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  1. Reaper is a total beast. It's missing just a few things (that aren't a reason not to go with Reaper anyway) ; there's only one instrument. It's a simple synth with sine/square/triangle waves, but you can basically make a very cool synth with that if you combine other stuff. I'd definatly go with Reaper and put my money in Kontakt if I were you (and if I could start from scratch). Reason is a gem that comes from another planet it seems, with an Apple-ish philosophy somehow; like it's been said you cannot host VSTs. However, you can 1) send midi out of it to Reaper and compose in Reason but trigger the sounds in Reaper. 2) Use the "ReWire" protocol, but then you can only record midi and no audio in Reason. 3) if you have multiple outputs/inputs you can just send the audio from Reaper to Reason. Do you really want to deal with such an hassle ? That's what I do right now, cause despite the compromise I love Reason and been using it since version 4, but think again or you might regret it, the workflow isn't for everyone either. But when I don't need a VST, the rabbit hole goes far with Reason. I use this version : link1. And this is the upcomming one : link2.
  2. In most cases, MACs are for noobs and hipsters who don't know anything about computers and got sold a dream. More or less. There's nothing exclusive to Mac that's worth it. Logic and Final ? lmao like there's no better alternative... If you use it because you're used to a workflow, fine, but if you're just like "macs are better", well, you are free to hold on your convinctions. The "no virus, no bug, better hardware, better os" is pure bullshit. Note though, I'm not saying Macs are bad. This said, your friend is a noob. I bet she's vegan
  3. Well, I'm all about playing, but these little devices are like candy. But the "Bounce audio clips to midi" is what's gonna make me upgrade...
  4. www.vgmusic.com if you don't want to fuck around but I suggest you do...
  5. I always complained that I should get Kontakt and let go of Sampletank 2 and Miroslav... but forgot and bought a 1k$ camera lens instead like two days ago lol I would say FOR SURE that it's holding you back. It is for me and although I don't orchestrate much, I can never the "flavor" I'm looking for with the old bland samples. I also hate the program, it's like being stuck with Windows 95. It's not just the samples... Go for it man. And what AngelCityOutlaw said is exactly how I feel. When you have ideas and know how you want the mechanic to work, but don't have the right tools. "Always get the right tools for the job".
  6. Yes it's pretty handy, but the desk sucks. Will build a good one soon, much larger, with better cable management.
  7. This thread has been sleeping for 4½ years. Great shots in it, very curious to see where you guys are at with photography now. Won't call myself a photographer, but I love technical stuff... optics included. Great hobby, but my wallet would disagree. Anyway, some of my stuff... Product photo Urbex Waterfall (hand-held) Macro Dusk Another urbex
  8. Never heard his name before, but wow what you posted WillRock, that reminded me of Final Fantasy. I imagine Nubuo was a fan of that guy ? There's a part in the song "Odyssey" by Symphony X that always reminded me of Final Fantasy [7:13 to 7:45 (and 7:36 in particular)], but could never tell if one of the guys was a VGM fan; now I think it might me something like what you posted. Will check his stuff for sure, I love the 70s vibe and prog... RIP
  9. I can say that a lot of (old) remixes here have the same dance/trance drum loop tho lol.. ♪♪♪♬♬♪♪♬
  10. It hasn't changed much for me in term of compo and I don't really fit the OCR mold, but the ressources here to get tricks and advices is great. Talking about gears, visions/approaches, goals and whatnot, with the people here does impact the music somehow. Helps you understand why and how to get better. It's a collective influence for me.
  11. I'd think it had to do with a final comp/limiter on the master and that they probably had an automation to raise the guitar volume a little bit when it was by itself so that there wouldn't have an apparent drop in volume. But I don't know ? Dan, yes and I love both sides of that; I like the innacuracy of the analog world, where you control current through a knob to get a result, and to "feel" it as you listen. But I also like the whole nerd aspect of plugins where you can break things to the microsecond, put in relation with the Bpm and frequencies. As an electrotechnician, it's like my left hand vs my right hand, we like to affect the analog world with the best precision possible... and a calculator!:) When people think I go too deep, sometimes, it remains an art, as technical as it can get. And, I by no mean can master a song the way I picture all what it involves, that's for mastering engineers. They are artists before engineers in my book. With that said, when it's hard for someone to grasp a concept, we shouldn't judge. Not everybody has the same toolbox,. Someone might have a good general idea of a concept but miss some tiny details he would only know if he studied maths or something. I have no idea about fourier analysis, for instance, so even though I can design guitar pedals, I'll have some tiny details I don't know about. Do I feel bad about it ? No way. We always learn new things, wether we want or not (it helps to want to lol).
  12. Can't help but think about capacitors, diodes, opamps and resistors; a signal and time. It's "basic" electronics even though compressor/limiters are programmed nowdays, but really I think that to have an idea of how a signal is treated in an analog context, its real physical path with the influence of components, would help knowing the relation between the ceiling and thresholds, or set values, processed values, overshoot and all that many stuff we see in regulation. Won't make a tutorial, and won't claim to know it all, I'm a hobbyist musician but as far as things may appear to go deep, they're not "that much" in a relative way.
  13. Thanks. Will do. Done it quick because of the deadline + started at the last minute and I don't have much time at all, but yes, that was totally not mixed. Record/export lol
  14. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/19040508/Exutus%20-%20Double%20Dragon%20-%20Title%20%28Final%29.mp3 Done this in a day. Worth it ?
  15. I think you need to delete that thread then, anyway, never got any WIP and don't have time for it anymore ...
  16. I've never been scared so I can't give an answer to that but I'd say "just do it". And as that Nike slogan is used for sport, you could say writing music is like training a muscle. It is somehow; your brain. You do it, that's it. If it sounds good, it is, even if it sucks.
  17. Japaneeses made the tunes too, that's important, they have a certain sound to them.
  18. The 80s, man just when I saw "Miami" I laughed. That was it. Gi Joe & Cobras, He-man, cheesy ninja movies, Ninja Gaiden and the NES, Van Dame, Akira, pink neons, synths, VHS cassettes and all the cheesy quotes from movies. And so many other things, from that era, the era where you had to replace a battery in your Zelda cardrige if it didn't save anymore and the SNES was a thing of the future. I was born in 84, so it's a vague nostalgia for me, like a old dream. It's probably even more funny for someone born in the late 70s.
  19. If you were born in the 80s, guys, you need to watch this. And even if you were not
  20. is this the right one ? http://www.amazon.ca/KOBO-GLO-EPD-DISPLAY-BLACK/dp/B00XKBY94O/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top?ie=UTF8
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