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  1. Sorry for the wait. It's been done for a long time, just logistical problems of getting it released properly considering how busy djp has been with xmas/nbew years/magfest. Monday, fo reels.
  2. You can tell from the title that this is going to be testing out our 'medley' standards more then anything. First off: props for playing all these instruments. I absolutely love the french horn, and you're making me happy pants with it. A few minutes into this and I'm already 100% sure that this will be rejected, but please don't go away thinking it's because there's anything particularly bad about it. Its completely down to the fact that putting all the songs one after another isn't the sort of rearrangement that ocr is looking for. Whilst there are some sections where you've done a bit of theme weaving pretty well, the majority of the track is 'theme A, transition, theme B, transitionn' etc. So yeah, don't feel bad about this getting a no. It's just the nature of the arrangement. In fact, you shouldn't feel bad about it anyway because you already have 100k youtube views. What do you need us for? NO
  3. Really classy. Great decision to get the live violin in there. The groove is like half-way between ballad and porno but I can dig it. The production is ok, but the piece really shines during the suteki sections for me. I think a possible source of NOs here is because of the way you've pieced together the structure of different sources as sections rather then trying to weave them together a bit more. It didn't bother me too much in the sense that it doesn't come off as a Nobuo medley. Oh also that key-change is very eurovision, you get nil pois for that. Despite this, you win a YES my friends.
  4. Already said it's not a trailer . EDIT: Spoke to djp just now, christmas present in motion.
  5. I need to speak to djp to get it done, might not be able to get a hold of him today as people are busy with family etc. It's done, it just needs to be uploaded for the appropriate distribution .
  6. The guys who do the inbox are quite far behind as the staff in general have had a lot to deal with lately. I don't see anything from September onwards in the queue so they probably just haven't got to it yet. I imagine sometime in the next two weeks we will have an inbox binge and the hilariously small queue will become hilariously large.
  7. I achieved one out of five of my 2012 resolutions so with that in mind: My 2013 Resolutions! - Aim low.
  8. If I end up doing esto gaza I might just take you up on that.
  9. I always find interesting pieces to show people to help them get into classical music are late romantic pieces that have a lot of direct imagery. A lot of the Debussy-types tended to give them names that had simple but strong images to imagine in your head. It can be really powerful, often comes across a bit filmy. Here are some of my favourites. Close your eyes for full effect. Rachmaninov's Isle of the Dead: Imagine sailing towards a cursed island and whatever you might find there. This is very cinematic. Ravel's Le Gibet: This is supposed to be someone who has just been hanged, and has been left to swing in the wind alone. It's got the same note ringing throughout, and is pretty morbidly sad. If all else fails, watch someone showing off whilst playing a piece featured in tom and jerry that one time.
  10. I'm seriously considering doing Esto myself actually. I was gonna playing guitar for Josh Morse anyway, so I already know all the parts...
  11. Blatant queue access abuse. Fishy Game: Final Fantasy VI Sources: Save Them!, Grand Finale ReMix name: Bad Octopus This is for to be used in the album for ocremix of the 6th fantasy final. When Andy asked me what track I wanted to do for the FFVI project, I decided to pick a few of the awkward ~45s length actiony songs that no one would want to mix and put them together into one prog mash. Eventually though I realised that these two were just too silly to mix with the others, so I decided to go all out circus mode on them. Like most of my arrangements, it blatantly reeks of someone else's music; in this case its Haken and ilp0. Named after Ultros because he's awesome. Save Them! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N7dk1qUeRn4 Grand Finale http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hkFR7Z2SG2M
  12. http://www.petsathome.com/shop/fish/fish-tank-decoration/fish-tank-ornaments/
  13. Yeah this is a tricky one, its certainly close. I would say that overall its just a NO from me. The first half is pretty good but it's sooo bass light on the drop. You need a proper bass in there, try out whatever you have at the moment an octave down, or keep the first bass going. After 1:30 it starts to sound a bit short on ideas, and there's plenty to work with in the theme especially in terms of a solid melody. Have a re-think of the direction in the second half, and you can change this from a borderline no to a solid yes. NO, plz resub
  14. I can see the mood you're going for but as m'chums have said the subtlety isn't there to pull it off. The mix is very mid heavy to begin with and comes across a bit woofy. Some of the distorted instruments sound very messy, for example at 0:51. It's also a bit on the short side. There is a lot of room to develop the ideas and stretch this out. I can see what you're aiming for and it would sound pretty cool, so keep going with it! NO
  15. Hi all, Sorry for the lack of updates. I may need to open up Esto Gaza, so pm if you're interested. As soon as djp is done, I'm cutting everything that isn't finished and we're rolling out. It gone past silly point imo. I know thats not great news so here's something nice: There will be a christmas present, and it's a biggie.
  16. Thanks for the offer but I'll probably be doing it myself, as I'm already very familiar with the material.

  17. The Ocean theme is the best thing about the Wind Waker, absolutely nailed it.
  18. Basically this. Terra is done btw. The other three have various wips and should be done soon.
  19. Yeah, like... 4 important tracks. Cutting the rest as soon as they're done.
  20. Yeah a Fender bass is a solid choice for anyone. I would however say that the Ibanez SR series posted above are incredibly easy to play. I'm terrible at bass, but they feel really familiar to me as a guitarist.
  21. Fiiiiiiiine, but I really don't play any fighters except melee to if someone could point out the one's with wider use. Melee sub-dictionary: Wave-dashing - Instantly air-dodging diagonally into the floor after jumping causing the character to slide along the floor. This is usually faster then running and allows a movements that would otherwise be impossible, such as moving backwards without turning around in order to evade and counter simultaneously. Tech - Pushing the shield button as your characters falls towards the floor or an edge to allow a quicker recover or a directed evasive roll. Power-shield - Pressing the shield button in the exact frame Spike - Using a move that causes the opposing character to move downwards. There are a few moves which result in both this trajectory and a stun period making them almost impossible to recover from. These are known as 'true' spikes, and spikes with no stun are referred to as 'meteor' smashes. DI - Directional influence. By holding different directions when being hit, a player can influence their trajectory in helpful (or very unhelpful) ways to either evade being combo'd or to prevent a direct KO. Combo - A sequence of moves that can only be evaded using DI to make the combo more difficult to execute. Infinite Combo - A sequence of moves that, if executed perfectly, are capable of continuing indefinitely until the player chooses to end it. They usually revolve around attacks with a set knockback at all damages, such as Fox's shine attack. L-Cancelling - Pushing the L button whilst executing a falling aerial attack just before hitting the ground. Drastically reduces the time taken to land after the attack and allows for faster combos. Shffl - Short hop fast fall l-cancel. The fastest way to execute an aerial attack. It begins with a short hop executed by pushing the jump button for a very short time, fast-falling once the jump has reached it's full height by pressing down, and finally l-cancelling the landing. These are a bit more general. Counter-picking - Choosing a character that has a generally accepted advantage over another character in tournaments. Metagame - The hypothetical perfect game a character's characteristics and moves allow them to achieve given the tactics and approaches developed by the community. The metagame is constantly developing with the community as new players begin to succeed. Ditto Match - Playing a 1v1 match using the same character, removing all matchup advantages. Hitbox - The actual area that causes or receives damage to a character. Attack hitboxes will often have sweet spots that cause more damage. Some characters such as Marth in SSBM have a 'disjointed' hitbox, whereby their attacks all happen very far away from their own hitbox through the use of swords. This allows a character to keep a safe distance whilst still attacking. Sandbagging - Playing badly on purpose in order to surprise opponents or conceal techniques early on during tournaments. That's all from me.
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