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  1. If you play it from A to Z you might max 3 jobs for your characters. What honestly disappointed me was that they gave you so little information as to what to expect for each class. While the small tutorial after you obtain it is nice, it speaks nothing of the passives which are a big part of your character game play. Aside from that I enjoyed each class getting a small story, an encounter to see what they are made of.. and finally a slight tutorial. The customization of your characters is rather nice.
  2. You first assumed this was the point of our leveling. But being the guru that played the game before most of us surely you understand jobs need leveled up to shine. I'm sorry taking a few minutes to bring a job up to par so you can see what it is worth is "game breaking." in you eyes. "if this is what you people think is fun about RPGs then I can see why you all hated the 13 series, because it didn't give you the means to farm and break the difficulty curve of the game from an incredibly early point." This isn't considered a jab? Telling us because we grind that we hated a game for our chosen play style? If this isn't a jab sir, by all means tell me what is. "You people" is generalizing those of us after your original post. If I misunderstood, then my apologies.
  3. Whoa there Derrit, that is a lot of bite coming from your post that wasn't even directed at you really. Your experience with the game had 100% no bearing on my comment as I was merely using it to assure him that he can grind and it not impact the game as much directly as in other RPGs and that group comp and strategy mattered a bit more. Nothing other than that. And I don't appreciate the insult involving the thirteen series. Yes I do quite enjoy grinding in games. You see, I'm a player that enjoys stat crunching. I enjoy progressing to that next level, even if it means only seeing a six damage increase to my attacks. But to talk to me like I'm some simpleton that has to grind and remove all change to play a game is rather insulting and frankly uncalled for. I didn't like thirteen because of bland, forgettable characters. I didn't care for it because Lightning is a pathetic character the developers herald as some amazing triumph when it comes to female recognition in the game. Oh she's so amazing she slaps people and talks like a drone. Add to it music that just exhausts my mind, and a mediocre story and you have why I didn't like the games. It has nothing to do with some difficulty curve I assure, and I'd appreciate it if your opinions stayed civil as I said absolutely nothing in my post to warrant that jab.
  4. The thing is you can still get your face stomped if your group comp/strategy isn't great. I was 24 at the end of Chapter 1 and walked into a rather harsh challenge in the forest on the way to chapter 2. Chapter 2 I was 39 at the end of and I will admit chapter 3 was smooth sailing until I went to the first quest dungeon where the challenge stepped up a bit. I finished that chapter at 61, and walking into chapter 4 hit a brick wall in a regular mob fight. I had to grind a bit to be on equal terms with those mobs and even then several bosses were just brutal. Chapter 4 is also home to a nasty side quest where the mobs you have to fight rip your face off even at my level of 61 and many people have to cheese those fights with a certain set up. Then I did my New Game + on hard.. in most cases no amount of grinding mid chapter 3 onward can save you from slaughter if you don't pay attention. The grinding can't really make or break this game with certain set ups. But Chapter 4, and then chapter 7 hit some difficulty spikes.
  5. Yeah the second floor of the mithril mine is a good area also. You can boost your encounter rate to +100% and run the outer circle. With decent equipment you can brave 4 times, use whatever you need per all your characters to clean out the map and then just use "auto" with the speed of the battle set to max. When I first encountered this I could take a job from 1 to 11 in 30 minutes.
  6. Yeah max is 999. And anyone looking for an easier time grinding out your job levels you can go to the Florem gardens in Chapter 5 onward and fight the Alruenes there. A group of six is 999 jp and if you use AoE you can slaughter the group in one turn for fast job levels. I'd make some class recommendations but I'd rather keep it vague in respects to jobs, ability, and equipment for those not that far yet.
  7. No worries sir. I've been going around collecting things. And suffered a horrible thrashing from a very ordinary looking optional boss.. This is going to be fun.
  8. On the 3DS menu you will see a smiley face in an orange block, that is what you press to add friends, on the top screen you'll see your friend code. Street passing is when you run across someone locally. You can just update your information on the save menu to send info out through the net to grab villagers.
  9. Just beat this on hard last night. The music was nothing short of awesome and the boss himself was a worthy adversary. Over all I enjoyed the game. Anyone else finish yet? If so, thoughts? I felt the game was worth every penny.
  10. Correct, reading the opening statement tells you that the questing system in the demo only gives you some goals. They want you to understand the enemies, the drop systems, the day and night system, etc. I'm picking this up come release day. It's nice I work to midnight as I'll score it as soon as I clock out.
  11. You could just have a legacy or an occult following. Or just have exploits that are something beyond mortal comprehension. Or just have a name like Brushfire. Says so right here on the "How to be a legend" checklist.
  12. I was going to try and join Cactuar for some company. But I guess the rest of the world is already in line to hang out with the legendary Brushfire.
  13. I am on Siren.. have a level 11 Lancer. I like the game, but this playing with nobody thing isn't all that great. Regretting buying it now honestly.
  14. I dunno Thin.. Lanselot Tartaros pulled the purple hair color off rather well in Tactics Ogre.. No complaints from me there on that man.
  15. I've not beaten the game yet. I've been playing it with some friends and while we are getting close we've just not finished it. My solo character Axton is going along rather slowly as well. I bought Tiny Tina and can't wait to play it.. sadly I have no idea when I'll get to play it is all.
  16. Not sure if it has been posted yet but Disgaea 3 and 4.. lots and lots of Disgaea.
  17. I love the game.. just finally got the LOL cafe started.. And I'm having no luck with getting a Majora's Mask. My house is pretty lit up with star men though.
  18. I've dug up five after a big rain spell. Rest assured sir.. they are still out there. And the little fellas are still dancing.
  19. This is the closest I even get to it sounding something from Zelda. And even then it's a pretty big stretch. It fills in pretty close for a bit at times, then goes completely left field the rest of the time. But that is the closest I get to it sounding like anything familiar.
  20. I love you because that is exactly how Hector was in my play through of Fire Emblem. Every other Lord took hits like kittens being hammered by a sledge. But Hector.... yeah that's a proper depiction.
  21. When I play RPGs anymore I usually have a habit of making characters I can relate to which also defines my class. I name males after myself obviously and they are always of the Knight/melee variety however I always have a female counterpart of myself "Nicole" that will always be ranged. This dates back for as long as I can remember.
  22. Odd thing is the moment I saw the thread name.. I intended to pop in and make a comment similar on your behalf. It amused me greatly to see you already noticed it. Well played sir, well played.
  23. I'd be happy if they'd just add some music at night. A big part of our time spent on the ocean.. and a decent bit of it at night.. and we don't even get a little something to listen to at night. Riding that boat at night would grate on my nerves because of the silence.
  24. Glad you liked Yoshi's Island. It was one of my favorite platforming games.. and honestly I was let down by the DS version, it just didn't do the original any justice. Loved the music to the SNES version.. and still to this day remember the awesome intro to Navel Piranha when I first played.. Memories.
  25. We had a situation similar with Ragnarok Online servers. Though we used everything Gravity had under the sun to run them save for eAthena.. It was ruled as long as private servers didn't charge for the game Gravity couldn't do anything about it. I believe it's the same case. Being ran on software for online play, it's custom enough as long as it stays non profit they should be fine. That.. or maybe Nintendo is just that cool.
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