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  1. I'm not going to lie, I think I just orgasmed when I heard about this project. Whoever thought of this is a !!!!ing genius.
  2. I really enjoyed this remix, I love listening to it every time it is shuffled up on my MP3 player.
  3. Hey zircon, Im a big fan. On your tutorial 2: how exactly did you modify the reverb.... in what way did you change it?
  4. 00:40 So far I like the intro however... those bass staccato notes feel so empty... I sudgest an echo, while still keeping the staccato to it? Pleeeease? 2:30 I like those guitar riffs, really nice effect! Also I notice the hihat, nice job for tempo. Also I hear some synth in there.... But Maybe since it's 3:00 YES! YES! YES! You did a fantastic job on that beat drop, and just at the right moment too. 3:50 Nice guitar plucks, very nice job 4:30 Could you add a arpeggio here? Maybe a down down arpeggio of sorts? 4:50 I like the chords you put in there. I loved the ending.... it gave me a sense of longing... but I might be the only one who thinks that. I really enjoyed the remix. Nice work.
  5. I haven't gotten Burning Crusade yet... I didn't really see the point in it unless my Druid was at level 60. It's at 48 right now. That and because I'm lazy. Should I really go out and get it if I don't plan on making a new character just for the sake of trend?
  6. Well actually... I'd like to point out something. 00:32 is where "the pause" starts, or rather, not a piano but a Sitar solo. I beleive it sounds very close to a Sitar. However I don't hear it change in chords, rather it's played as a percussion insturment with one tone. Reguardless, I beleive it sounds nice, rather I wished it was a little louder so people could hear it better. Otherwise it just sounds like one great big "pause". I think the Piano you were referring to in "the pause" was the Sitar I speak of.
  7. Man with a Machine Gun is one of my favorite songs ever made by Nobou Uematsu, and me being a Nobou Uematsu fan makes that a big deal. This THE favorite mix of Nobou Uematsu's songs of mine, and me bing a Nobou Uematsu fan makes that a big deal. The slow start gives you a delusion and all of the sudden BAM, PIMPSLAPPED, you break into a hardcore beat. I LOVE YOU STANDBY!
  8. This has to be one of my favorite piano mixes there are. It makes me wanna start playing piano again. I used to play piano but all of the sudden my piano teacher decided to move to Africa (Where did that come from?). The ... I don't know musical term... but it sounds like four very fast triplets. I love that, it makes me wet myself. It just sounds so beautiful. I wish there were more mixes like this that made me wet myself.
  9. You guys know the music in Paramina rift? The background music? With the piano in it? Yeah... I really want someone to remix that for me. I'd love that. kthxbai
  10. I did like this remix, I had it on my MySpace for a while, like 2 weeks? I am a fan of alot of the FF7 remixes. Some of my favorites are... Internal Affliction Heart's Anxiety Sector 7 Hath Wraught The Angel Galvinized Boss Jenova for Classical Piano This isn't on the top of the list though. Good mix, just not my favorite... When is someone gonna make a FFXII remix? Hurry up with that... Sad that Uematsu didn't do all the scores though.
  11. That's realistically something I could do this new year's because I live close to New York. Unfortunatally, like MAGfest, I can't go. I'll be in Rome, Italy with my high school marching band. I'm soooooo not bragging. (Well maybe a little). I really would like to go to MAGfest or this because at Otakon I never got to see anyone from OCR. Not even Zircietrix, *sob*. But I did have a great time and the only reason I knew about Otakon is because of the meet-up, which I love you all for. ~Fraggy
  12. So I got this game yesterday and I've been in eternal FFOrgasm since. But something ruined my sexual euphoria, something so sinister not even the powers of Nobuo Uematsu could defeat this. I went into the sand desert right outside the city you start in. You know, the one where you fight the Rogue Tomato? I'm loving the game and what not. I'm listening to the music and all of the sudden there is a loud quarter note on the trumpet. It sounds totally off beat and horrible. Did anyone else notice this, and can someone please justify this to me?
  13. This mix should have gotten alot of more posts. I really liked it, though, I did think that the techno was so overemphasized that the original score was lost in it. I mean, don't get me wrong, this mix was slammin'... but it just seemed like the original score was lost.
  14. I downloaded it and it didn't work. I try to play it and nothing comes out. *sigh*
  15. Man I wish I was in those years of my life where I apply to colleges, just so I could do that.
  16. Hey, guys, I would totally love to go. I really want to go. But thats when I come back from Rome, Italy. My schools marching band is one of the best in the nation, and we go all over. We're going to Rome, Italy and we're going to play at the Vaticant and stuff. Sorry
  17. You know, eventually there will be so many posts on this thread that it will explode. Letters and fragments of once beautiful words will fly everywhere.
  18. I have always been a fan of Beatdrop. I really like this mix... Argh, you know everyone else has some long statement to say. Usually involving musical terms and what not. I never have anything long and good to say.
  19. I saw that the new Pokemon game. It's going to be for the DS. How is that gonna work? Will it have touch screen gameplay or will it totally neglect the DS's prime function?
  20. I just had a question guys. Who's that sexy guy on the show called Fragment? He's so lewd and funny. He should get his own section of the Answering Machine. It should be labeled "Fo shizzle Frag-dizzle." What do you think?
  21. I know this is a bit old, but I picked up Megaman Battle Network 4: Red Sun and I can't put it down. It's so sexy. I love the gameplay. Pretty much all of the installments from Megaman Battle Network are really well done. You guys should go out and buy it. Buy it now. Buy it now. Buy it now!
  22. I love you DJP. I do, I do, I do. I love the beat you lay down in the beginning. It makes me shake my money-maker. Though, I think the beat destroyed the creepy-whispering-japaneise-ambience vibe. It didn't transcend very well. You should have had it just transcend to the next beat a little slower. I think the little trancy sound in the background that sounds like a harpischord on crack and doing scales is really annoying. Make it stop! And the whole whispering japanese is no where to be found after the beginning. That kind of saddened me. I wanted to hear more of that. I think that since you only did one part of that it kind of destroyed the "incantation" vibe. Boo! 8 out of 10
  23. Fragment The Famous here. So... well... the whole idea of a slow start and a build-up isn't really unique. At all. Infact it's been in music for centuries. But I think you made the slow build-up last way to long. It wasn't 'till pretty much half way that it actually reached the release. I think the techno part is kind of... cliche. It's not much different then any other techno beat. This isn't that well done. I think you could have done better. 7 out of 10
  24. Zyko... no, just no. Please, this stuff gives me a headache. Arrggggh! *throws poop at speakers* Turn it off!
  25. Wow, this remix is so exciting. I liked the snare roll you threw in at the beggining. I was like "OMG, what will ever happen next?". I LOVE the rainforest drum vibe going on. This is such a nice remix. It's got Chocobo written all over it. Wark! 9 out of 10 Yeah, I am that famous. I know.
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