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  1. Why not all three? (I'm a sucker for them guitar battles ) I love you. O_O Those damn Black Mages have had a profound effect on me. Guitar battle this, ridiculous whammy bar noises that, unnecesserily distort those. All in good taste obviously... ...
  2. Just a random thing i noticed in the reviews tab. I dunno if this has been noticed before, or was around before the change but anyways; I just reviewed the latest track and i used quotation marks in my review. On the review tab it came up as "everything". Just to let you know.
  3. Straight off the bat this is pretty background funky grooving, sort of thing i'd expect from MGS2 music but with more funk. The leads are really smooth. My brain hurts from trying to work out the time signiture. I think its in 7/4 but it doesn't really matter what it is cause it flows well. (Knowing my luck it's probably 4/4 and i'm making an idiot of myself). Overall i'm liking this. Atmospheric. My one quarrel is that i find it very hard to put the peice into any distinguishable set of sections. I guess thats not a bad thing, but i don't find any areas of it to stand out in particular. That aside, a welcome addition to my "everything" playlist.
  4. Whoa quick reply. Out of interest, assuming you guys arent in the same place normally (based on the fact you made a big deal of the fact you were together this time), how do you guys record it all normally?
  5. I just found vgdj like last week and i really like it. You guys work really well together. Just listened to this weeks show . Drumultima telling us all to go die made me laugh lots. I voted aswell, you guys should be #1. </fanmode>
  6. Lemme just find a better set of heavy drums from somewhere. I'll ask my mate whos got like 10gigs worth of refills. Then i can really start it. Why not all three? (I'm a sucker for them guitar battles )
  7. If you want to force it, turn your gain right up, turn your volume loud up, on your guitar and on your amp. Lot's of treble helps. Then shove your guitar close to your amp and make sure your strings are free to vibrate. What note (if any) depends on which string feeds back, and its position in relation to the amp, including which way the guituar is facing. It varies with every setup but theres usually a way to force it with everything. In terms of that exact song, there's any number of ways he got that note, it's impossible to say exactly without asking him, and hes dead, so... My initial thoughts are to play those two notes, and leave maybe your low A or E strings freely open, and then shove your guitar up to the amp. I don't have a guitar with me though. Give it a try.
  8. I absolutely love everything about this remix, i had a go at this track once, and it was no where near as creative as this one. Those key changes are fantastic, excellent string work. Guitar tone was not my obvious choice, but worked exetremely well, sounded great. The beatles section blew me away first time i heard it. You two should definately work together lots, this was really refreshing.
  9. The second last (i think.... the one thats like the first one) collosus from you know where. I'm not gonna tell you where his final weakspot is, partly cause it'll spoil it, but mostly cause its crazy. Anyone whos played that game will agree that first time around, hes a bitch. Other hard boss i've played would be... If we're talking about the disc two appearance, that book in alexandria castle during the rescue dagger sequence in FFIX. He's ridiculously strong and it takes ages to figure out how he works if you dont have a guide, and even then he out stats you crazily. Of course the next time you can fight him on disc three he's beans.
  10. Due to being asked to, i'm gonna have a stab at Gale. I thought it might be quite cool to collab on it with sixto though on reflection, we could have a guitar duel or something, that would be awesome. How does that sound?
  11. It's about time i got a sig. Could someone please please please make me a goldfish or angelfish based sig. Something easy on the eyes with lots of blue with "Fishy" written on it somewhere. I found this pic which is kinda what i'm going for, so you could use that or someting similar but with actual fish and not cartoons. I would be a very happy fishy indeed if someone could make me one. Credit shall be applied under it.
  12. You see this? This is my guitar. I offer it's sounds to your humbled project.
  13. Wow, this is really well done, I love the arrangement. It really suits the organ i think, however i'm not sure i can stand the whole thing if you get. I can't decide if it's to long or not. The key changes at the end are nice, but its the bit with the endless pedals at 2:07 through to about 2:45 that gets a bit too much. The rest of it is great though, i always thought this song was annoying but i really like this version. Because this is a solo instrument you need real emphasis on a very strong arrangement with attention to specific aspects of that instrument if your gonna submit it, and i think this is really getting there, but i would be hesitant of submitting it for some reason, i'm not sure why. Wait til you get a few more opinions, but yeah, good stuff.
  14. Powertab = Ultimate http://www.power-tab.net/guitar.php
  15. I have to agree there, a cello in it's low voice is to die for. A lot more versatile then a violin aswell i think because of its range. Also, if it werent for the cello, Jack Black wouldnt say that hilarious line in rock school.
  16. My girlfriend violinist tells me that you're encouraged to play violin always in the right handed stance, simply for the reason that when you play in an orchestra, a left handed violinist would ruin the layout as they would poke people in the eye etc. The things are simetrical though (i think) and i suppose theres nothing stopping you from stringing it backwards like a classical guitar, however i think whoevers teaching you would dissaprove.
  17. Ok, i've been working on an FF7 remix but everyone tells me the same thing: guitars = awesome, drums = not. I need someone, preferably a drummer, to help me out, or even better, record some live ones for me. I've also done a mix of the FF8 battle theme however this one would be a lot harder for live drums as the song is in 5/4, however, if you feel up to the challenge please PM me as its the only thing stopping me from submitting. You get full credit for the drum parts when i submit, unless you can submit under two names in which case i'll be happy to split credit 50/50 for the whole thing .
  18. Fishy the Electric guitarist at your service: I can play pretty much anything you can throw at me. Years of being a Steve vai/joe satriani/dream theater fan have made sure of that. I have very fine guitars which have that "plug in em and omg, suddenly your amp sounds nice!" quality to them aswell as lots of Line 6 modelling and recording equiptment. To get a good idea of my abilities (and the sound quality i can get) see my FF7 birth of a god remix (make sure its the latest version) in the WIP section or e-mail for more samples.
  19. I know i'm probably too late, but i'ld like to offer myself as an electric guitarist if anyone needs one. For example of my abilities check out my WIP remix of Birth of a God. I absolutely adore the FF7 soundtrack and already can play pretty much all of it, even the non guitar bits and would love to contribute.
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