, and maybe this is me, i can only just hear the original in the remix. I don't know that it's so bad, but it was something I noticed. Good sound otherwise.
  9. I feel you man. I've always wanted to hear more of the Kingdom Hearts songs remixed. The way I see it, many of the songs in the game stand alone well enough, but there are a few that would sound good. End of the World's music (I want to say Destati, but I'm not sure if that's right) comes to mind, and Traverse Town as well. Although again that brings me to the point of what exactly could be done with them that would sound alright? If I didn't suck so bad musically, and had access to some kick ass programs, I'd attempt it, but as it is, I hope that a cooler artist out there will seize the opportunity.
  10. Every once in a while I hold something i just bought over my head. I do it on purpose, and every once in a while it gets some laughs. There was also one time, after playing far too much Kingdom Hearts 2, when I was playing with my cat and I kept waiting for the triangle action symbol to appear. And yeah, I've accidentally done the ctrl-Z ting while drawing too. Then I always wish i had done it in photoshop.
  11. Oh my god... I love this mix. I was looking into making a mix of my own for something form Sonic, downloaded this to listen to, and was blown away. Everything from the mood to the sheer smoothness in the flow grab me and keep me listening to it. I especially love the wooden flute sounds (Probably not a wooden flute, but that's the closest instrument I can compare it to at the moment). Sheer beauty.
  12. I hear what people are talking about, but I'm not feeling the hate. I don't think it's too detrimental to the overall sound of the song. If anything, I had a problem with the short wooden flute notes. I could hear what was being attempted at times, but then I would get annoyed by it again. I felt like there should have been a little fade in the notes. That would make it blend better, and the notes wouldn't end so abruptly. The un-tuned guitar is far enough into the background that it doesn't annoy me, unless I'm listening for it. And even then it's not too bad. Overall, I'm liking it.
  13. Wow, this is such a great piece up until near the end. I just can't into the part where all the pieces came together, it was almost good. But unfortunatly, it just ends up sounding random. I also wonder about the electric guitar. I kind of liked the acoustic sound just before, and when the electric came in it sounded a little awkward. But the singing was great, and I love how it sounds like the place in the game was, dark and dirty, but intresting and worth remembering.
  14. Actually, listening to it I got the feeling of playing Mario Sunshine all over again. It's got that same tropical laid-back feeling. Over all, I'm impressed. Even the fact that the first half or so was practically direct doesn't take away at all, but actually lends to it's feeling. I could listen to this even on a rainy day and feel like I was sitting on a porch somewhere sipping lemonade. Good stuff.
  15. Hello, I'm a newbie here, as if that's not already apparent. Nevertheless, I'd like to introduce myself. I've only recently found this site, but since then, I've grown to love it, and even gain slight asperations of making a remix or two of my own. The music here is always excellent, and though friends of mine always try to tell me that remixes are never better than the original, they've been proved wrong time and again by the music here.
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