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  1. Jaffar in the original Prince of Persia is a pushover. By the time I was good enough at the game to beat it in the required hour, all of the sword-fighting had become so formulaic to me that it was just WHAM WHAM WHAM and he was dead.
  2. I wonder if he'd still be mega-vulnerable to missiles . . .
  3. It kind of makes me sad to say this, but I hope they retire the OoT game engine/game mechanics as soon as possible. Yes, it works brilliantly and has been used for all of the 3D Zelda games, but everything's starting to feel the same. I just started playing Twilight Princess, and really, it feels like OoT 4.0 instead of a new game. It's the same gripe I had about Wind Waker. Maybe they could make a sort of spiritual successor to Zelda II?
  4. Can't really make any comments about pattern-based capabilities of any of these programs, since I mostly do linear stuff. Pro Tools -- Pro Tools is designed for audio recording (and does a really, really good job with it), but its piano roll capabilities are limited compared to more MIDI oriented programs such as Sonar and Cubase. In my opinion, the biggest problem Pro Tools has is that you cannot view multiple tracks of MIDI data on the same piano roll (as far as I know, this is still true for the most recent versions). If you go with Pro Tools and are using a PC (especially a laptop), check the Digidesign site before you buy to make sure your computer is supported. I understand that some people have compatibility issues when running it on a PC. Sonar -- Sonar (which I use and like) can do multiple tracks on one piano roll, and I think Cubase (which I've never used) can also do this. This lets you see all of your notes in one place without having to switch among lots of different tracks. Kinda important, at least to me. As Fray mentioned, the difference between Sonar Studio and Producer is basically the number of plug-ins they come with. I think you can upgrade to Producer after buying Studio for about the same as the price difference between the two versions, so if you want Producer but don't want to spend that much, you can always get Studio and upgrade later if you decide you definitely need the additional stuff. Also, Sonar is Windows-only. Not sure which OS(es) you use, since you have both Sonar and Logic (Mac-only) on your list. Reason -- Like Pro Tools, it can't do multiple tracks on a single piano roll (this refers to Reason 3; I'm not sure about Reason 4). Generally limited piano roll features, as I think you've discovered. Cubase -- Never used it, so I can't say much about it. FL -- Never used it. I think it's the cheapest, though. Logic -- I've only used it for basic audio editing, and I'm not familiar with its MIDI/piano roll features. Mac-only. If you're using a Mac, you might also want to check out Digital Performer. It basically does anything Sonar and Cubase can do. Acid -- Loops-based, but I haven't used any recent version of it. I think it does audio recording now. Pretty sure it's Windows-only.
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