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  1. Think I with Larry and Vig on this one. There are lots of good things about this, but a lot of things that could be improved. The drums all sound really filtered and have a very unusual verb gloss for the style that leads to everything being a bit muddy. This could definitely be brightened up. I also agree about the slightly directionless structure in places. It's a no, but a pretty borderline one, can see this going either way. NO (borderline)
  2. Cool, I'd be up for that. I'm in the watford area, not too much effort to come to London.
  3. I officially resigned a year or two back when I was busy at Uni. I'm semi-back in that I vote occasionally but I'm pretty lazy about it. I think there's gonna be a crunch effort soon that I will try and help out with.
  4. There's no anger or hostility. The thread was started because someone was saying he was looking forward to your project. The statement just needed clarifying. You might want to check your wording with a member of staff next time you mention ocremix.
  5. I always thought the most man-tear worthy scene in FF7 was Red XIII with his dad.
  6. Yeah, it's be cool contribute some rawwwwk but hard to sign up without seeing something first.
  7. Fine, but you must be okay with the fact that I will be, how can I put this... ...handling the source's arrangement without its consent?
  8. Weeeeell as someone who has had extended access to the likes of B&W 800/802/803/Nautilus etc, there is some truth in this, there is no comparison. But people have budgets (as I did when I bought my $200 pair). What I would say is that you can get much better headphones then you can speakers on a budget.
  9. I'd say you could do most things you would ever want to do using a combination of Ableton and Logic. They have very complimentary features and focuses; good combination for most mac users. I use Fostex PM0.4s and I think they're very solid for the price (about $190). Looking at various reviews for them, people seem to agree that compare well with slightly more expensive options. http://www.musiciansfriend.com/pro-audio/fostex-pmo.4n-powered-studio-monitor-pair I can't really say one is more important then the other without knowing what speakers you currently have though.
  10. Well if we allow all un-approved projects in the community forum (no matter how likely they are to be approved) then people will just abuse the community as a resource. I know you mean well but rules is rules. Just saying, if you look at it this way: You didn't loose 5+ claims by having it moved, you gained x claims by breaking the rules . Someone was recently banned for trying to siphon members of our community over to their website, so it does happen.
  11. It used to be allowed to start your project in community then move it to projects after gaining steam. Now you start it in recruitment, and it moves to projects when it gets approved. Otherwise whats dat forum furrr?
  12. Dis^ Seriously, get a midi keyboard, and just jam along. Doesn't matter how terrible it sounds, you can quantise and normalize the volume later. Also, draw inspiration (read: steal) from sweet-ass drummers. For instance, I use a lot of adapted patterns in the styles of Gavin Harrison and Mike Portnoy in my rock drums as they are my favourite drummers. Just do some speculative viewing of the styles of music you want, find something that makes your jaw drop. Then learn why it does!
  13. pffff more projects. Only really tempted by Veggies of Geasal, hit me up if no ones claimed in two months or something. Too busy right now to say for sure.
  14. I've got a few of these. Metal Gear Solid 2 on European Extreme, jesus christ the boss battles are stressful. Getting the Tournesol on FFXII, oh my god I hate low percentage loot. Played Heavy Rain for the first time in one sitting, I was physically and emotionally broken by that.
  15. The remixer asked me to remove it unfortunately.
  16. XPRTNovice has kindly stepped in to do Esto Gaza, already got a wip. We are ALMOST THERE!!!!one
  17. This is uh... not what I was expecting. It's just a tiny linux computer, or am I missing something?
  18. OMG PROJECT LEAK WITH VIDEO WHAT!? Merry Late Christmas.
  19. The entire Toejam and Earl osts? Funky Just plain dirty:
  20. Well if I was on the same continent I would do that .
  21. It's not the whole album, just something cool that was supposed to be a christmas present.
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