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  1. ohhh that interview gives me the shivers. So excite!
  2. I'm just ridiculously excited for this. Love Daft Punk, and I agree with how this feels like it will be like Discovery but actually working with the artists/producers instead of just sampling them. So hype!
  3. Well from what I gather, BB's new faction is the Diamond Dogs, not FOXHOUND, also do we really know all that much about psycho before he was in FOXHOUND? I'd still like to think that it's him cause that would be amazing. I also though that XOF was supposed to be the antagonist's group. Edit: I also forgot to mention that I am balls to the walls excited about this. Huge HUGE fan of the MGS series (actually just played through MGS 1,2,3,4, Portable Ops, PeaceWalker) within the last few months to get me back up to speed
  4. At first I thought that was Psyco Mantis, but then I saw the interview with kojima and you see this http://i.imgur.com/u8kdEJJ.jpg and at that point I thought it was a woman.. but looking at it again I think it's a man, and maybe this is how psychomantis gets all ugly looking? Having recently finished peace walker thats also what I was thinking... but due to the end of peace walker, I think it's safe to say it's not him. but then again who knows
  5. #ocr-dsd isn't a hashtag.. its an IRC Channel p.s. on espernet
  6. p.s. #ocr-dsd for the digital sound design course. An ocr study group if you will
  7. doing the sound design course today. Seemed to work fine for me.
  8. totally signed up for the music ones and a few others. I look forward to it!
  9. I want another SF game based on SFIII ... bring pack parrying damn it!
  10. currently playing P4G and recalling all the good music! I would remix the shit out of Persuing my True Self, if I could somehow find somebody to do the vocals
  11. https://soundcloud.com/djsymbiotix/dj-symbiotix-gangnam-funk Check it! Finally finished my gangnam style remix in the style of Funkot!
  12. SenPi

    PlayStation Vita

    hnnnnnngggggggg.. so I recently got convinced to play persona 4. Absolutely LOVED it. Definitely in my top 5 of most favourite video games. When I found out P4G was coming out I sort of... bought a Vita for it :3. Ive been playing p3p until then. I must say. These persona games are some of the best games I have ever played, and I am excited as all hell for P4G.
  13. you do realise that SSD technologies have measures in them such as ware levelling to spread out the ware on cells and whatnot? To me, it sounds like you're trying to scare people away from SSD's when the reality is that in the average case, they pretty much last just as long as HDD's.
  14. umm.. pretty sure this was already mentioned. We're way past this at this point. Now it's just a discussion on how windows does shit. I'll reply to the other stuff that Kanthos wrote later when I have some time.
  15. hmm.. ok from what I'm reading, if you turn off all paging, then yes an application can use up the whole 64-bit address space range. Turning off the pagefile was never mentioned before your post and dannthr's post before it. From the way it played out, it looked like you guys were saying that just because it's 64-bit meant that it could use all the memory, which is not the case as the pagefile would need to be turned off. With pagefile, everything I said is true. Without, you run the risk of running out of ram and hard crashing your system. With enough ram, that would not be a problem. So it's either, have a pagefile, or make damn sure you have enough ram that you'll never have it all being used up at one time. Edit: all that being said. From what I understand, the OP's post makes it seem like this will be an all purpose computer, not necessarily strictly a production comp. I wouldn't really recommend turning off pagefiles on a comp like that. Again unless you have a godly amount of ram I guess.
  16. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virtual_address_space "Physical memory is used by the OS to map values from file bytes to VAS addresses: process memory is VAS memory, not physical memory." It also goes on to re-iterate that junk I wrote about about the 8GB limit for 64-bit applications.
  17. I meant for regular sample usage there rather than crazy large sample libraries. Valid point for sure. p.s. some daws have built in plugins that load samples, etc. So yes, it can also be a function of the DAW itself to support that for its own internal sampling junk. The OS is always doing background stuff. Sometime's a little sometimes a lot. I/O is THE bottle neck, and has been for years. I have first hand experience going from a traditional fast HDD to an SSD and the difference is very noticeable. Aside from quicker boot of the os and/or programs, the computer will be snappier and respond much better in general because I/O isn't so slow. Page swaps, background programs writing whatever to disk, etc. I/O is pretty much always going on, or at the very least, happens very often. You are right to say that doing stuff on HDD's will not be faster. Sure, but that's a given. Things that don't do I/O actually will be improved. Like I said, the computer's snappiness and overall speed will improve. Lets throw in a theoretical situation where a CPU has 4 threads, and all threads are waiting on some I/O. Well this program that doesn't do I/O can't continue because the CPU is too busy waiting for other I/O operations. As noted here http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/aa366778(v=vs.85).aspx Virtual address space for 32-bit applications is 2GB up to 4GB with IMAGE_FILE_LARGE_ADDRESS_AWARE. 64-bit applications get 2GB up to 8GB with IMAGE_FILE_LARGE_ADDRESS_AWARE set. Pages can go up to some stupid amount (up to 128GB it looks like). But paging exists on the hard drive, and is swapped in to memory when the application needs it. So if the application is going to be doing a lot of paging, then hard drive I/O will once again be the bottle neck. So to reiterate, every 64-bit application can have up to 8 GB of memory in use at a time, the rest will be paging. (32-bit programs being 4 GB like you mentioned). I already noted that some programs open up new applications for each plugin so each application can have it's own share of the address space (or jBridge like you mentioned). I believe the point of the virtual ram space limitation is basically to stop any one program from hogging up all the ram on the system. Can't back up that statement, but that's my theory. Dunno if I answered everything, let me know if there is still something you believe to be misinformed.
  18. First off I just want to note that I'm not necessarily disagreeing with what you've said (except for not using an SSD for the OS anyway). While it is true that SSD's WILL fail at some point, its not like a few months, or a year, or anything like that. Most likely it will be a good few years. Ive had an SSD as my OS drive and its still perfectly fine after 2ish years. A good idea is to keep backups, and perhaps dont leave your computer on all the time, as the os will be doing shit all the time for the most part and if you aren't there, you dont need it on all the time. I'd also like to note that regardless of the amount of ram you have, programs are only allotted a certain amount of ram (2 GB I think, it might even be 4 GB). Anyways, my suggestion is to keep the os on an SSD, and get another SSD for this crazy orchestral library.
  19. unless your reading samples directly from disk (which some DAW's can do) instead of loading them in to ram, an ssd isn't going to matter for samples. I have seen first hand, the speed increase you get from installing your OS on an SSD. I just install all my other programs (like my DAW) on regular drives. The speed increase on your OS drive will help EVERYTHING because all those background processes that slow down your OS (due to I/O) will not take as long to complete, and therefore will use up less resources and will spend less time waiting for the disk. I'd suggest if you really want an SSD sample drive for orchestral stuff, get another SSD, and keep your OS on the one it came with. I need to repeat, that the biggest speed increase you can possibly get (as far as general computer speed) is putting your OS on an SSD (assuming your cpu/ram/etc are up to par).
  20. hmm.. so if I understand this properly it's... f#, d-f#-a-c#, d-f#-a-c#, f#, d-f#-a-c#, f#-a#-b-d# almost sounds right... but not quite.. am I misunderstanding? do I have the ordering wrong? ugh this is bugging me lol.. somehow its just not sounding right
  21. I've been trying for a while.. and I can usually do it but for some reason I can't seem to get it this time. The chords that this track opens with and the same chords appear throughout the song.If anybody could help me out with this, I would super appreciate it!
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