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  1. Very fun arrangement, really liked the style you were going for. As mentioned, maybe some of the sounds are a bit overused but they're not bad by any means. Easy enough pass. YES
  2. Well you'll be glad to know that I've recently started voting again .
  3. ^Yeah, if you're expecting anything on the scale of the FF6 one anytime soon, think again.
  4. If it does happen, it will be after the project is finished just to get the thing printed.
  5. The only thing on the front page that is not going on is possibly Iifa tree. Unfortunately I had to do eternal harvest myself when someone dropped it but I'm really happy with how its going. Almost finished recording my parts and then I have a little live instrument outsourcing to do but not long now. I spoke to djp about his track the other day and uh... yeah maybe i'll show him that front page to drive the message home about how close we are.
  6. I agree that it gets a little bit muddy here and there but by and large I didn't really care. Really cool style, I like the way you write riffs and play around with the timing of the comparatively simple source rhythms. Nice faux chippage. YES
  7. Yeah, the mix is killing this one a bit. Listen to those crash cymbals when the kick hits, they're getting trashed by the compression. If you have compression on the drum bus, reduce it. And try not to brickwall the whole mix on the master limiter so much. The synth sounds never really fit the overall sound, especially the lead at 1:27, it sounds like an awful trance lead rather then a rock synth solo patch. Lead guitars are way too loud, a bit too much highs and not enough mids. Also you missed the lower bend at 2:19 really badly. On the pluses, the arrangement is pretty sweet. I really enjoyed the 12/8 twist at 1:22, cool stuff. Don't get the impression that we don't like the track, the mix is just letting it down at the minute! NO, plz resub
  8. I know that feel bros. Strange one this, as you're going for a very ambient style of metal. The weak point is definitely the drums. Extremely metal clicky samples are always missing their mids and can end up sounding a little flappy as here. It can also expose weird things in the sequencing when they're this bright, for example: - If you listen to the kick from 2:57, it suddenly increases in velocity for no real reason at 3:05 in the middle of a phrase. - It also sounds like during the ending fadeout, the kick is getting lower in velocity/intensity as well as lower in volume? I'm not sure that this is intentional as it sounds very odd. This is a really tough one... Like Vig, I like the mood going on even if it has some problems. But the problems are pretty standard for this sort of track being made with limited facilities. YES, but only just
  9. I wasn't really convinced by the first minute. It also feels like you've not got the harmony for the main riff quite right, something was a little bit off. Once the boom tiss started it was a little cookie cutter but the live stuff certainly offered something different. I liked the way you used the B-sections to mix things up (1:17 etc). I'm just about ok with this, though it's a little bit borderline because of how long it takes to get interesting and the slightly weird harmony interpretation. YES (borderline)
  10. Yeah Larry is pretty much right here. Some of sequencing comes across very mechanical, and when you're dealing with slightly dodgy samples (see piano/strings) that's only exacerbated. Consider automating the tempo a little bit, this is definitely not how an ensemble would play this. They would slow down a little here and there at the end of sections. The basic concept behind this is fine, but you've got to make it flow more humanly with your sequencing and automation. NO, plz resub
  11. This has basically descended into 'are the samples good enough' at this point . I'd say so, they aren't great in the higher velocities but it's not killing the jist of what you're trying to convey to me. YES
  12. Not really my kind of thing (and the original is pretty 'meh') but I think you've done pretty well to keep things interesting throughout the track considering the length and what you had to work with. Everything to say about the mix has already been said that I can see. YES but now I'm sad and filled with doom.
  13. Ain't that a bit presumptuous now? ...okay fine. YES
  14. For me the main issue is that there's an element of ploddageing along in the drum department, and the piano break was also not that effective. Joe however, has that magic touch. I think on balance, there are worse things on OCR for sure. As someone who isn't overly familiar with the Chrono Trigger remixes on the site, I can't really dig that reasoning from Vig as legitimate as it may be. If you can find me a track that is incredibly similar to this one and link it I might be convinced but I'm not trawling them them all. YES
  15. Yeah really diggin' this. Nice groove to it, very spacey dreamy sounds with a little bit of a chippy approach. However, -10 points from Gryffindor for the fadeout. YES
  16. Yeah the mix is really letting this down. I can hear what you're going for with the arrangement and it's got some cool ideas for sure but the mix is not bringing it to life at all. The drums are really quiet with some odd one-hit samples. You should double track those rhythm guitars properly and pan them left right for the whole track, not just 6:00 onwards. The tone itself is pretty tinny on the guitars. And a bit more of a breakdown for the arrangement would be helpful also! NO
  17. Larry has pretty much nailed the key issues here. If you're going for a super minimal build, it needs to have some real ear candy put together cohesively with really detailed modulation. It has the feel of a mish mash of different presets that have just been put together with whatever drum samples were available. That might not be the case but that's how it feels. I can hear what you're going for and the arrangement definitely has potential as Larry and Deia seem to agree! But the synth sounds need a lot of love as most of them are quite thin and static. NO
  18. Yeah the mix is one of those strange ones where you can pick it apart if you listen closely but on a passive listen without a reference it's basically fine. It definitely doesn't stop me enjoying what's good about the track. Very inventive arrangement though, and as Vig pointed out some really great drum sequencing. I'm good with this. YES
  19. Haters gonna hate. This is fucking hilarious and I love it. I understand where the naysaying might come from but in the big picture I have a massive smile on my face and don't care. YES
  20. Incredibly borderline on source use. I'm gonna give you the benefit of the doubt. Production is badass and you should be proud of it for sure even if it doesn't make it. YES
  21. Hmm, tricky one. The rhythm guitar sound is great but that lead is so abrasive. It's extremely pumped on the compression but that's not exactly uncommon for the style. Vinnie's breakdown checks out and I don't really think there are any dealbreakers in the production. Borderline but just over for me. YES
  22. Thanks for pointing this out of your own volition, but yeah pretty much.
  23. I'll chat with Dave about the specifics, but I know he likes to space the big ones out a bit, so there may be some lower profile/smaller things in between.
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