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  1. Just plain fantastic. I'm going to be rocking out to this for years, I just know it.
  2. Like many I knew Reuben only through his music, but even that has touched my heart many times. My sincerest condolences to his family and friends.
  3. An epic, orchestral version of the Gruntilda final battle would rock. As would a really spooky mix of Hall of the Zombie King, it's always good to see what remixers can do with really simple, repeating tracks from games
  4. Wow, great tracks guys! This is gonna get a lot of playing over Halloween...
  5. Well, if you're in a hurry for some Psychonauts mixes, Mazedude's got a pretty rockin remix on the latest Bad Dudes EP.
  6. OK, this mix has called me outta my usual lurk. I HAVE to praise you on this. One of the few songs that I can have on loop for over half an hour. It's brought back a lotta memories of that great game and I just love the tribal feel. Good going!
  7. I vote Psychonauts, cause more people need to hear of it and its greatness
  8. Final Fantasy VI. I was looking for an MP3 of Kefka's theme and stumbled upon A Nightmare Before Kefka. ...it's still one of my fave mixes
  9. I agree. While the heavy rock portions do deviate from the source song quite a bit, and the whole mix does seem to be a love/hate thing, the mix DOES capture a lot of Cid's character. ...and I'm on the 'love it' side of the fence
  10. THIS is the remix I have been waiting for since I first found this site. It even beats the original Dancing Mad! Great work, fellars!
  11. Man, that remains one of my fave shows. Any word on when the final ep will be shown in England?
  12. Best FF out there. Definitely needs some love. The battle theme would be cool, but I'd also love to hear another take on Vivi's theme. And a Jesters of the Moon mix! Pwease?
  13. I agree with most of the sentiment in this thread. Sonic really needs to get his act together, and it should be done thusly: 1. Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Robotnik. No other characters, and no humans pottering around. These are the Sonic games, not Sonic X 2. I really like the idea of an on-rails camera. Cinematic and useful 3. 2D side-scroller FTW!
  14. Yeah, a zircon take on Esper theme would be pretty damn awesome.
  15. Yeah, saw your thread just after I made this one
  16. My fave piece of music from FFIX I think it'd be cool to hear it remixed sometime. Anyone else agree?
  17. Just tell me Kefka's laugh is still intact....please...
  18. Love this mix. The industrial sound really works, as if dozens of machines running at the same really would sound like this. Least the Espers would've had something interesting to listen to
  19. I find this very like The Incredible Singing Robot in one way. The lyrics are pure cheese, yet somehow they work.... Great mix all round, also.
  20. I love the first bit, sounds like the Ringwraith music from the LOTR soundtrack. The techno's pretty cool too, but I prefer the orchestral.. 9/10
  21. This is probably my fave mix on the site. Definitely the only one I've listened to for a half-hour straight... You really feel for the metal guy...
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