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  1. I must say I'm with Darkesword on this one. I loved it on the 360 and it's a shame all this is being placed together just to sell more of it.. I don't own a PS3 though.. and not even Disgaea 3 justified me buying one.. It's a real shame as I enjoyed Vesperia on the 360.. and though the extra voice acting isn't something I absolutely can't do without.. the extras are mighty tempting...
  2. Well for PSP was the Lunar: Silver Star Story remake.. The remake of Star Ocean one and two was also pretty fun. The Disgaea remakes also aren't a bad purchase if you don't own either on console, or wish to have them portable.. Aside from those I mirror opinions on Crisis Core being worth atleast a one time play through. Even now if you haven't gotten it I'd recommend the Final Fantasy Tactics release for it. I played the original to death and still get alot out of the PSP version.
  3. Hmm.. this thread is a good idea.. I'd already gotten with some of my fellow coworkers.. We put in some calls to the local barbers and salons, they willing signed up to donate hair.. Also planning a bit of a bake sale at work once we finish off the children's week projects. Thanks for posting sites to help direct our efforts.
  4. Ah yes.. the games with edited in actor footage.. First thing I think of will always be Resident Evil.. then insert Master of unlocking jokes.. with a main course of a Jill Sandwich.. I've noticed alot of feelings of PS1 games aging poorly.. While FFVII hasn't and won't age well as time goes on.. Legend of Legaia wasn't too bad. I picked it up a week ago and started to play it. The music is still nice, the battling system still fluid and fun. And the graphics are pretty decent I wouldn't call them all bad. Looking back on alot of games in the Super Nintendo and Genesis era I can happily say I feel quite a large selection of the games have aged well. Not just in appearance, but execution and music. Mortal Kombat I will agree isn't one of them however.. the slow execution of the controls and such bother me when I try picking them up again. And I'm with Coop on DOOM.. I hadn't played the PC version before touching the SNES but I felt the limits of the system was pushed to points it shouldn't have been as it had poor results in the end.
  5. Alot of games come to mind on this topic.. I'm definately agreeing with alot of these dime a dozen graphic whore games.. All glamour.. but what gets me most with new age games is the harsh, darker coloring schemes. They irritate my eyes and cause me to squint at times, while brighter colored games like Metroid Prime or Mario Galaxy are a joy to look at, and those bright colorings in games dating back to some Atari games age them well to me. Pacman still rocks, as does alot of the older NES and Super NES games. Perfect Dark on Nintendo 64 hasn't aged well at all, a friend of mine went ahead and picked up the cleaned up version on Xbox Live. We played it for hours, made me pop my copy in the old system and my eyes about bled. And some N64 games still look pretty good.. Majora's Mask still comes to mind with the opening, the mask spinning into the title. And on note of FFVII, yeah I pulled it out a month back and went through it. The graphics while still bad, are tolerable but they too will definately grow worse as time goes on.
  6. Depends, usually I listen to the soundtrack to a computer game I've been playing atleast for a bit before I switch it off. What I listen to depends on what I'm doing in said game.. MMOs I usually listen to something laid back and jazzy.. usually remixes from here set said mood.. A little Pat Methany also sets me into a relaxed grinding mood. But it's all at what I want at the moment. Usually remixes in the end as I'm not overly fond of lyrical based music, something to mellow to whether it's jazzy or something more upbeat is what I prefer.
  7. I feel like a small.. small man.. I can't even play DDR properly with a dance pad.. let alone pull this stuff off.. Loving it though. I'd have pulled all my hair out of my head in frustration by now.
  8. 25 years old and could hear up to 20khz. Couldn't hear higher but was sensitive to something as it made my head throb while I played them.
  9. 2 is a Pacman ghost definately... 3.. Looks like Mia from the first Lunar.. I think anyway.
  10. Yeah I placed a preorder for this myself.. I've been pleased with just about everything they've made thus far in the gaming world though I've yet to touch Disgaea 3.. Looks like a fun game, hope it goes through and we can snag a physical copy of it.. I mean 20 bucks is a steal if it's anything like other games they've produced.
  11. Eh... it's all in the eye of the beholder, Bleck. I'm one of those people who loved Vanilla WoW more than I like what Blizzard has done, and is doing to WoW to make it too "casual". I'm the same way with all games.. I miss the difficulty of past gaming vs some of the newer stuff.. while my friend hails everything Blizzard is doing to make WoW more casual as the way gaming should be, and enjoys how easy most games are now compared to then. To me and others the gameplay is to our pace and liking.. To you.. well.. it and everything else may suck. But hey.. play what you like ya know?
  12. Well to answer all this... The game is PvP based.. sadly it's something you can't avoid. At 20 you can enter the abyss.. which is the PvP zone.. however you get a choice to stay to more friendly areas.. It's just the opposing faction can find a rift in the abyss to enter your zones.. So you aren't 100% safe. NCsoft made it so you don't get any kind of reputation gain from killing outside the abyss.. leaving little reason to go to other zones.. but in the end.. More PvP than PvE content.. however NCsoft plans on broadening the PvE aspect of the game. As for leveling.. It's up to you how you wish to go about it. I do a healthy bit of grinding on occassion. The game, like WoW is soloable fairly well.. You get elite quests starting in the second zone near the end of it where you need to group.. and they have instances. As for lineage II.. well.. seeing as NCsoft made it also.. they borrow alot of mechanics.. the class system is quite a bit the same.. the combat is more revamped.. Questing is perfectly viable to level.. as well as giving you decent gear and cash.. Mix it up.. raw quest.. or just plain grind.. there is no wrong way to go about leveling. Parameters level at a fixed rate. So all cleric will end up with the same base stats and such. Gear is customizable to your style, and skills are learned from tomes at certain levels. Once purchased your skills level up as you level. At certain points where it seems like you're "improving" You learn new versions that are more graceful and such.. showing your character refining their skills. Classes are set up more lineage 2 based than WoW as there is no talent system, your class does what it says.. Clerics heal with some buffs and minor offensive skills.. Chanters, their counterpart are more about buffs with a weaker balance of fighting and healing. As for Smite.. it's earth.. and it seems most enemies are strong to earth.. Good skill, just frustrates me. @ Bleck I love you too man <3
  13. Okay.. been wondering if anyone would start a topic like this.. been playing Aion since Open beta.. and played it religiously during headstart.. I must say I'm rather impressed with it so far.. Interesting storyline.. played both Elyos and Asmodean.. currently and Asmodean on the Nezekal server. But I guess I can give a breakdown... Graphics are gorgeous, Not even on it's highest settings it's looking great.. very fluid animations and such.. environments suit the setting of the game very well. Music.. is fantastic.. you get your standard orchestrated fanfare.. at times you get something that belongs in a Tim Burton movie... Think Edward Scissor Hands or Batman. The battle themes change on zone.. Asmodean get more of a rock themed battle theme.. then more a techno style from what I've heard thus far.. Elyos are a bit more.. tribal I suppose is the word I'm looking for.. Definately something I won't turn off for awhile. Game mechanics.. It's standard MMO fanfare here. Done the same in EQ.. WoW... Lineage.. etc.. You set up your hotkeys similar to WoW... the game introduces you to a combo system.. which you end up starting with one skill.. leading into another.. then another. It's easy to learn.. and the best part about it.. It's free for experimentation.. my damage rotation might turn out far differently than yours.. and work just as well for me as yours does for you.. not making mine.. or your superior or inferior to the other.. It's about skill in this game and I love it. Balance was something I was worried about at first.. But class balance is extremely well in this game.. You start out picking one of four classes.. Warrior, Scout, Mage, and Priest. At level 10 you choose 1 of 2 classes available to your base class.. For more information on classes feel free to check the wiki page for it. Each class has strengths and weaknesses making all viable.. but not overpowered. The standard story is pretty much you wake up from a dream of a huge battle in a mercenary unit.. From there you piece together who you are bit by bit. Won't go into detail but I enjoyed it. It being a Korean MMO it honestly surprised me with a healthy balance of questing for exp.. or grinding similar to Ragnarok. Grinding for equipment isn't a bad pace as if say an enemy has a .01% drop chance.. every kill increases the drop chance slowly till said item drops.. Granted it's both a blessing and curse as I've spent hours farming for a side quest giving item... however it was a reward in itself as again.. grinding for leveling is 100% okay to do in this game. Where the game really shines... Castle Siege.. If you've played Ragnarok's War of Emperium... well.. you're in for a treat. The PvP in this game is heavy.. and a blast. You fight in the abyss for castles that give benefits to those who own it in the abyss. Fight through the keep taking objectives leading to a Keep Lord.. beat him down and the castle is yours.. fighting the other faction ofcourse.. However to balance it out, NCsoft added in the third faction the computer controlled Baluar to come rocking in and attacking the faction with the greater numbers making it a bit more fair.. not to say the other faction is safe, but it does help even out the odds. Overall my gripes with this game are few and far between. Cleric for example rock as healers.. but offensively bug me as 98% of the time my smites are resisted making it a slow work killing enemies.. but with my mana pool that never runs dry.. not like I die anyway. A break down of the common stuff I guess would be.. Max level is 50.. getting to 20 is easy enough.. however 20 to 50 it grows tedious like any Korean MMO.. Ofcourse the levels you gain feel more rewarding as everything about you grows a bit.. Even the skill set is pretty nifty as a mage you get a standard fireball that you chuck like Mario does.. But as you become a sorcerer you get a rank 2 that when thrown you hurl two spheres that collide into each other at the enemy and explode on impact..giving you a feel of progression of skill and development. Opposite of WoW this game sits as more competitive PvP base than raiding.. Not to say there is no raiding.. but if you're looking for another WoW.. This is and isn't it. They have their similarities and differences.. the big differences are the PvE content vs PvP.. WoW is a PvE game with PvP.. Aion a PvP game with PvE.. so the gaming experiences as such are different. If you are competitive and in the mood for a challenge in PvP with a long grind that rewards dedication.. go for it. If you're into something more basic and casual go WoW.. I mean as Cataclysm is proving.. they're taking away everything to make it complex and promoting the basics so everyone can play.. If you consider yourself a gamer who has longed for a challenge in gaming.. Aion is all you. Should anyone pick it up.. again Nezekan is my server.. Asmodean.. my characters are: Nick Samantha Shawna Those are it currently. Send me an ingame message sometime.
  14. If you're looking for something not necessarily in the remix department I'm all for suggesting the FFIV main theme. Not the new DS version.. I like it the old fashioned way. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YKqFz5IZSvM
  15. Riesa ingame.. I'm not doing so hot.. only level 12 right now.. but coming along. Go go Blademaster.
  16. I started playing this the other day.. not a bad little game.. As mentioned before.. fighting system is similar to WoW, has a few WoW like things going for it.. If any of you have played Ragnarok Online, the PvP siege system is similar to War of Emperium.. just a larger scale. There is alot going for it I must say, the co-ord system and helper to locate an npc (which the quests giving said co-ords to begin with is a handy tool) and being able to "search" out npcs for quests is groovy. The music is nice and the graphics aren't half bad.. only problem I've had thus far.. "find and kill 10 wolfings" 3 hours later.. I found one.. rofl. Overall not a bad little game to give a try. Definately easy enough to pick up to play for a little while. So who all here actually plays it? We could get some names thrown around and get some friend list action going maybe?
  17. Ohio, around the Chillicothe area. Lame town...
  18. What I did atfirst for one possible solution was take switch one.. the letter "K" is 11 in the list of the alphabet.. hit the first switch 11 times.. E was five.. middle switch.. 5 times. Y was 25.. hit final switch 25 times. but in the end all you had to do was stand infront of the door and press Y.. seeing as "the answer is on the control pad" Comparing Brandish to Alundra.. What I appreciated in Alundra was it had a great story, the music was fantastic... Again.. anyone other than me notice that the theme played when someone dies is the same theme for Cara from Legend of Legaia? Gorgeous environment and such.. Alundra had focused on strategic fighting which was nice. Brandish focused more on puzzles.. most combat was simple hack and slash.. Boss battles made you think.. and later enemies you had to take certain approaches to or get massacred.. Over all Brandish sported a style of "puzzle first" Which really kept me on my toes.. very nice to be constantly thinking.. even in combat.. kept things from being mind numbingly repetitive. Comparing the two in graphics.. I mean SNES vs PSX graphics.. Brandish looked good for it's day. there was enough detail to be appreciated if you took the time to look. Nice color scheme choices and everything. I wouldn't say the environments were as rich as Alundra, but it looked nice. Again I liked the story as it gradually built up.. but here is where I appreciated it most.. I loved the pacing. There was no huge rush, nor were things at a sluggish pace. You progressed well with the game till you hit puzzles. You'd spend time thinking on them.. And it didn't feel frustrating. I'd just listen to the decent soundtrack as I'd write out solutions.. or I'd take a walk... or even write it down, stop playing.. and try and solve it while I played a game like Super Mario 3 with my friend. It was something you could just put down and think on awhile. was very nice. To sport a few examples of what I mean.. In Brandish you'd be walking through a cave and enter a large.. empty room.. things aren't what they seem.. There are weak spots on the floor.. If you were smart to carry some.. you'd have iron weights to drop on the floor to reveal weak spots from strong ones, slowly winding a path through the room to safety... Or you'd walk down a hallway with hidden trip wires.. you get a magical flash powder that when used reveals that stuff so you can jump over it, disable it.. or walk around.. They were randomly placed well enough that you wouldn't expect to see them in the same place.. I started over multiple times.. about eight or so.. and never once did I have the usual moment of "Okay this trap is here.. and this switch is there." I always had to keep my mind sharp. You also had occassional puzzles that were taken to the extreme.. such as the often done "Teleporter A takes you to B.. C goes to D.. etc" Well in this.. you will run into a few areas where you have 50 teleporters leading you all over the place.. you carefully plan and plot a path.. sometimes you find treasure, sometimes an enemy or occassional trap.. But instead of getting out there.. you want to look around and see what all there is to offer in an area.. dulling the "Omg not this AGAIN. How do I get out of here so I can get over this already." moments. You wanted to explore.
  19. A perfect example of a Brainlord puzzle.. you're in a small square room.. with 3 pressure based switches that keep coming back up after you press them down.. there is a locked door with a plaque that reads "Flood Room Gate. The answer to the puzzle lies on the keypad" I spent weeks trying every possible combination.. jumping on each switch in sequence with the letter's "key" in the alphabet.. different combinations.. nothing.. One day I finally stepped up infront of the door and pressed my "Y" key. Opens the door. Just wow.. Brandish. I can't even begin to touch the puzzles in that game. It was raw dungeon crawling and puzzle solving.. I like what turned out to be a quest for survival being overlapped by a much larger story that kinda kept tapping you on the shoulder vaguely explaining itself. You learned as you went along which was a good thing. I liked the dungeon design. The lay outs were nice. the puzzles didn't repeat themselves in simplicity.. what you'd expect from a brain teaser.. it wracked your brains trying to figure things out.. I still have a notebook with 52 pages of possible puzzle solving lay outs on it. The music was okay... the boss fights in it did take some strategy.. You didn't just run in there and hack and slash or you'd die in a matter of seconds. Look before you leap.. very nice way to keep you thinking even while fighting.
  20. Loved this game.. But on the note of puzzle games with a challenge.. and truely oldschool.. Any of you ever play Brain Lord or Brandish back on the SNES? Brain Lord was great with teasers and puzzles.. but Brandish... My God that game took things to the extreme.. It got to the point where I gave up on the "Here are 50 switches on the floor.. you are told a story.. now follow the path of the story over said tiles to open the door" puzzle. I miss those days.. OH! and did anyone other than myself notice that the song played in Alundra when someone dies is played in Legend of Legaia as the theme of a character named Cara?
  21. Pfft I decided to join the cause yesterday.. by going to open interview at KFC to join the crew.. wait.. wasn't this against KFC?..
  22. The way I see it.. a Lion comes across a Gazelle in the wild.. Now.. do you think this Lion allows the thing to live a long, happy life before eating it? Nope.. it's survived this long on it's own. A Lion shows no mercy.. it's brutal. Would the Lion show us courtesy? No.. it would rip any of us to shreds were it hungry. Now.. being human.. we too are animals.. and we are supposed to show some huge courtesy that the very animals the PETA won't give other animals.. let alone us? This whole issue truely proves the ignorance of people. They talk like KFC has a torture chamber in back of every restaurant manually doing this stuff.. wtf? They get their chicken from the same corporations Walmart, Krogers, and other large chain Grocers get from.. and they get the chicken all from the same farmers.. to complain about KFC.. you might as well complain about yourself going to the grocery, and buying a chicken to fry up at home.
  23. *shudders at the thought of the first TMNT* Sadistic much? Yes.. YES!!! Mario 3.. I still pick that up every month or so and play.. not Allstar version.. Itchy4tasty NES goodness I'm going with MegaDave.. goes without thought. Kid Icarus and Metroid. Big emphasis on Zelda 2. I also liked Yoshi I think that's what it was called.. stacking all the bloopers and such.. stuffing them in eggs when you can.
  24. Well I wouldn't call it an MMO but I remember a friend brought me onto a massive multiplayer Yu-Gi-Oh card dueling game. I wish I still had the information on it.. and if it were still open.. it was a great game.
  25. You've got your own opinion on WoW. I'm also well aware it's runescape.. I'm saying in any game.. whether you choose runescape, diablo 2, etc.. I'm not grasping the whole music video concept.. further explaining my lack of grasping said concept by saying my ritual of showing I love someone is letting them live. =p
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