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  1. did you see that somebody 2 posts above you already pointed that out?
  2. pretty sure thats not how it works. You can just get reason 6 without having the previous version.
  3. I don't know. All I know is that I can run a bunch of instances of massive all playing stuff and my cpu is fine :S
  4. This is the part where you actually explain what you were talking about.
  5. I enjoy how people who prefer one daw tend to spout a whole bunch of misinformed dribble about daws they have either never used, or barely used. If you actually want to contribute, talk about why the daw you use is good for you, instead of pretending you know stuff about other daws and trying to shoot them down. and by enjoy I meant that it's annoying.
  6. Happy Ocrthday BIRE! Happy Protoday Birth-Dome! Happy Birthday Binweasel!.... damn it, that switch did nothing!!!!
  7. cool concept and all.. I feel the controls are a little weird... a lot of the times it doesn't seem to do what I keep telling it to do :S
  8. dunno why this hasnt been suggested, but if its really fast, just throw it in a daw and slow it the fuck down? Edit: While making sure to keep the integrity of the pitch that is.
  9. No... they just know a whole lot more than you do about mastering, and they have tons and tons of experience in it.
  10. Thanks guys Yay my first OCR Birthday haha, and coincidentally the same year I got an accepted mix. Awesome Also, totally digging being the mexican dog in that pic Also, Happy Birthday OA! Birthday Buddy!
  11. yeah.. I hadnt seen any activity here, and completely forgot about it, and it still says phase 1... so I didnt even start :S
  12. oh wow... lets see... I joined on 05-17-2006. I subbed my first remix (a remix of Sync by Outphase from DDR/IIDX) which got no'ed on 5-28-06. (in retrospect, it did suck ) Then I subbed a remix of Traces by Outphase (from ddr/iidx) with 2 resubs, and they all got noed as well lol. Then an MM2 remix in 2008, which go noed. Then a remix from an xbox indie game in 2010 which also got noed. And then a megaman x5 remix for the mmx project this year, which finally got yessed, but hasnt been posted yet. So since join date... umm.. 5 years or so?
  13. Making my way through the album while driving to/from work. Amazing stuff, I'm soo looking forward to the release. So many awesome choons
  14. ohhhh mannn... one of the new devices (wont say which one) is going to be abused SOOO MUCH. It makes me HOT just thinking about it!!!!!!
  15. Have you tried VERY EASY mode? Very Easy Mode At the title screen where you have the option of game modes, highlight Golden Playhouse and hold select until the screen flashes white. You must do this every time you start or load your game to have an effect.
  16. itt somebody tries to do things the hard way, for no good reason what so ever
  17. Yeah I remembered about that soon after and was too lazy to correct myself.
  18. gore? I don't remember any gore. unless you mean creepy scary type things. Anyways, me and some friends played this on normal from 6pm to 5am a few nights ago. We just couldnt go to bed until it was resolved. I personally absolutely love the game. I think its amazing! Great puzzles, quite a bit of difficulty later on (like... quite a bit ) and the story was great.
  19. I always pay $13.37 for the Humble Bundles. Its just more.... 1337 that way
  20. Honestly, just tell people that they have X days to submit their shit or its not going on the album. I'm sick of this not coming out because people are too lazy to spend 5 minutes getting their shit in.
  21. if you want, I can post my 600+ collection of started reason/record projects since 2005 or so
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