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  1. So... what exactly are you trying to achieve here? You're trying to make it so that your sinewaves for the root note of the key are at an instantaneous value of 0 on every subdivision? It's a nice maths lesson and all, but I hope you're not trying to suggest that this is a good reason to choose a key/bpm .
  2. Ok, awesome. All key tracks are claimed, this is the final stretch people!
  3. Sorry dude, but if you're gonna ask to have the track removed and then give me the silent treatment when I ask why/try and get you to stay, you don't get to use this thread to advertise your music. You can post it in the wips forum by all means, but if you remove your track its nothing to do with the project anymore.
  4. Act 2: So this is clearly what you're good at, way more solid in every regard. Great synth choices, really tasteful stuff. If you're willing to let us accept act 2 without act 1, I'd be very happy to pass it, although if both pieces were submitted as one file I don't think I could say the same. I'll vote yes on act 2 only so it's up to you. Act 2: YES
  5. I figure I should vote on these guys separately? Act 1: So these strings samples are pretty nasty, particularly the highest violin sounds. The lower stuff isn't so bad but as a whole the nasty parts stand out. The harmony is pretty much just the sustained strings changing on the bar the whole time, and that doesn't really change. Apart from the bits of piano towards the end, thats the crux of your mix, and it really isn't doing enough to hold up by itself. Act 1: NO
  6. So this is nice and all. Relaxing, nice tune. Right sort of length for something this simple. But seriously, this is too much reverb. Like, twice as much as needed to give the same effect without drowning it. After consulting with my fellow joojes and after much personal reflection, I have decided that this is not a big enough deal for me to ask for changes, even though I think it would be better with less verb. You may pass. YES
  7. High energy, rough round the edges but sort of suits what you're going for. NES sounds are ok, though they are mixed in a little bit strangely. I can hear more then one channel but one is way louder, and noticeably to the left? Eh, I can live with it. Arrangement is on the basic side but really you just wanted a quick anamanaguchi style romp through the theme, and I don't think anyone will argue that this hasn't been achieved. YES Wut? No. High quality MPthrizzle.
  8. Not even 45 seconds in and Vig has hit the nail on the head. Really good effort, but the low end on those guitars is pretty muddy. You try turning the gain down on the rhythm guitars by 2 or 3 notches, and it would help clean things up a bit. Contrary to popular belief, less gain is sometimes more in metal. You could do with a little bit more highs end in general, as it sounds a bit flat in some regards. The lead guitars are also a bit buried from time to time. The drums could also use a little more humanisation. This isn't a 'this is good enough', more like 'with a bit more effort this could be awesome' type NO, so please do resubmit! NO, but resubmit!
  9. So, the source only has 3 elements to it. The do do doo, do do dododo; the bassline; and the two chords (which are not exactly uncommon). The first two are pretty much just not there, so how is anyone supposed to know this is the starman theme at all? Chill though it may be, this is way too liberal, and not identifiable enough. You spotted in your comments that that is the challenge of arranging something like this, and I don't think you've done enough here. NO, bordering on override?
  10. When Markus sent me the first draft it was even more liberal then this. I've never been a fan of that approach so I tried to make it clear that the source has to be there, and it's definitely on the borderline but does just enough for me or I wouldn't have accepted it onto the project. I think the intro being very close to the original helps quite a lot in making the connection more obvious. I love it when people try and bring more live instruments to OCReMix as there is definitely not enough. Really good effort on that front, good performances and reasonable recording quality. It's very easy and to listen to. YES
  11. I want to like some of the things you've done as a bit creative, but a lot of the sounds are just not very nice to listen to at all. The main snare is very odd. That weird rising sound that would be a white noise sweep in anyone else's mix is pretty nasty. The intro synth and kick both have really unpleasant attack portions. 2:17 to 3:10 is almost a full minute of just relentless glitcing, which would have been great if it had lasted like... 10 seconds. At the moment it's just a bit of a headache. The best section for me is the section from 2:03 to 2:17, which co-incidentally is the section with the least going on. It's weird because the volume balance between the parts is ok, but the balance of the tones and EQs is not on the same level at all. The high end is very harsh and the lower mids are very muddy once the wubs come in. It sounds like it's been EQ'd for loudness instead of blend. I can see what you were going for, but you need to have the mix under control to pull it off. NO
  12. ch4rl33 just approached me for Steiner's theme, so just Cid's theme left if you're still hankering for more XPRTNovice .
  13. Dude, you did awesome work on short notice for Esto, feel free to snap up steiner or cids theme if you think you've got it in you!
  14. I have solid wips for everything that has been claimed except fairy battle. I'm not sure you're the one who should be pointing this out . Steiner and Cid are unfortunate dropouts, but I'm not doing nothing about them if possible.
  15. I'm bugging him much as I can without being banned. Every other track is in good shape now.
  16. Cool source, very dark. Now this is how to wub whilst keeping the chords recognisable. Loved that washed out piano sound. It's a bit on the short side, it also never reeeeally gets that ocarina going, but I think its nice enough. The drums are a bit on the simple side for this kind of thing, but I'm not an expert on this particular shizz, so I leave that to others to decide. YES, but a bit short/undeveloped
  17. What do you mean whimsical soundtrack . Although I get your desire to desecrate things. Lots of different things going on here. The wubs are very controlled, with some good synth work going on here. I'm having a few problems with the amount of source in here though. If I'm being honest, the wubs don't feel particularly connected to the source. The only overtly 'Halo' sections to me are: 0:48-1:07 2:08-3:18 Which is only like... 90 seconds of the track. Going by Larry's lame 50% (which I think is too low anyway), there's just not enough of the track related to the source in my opinion. You could argue that the wubs fit the chords, but it's too tenuous for me. NO, excellent but needs moar sauce
  18. Just echo'ing the above really. If you're doing something thats already orchestral, you kind of have to do it in a different way, or it will just come across as a bit of a cover. OCR likes arrangements that add to or change from the original, this just seems to have stripped layers away. I would just add that this never really goes up to 11. There's a couple of times where you do the cymbal and timp roll, but the bits before aren't really quiet enough for it to have the effect of it leading into a loud section. The volume of the strings at 2:17 are exactly the same volume as when they enter around 1:00 and throughout. You need to get more dynamics into the sections. The original is a great example of this. NO
  19. This is a bit of a strange one to vote on. So the good things about this are the sounds/instruments/sequencing. Some things I'm struggling to figure out if they are samples or not, so I don't even know to say well played or well sequenced... On the flip side, there hasn't really been any risk-taking going on here. There are some nice little added articulations, but it's fair to say that that this is pretty much a cover. You're pretty much recreating the original with much better sounds. The mix is also a little timid, everything a bit dry. It's not a bad thing per se but the individual sounds are all a bit mono and unprocessed. It's good, but OCR needs a little more personalisation in the arrangement. This is the kinda thing you would put on youtube with a video of you playing it and get a billion views, so do that. NO, but nice job
  20. Why did I know this would be you as soon as I saw the source tune? Did you show me this years ago or something? Awesome sauce either way. This is DP material imo. A few slightly off samples (mainly the first bit of melody on the oboe?), and the fadeout ending is always a bit disappointing. Pretty damn solid everywhere else, reminds me of those Japanese orchestral versions you sometimes get with the rock drums and guitar. YES
  21. I'm a big FF fan, and I wasn't able to identify which song this was supposed to be until the 1:43 mark which is a fairly big chunk of the song. I really can't decide if that's a deal breaker or not... This is pushing the limits of acceptable source use. There are a lot of sections that seem to be original, or riffing on a really insignificant part of the source. Production is pretty safely over the bar. The mix is pretty good (very different from what I've heard from you on FF9). Sorry, but I think I have to NO this on source use. It's very enjoyable, and its the sort of thing that's cool on an album as it does a little more exploring, but not quite under the OCR definition of 'identifiable and dominant' to me. NO, but sweet
  22. Stevo Bortz and Benjamin Briggs. Imma call you Stevjamin Brorggtz. Just by the by, this source is incredible. Really solid acoustic work, gives a very driving rhythm throughout. I like the way the drums and chips build up, and aren't introduced too quickly. I can just feel the vocal hate brewing, and this pleases me. If I have a main criticism it's that the ending is a bit on the naff side though. Excellent stuff from Brorggtz. HYES
  23. I think the guys above have pretty much covered the issue here. This sounds like a bunch of presets with not much work put into getting them to gel together. Automation and processing needed, everything is way too dry. The only moment that sounds like this has been done (1:36 or so) is definitely the best sounding part of the remix. It's a good foundation for the arrangement but lots of work needed on the mix. NO, plz resub
  24. Cheeeeeeeeeesy sample. Otherwise solid stuff. Dat fill at 2:35, dat fill. Some cool stuff in the drums. Obvious Addictive Drums is obvious at 4:12. Yeah, just an all around good effort! Arguably goes on a bit but you change it up and keep things interesting enough. YES
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