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  1. Already played through the Japanese version of this game. Soooo gooood. Without knowing *much* japanese it was easy as hell to figure everything out (except that one level that gives you orders in japanese lol) BUY THIS GAME! *DJ SymBiotiX Seal of Approval
  2. damn it.. why does nobody go to Acen.... go to Acen you noobulaxes!
  3. I have this feeling that mickomoo is getting his terms wildly mixed up :S Or he just thinks that recording midi and quantizing actually has *any* sort of performance hits
  4. I don't quite understand the point. Why would you just use reason to record midi just so you can export it to something else? Every other DAW out there can record and quantize midi just as well.
  5. Holy shit that is the best place ever. I have some good memories about that place <3 me and 2 other friends went there (never having deep dish before). We each ordered a medium pizza. The lady brought out the first one and started serving it to us and we were all "we each ordered one" and she laughed it off but then we were like "no... we really each ordered one" and she looked so scared. That pizza lasted me like 4 days lol
  6. I'm driving down to Chicago on the 27th of April (for Acen). If anything is going on in minneapolis or chicago around then I'd show up probably
  7. I.....I posted this.. and its right below your post....first....like 5 hours ago
  8. So somebody showed me this today http://bitwig.com/bitwig_studio.php Looks like there is a new DAW in town (well not released yet), that looks like it will be pretty good competition for things already out there. From what I can tell, it borrows heavily from Ableton Live as far as looks and workflow are concerned. But its multi platform, VST 32/64 bit compatable, etc. In the future it looks like they will also be releasing Networking updates to allow you to work with other people on the same project at the same time, natively. I also see something about making your own synths/effects/etc with it (possibly similar to MAX for Live). Anyways, it looks cool. I signed up for beta testing (that would be cool to get in on it ) What do you guys think?
  9. I was actually gonna recommend this as well. fucking creepy as fuck game. IF you think 8-bit cant be scary.. you are so damn wrong
  10. I find it funny how everybody is like "ugh another MGS game bla bla bla" news flash. It's MGR (Metal Gear Rising) -> Not MGS anymore.
  11. Do you really think there was a reason for your post? Even though op's question was answered already?
  12. I have no idea what's wrong with people's tvs . I have a 37 inch LCD tv and it looks perfectly fine. I see people posting screen shots of their tv's showing the game all blurry and bad looking, but it doesn't look like that on my tv :S
  13. So I beat the game today. Overall I was majorly impressed and pretty much loved everything about it. Few gripes here and there, but nothing big enough to make me not enjoy the game. Few things though ***Spoilers and such probably big ones*** First off, what does a brotha have to do to get a triforce around here? I felt like that part of the game took way too long. While I enjoyed the fact that they reused a lot of places, this part seemed too long.. And for the other thing. The last boss was WAY to easy for me. I spent the time getting some potions/fairies, only to go in, get hit like twice and beat it. I was like "thats it....?"
  14. K I dont understand why people call this game linear. It isn't linear. Lets take OOT for example. You're telling me that if you removed the field in the middle, and all the areas were "separate" that would make the game linear? if anything, the flying bit in this game replaces the field essentially. There is really nothing linear about this game :S imo anyways. As far as the game goes. I feel like its my favourite zelda so far. Gameplay is great, story is great (I dont know what the general consensus of the story is here, but I think It's awesome), items are great (I really like some of the new items they have introduced), upgrading system, etc. I could go on Cant wait to keep playing tonight
  15. I responded, perhaps you didn't see it. Here is what I know. Funkot originated in Indonesia. It is referred to Funky Kota, Funkot, Hard Funk, Indonesian House Music, and possibly some other stuff. Usually in the bpm range of 180-190. Has an iconic cowbell everywhere. Usually has a slowdown breakdown where the artist can experiment with different genres before going back in to higher speeds. It's been getting quite popular in Japan lately (which is where I first heard it).
  16. the only thing that matters is if you use A minor in some sort of adult film. Don't do that.
  17. thanks guys. As it is, it wasnt really meant to be a solid piece that flows from one part to the other. The way I kind of see it right now is that its 3 different ideas . But I will use those ideas to build from. I hope to work on this some more soon and give an update. Ive been way too busy with other stuff lately
  18. Hey guys! So me and my friend had made and released this album physically to sell at last years Anime Central. I decided to finally throw it up on bandcamp to sell digitally. This full length album features 4 UK Hardcore tracks, 4 Funkot tracks, and 2 Trance tracks. We put everything we had into this album, and anybody that has bought it so far has loved every minute of it! I hope you'll take a listen an let us know what you think. You can grab individual tracks for $0.99 or the whole album for $5.99! http://mnemosyne.bandcamp.com/ p.s. You can still grab physical copies for $14.99 here: www.mydjsobad.com/item.php/item/-mdsbcd-001-the-royal-sampler-vol-1
  19. Really nice voice I've been looking for a female vocalist to collaborate with on some original tracks (not necessarily game remixes). Do you think you would be interested in doing any vocals for UK Hardcore type songs? Stuff like this: http://www.trackitdown.net/genre/hardcore/track/2749427.html http://www.trackitdown.net/genre/hardcore/track/2749435.html http://www.trackitdown.net/genre/hardcore/track/2191281.html If you'd like some other examples I'd be happy to give them to you. Let me know if you would be interested, and we'll get in contact and whatnot
  20. So I've been hankering to finally do another OCReMix attempt and here are some ideas I came up with the other day. I feel like they are kind of disjoint so far, but I think I like it so far. Just gotta figure out a way to make it mesh better and sheeeeit The basic idea is the Death Mountain Theme from LTTP, the Dark Overworld Theme from LTTP, and Tal Tal Heights Theme from Links Awakening. http://soundcloud.com/djsymbiotix/the-dark-side-of-hyrule-ideas
  21. As much as I like and support humble bundles, I'd just like to point out that one game does not a bundle make.
  22. I notice that a LOT of Zelda and Starfox music has a quite a few recurring themes and whatnots. I usually hum one and just go in to another without thinking. I think both of those games are scored by Koji
  23. I wasn't discounting it because he is young, I was discounting it because to me it seemed like he was saying "learning music properly, is harder (takes more time) than learning programming properly". Which really isn't the case. (and I personally feel that he says a lot of things like they are fact when they are actually opinion which a lot of younger people tend to do) Yes, there are people who can learn one easier than the other, etc. Discounting all the outliers, Witiko pretty much summed up what I wanted to say. Programming isn't as black and white as people seem to think it is. p.s. sorry for the derail
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