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  1. I ordered their demo a few weeks ago, but still havent got it due to the amount of time it takes to mail from the US to Sweden. But I doubt they will submit more, unless they send in Heavy Mario, which is on their site.
  2. I see nothing really wrong with it. I personally like it. Has that video game feel, unlike a lot of remixes.
  3. the original point of this song, in game, was to sadden the moment that alan and cerl disappear with the castle. I see nothing sad about a little piano intro, and then bust out a techno beat. This > sad melody
  4. I still say, this is the best BoF remix. 100 times better than the Sad Melody one, mainly just because it stays true to the original, instead of straying off to some other genre that defeats the purpose of the original song. DC wins!
  5. I love the password part of this. That is just great music. But I definately agree with the "not much added" part. It just stays too close. This is not as bad as that one Doom remix though. Still, its nice.
  6. yes, if you like vocals with game music, or a really big fan of 80s metal, this is a good song for you. I really loved the instrumental work on this though. Very nicely put together. Just not a fan of the vocals and lyrics though.
  7. As a fan of legions music, this was a let down for me. That demons crest mix was just awesome, and I had high hopes for heavier guitar and a lot of double bass in this remix. Too bad it didnt come true.
  8. I have to agree with the "needs more bass". I would also loved the guitar to be a little heavier. Other than that, it is a well put together mix.
  9. everyone should know Im not a big fan of daknit, and this remix is one of the reasons why. Secure Place could only be remix in a certain way, and this is an example of a way not to do it. I would actually much rather see a guitar or maybe even a piano arrangement of it done. This one just didnt hit me.
  10. love the way the intro is, and goes into the rest of the song quite well. Great job f4t4l
  11. One of the first remixes I heard here. Actually, this is how I found OCR back in the day. I search for CV remixes and this one came up. I love this one! The ending is the only part I actually do not like though, as said before, its just too much of a cut off, like membler didnt know where to go with it.
  12. To me, it sounds like in the mix down of this, they didnt transition the second guitar in well after the intro. It just comes in, and cuts right out way too fast. But other than that, its great, cause its the bosses. I guess Im just use to the live one more though.
  13. One of the few storm eagle remixes Ive heard, that is actually considered by me to be good. Its just hard to beat the original
  14. Reminds me a lot of that song by the Primitive Radio Gods. I really do like this remix though for some odd reason, even though its not exactly my favorite type
  15. Dracula x rondo of blood had a great soundtrack, and this shows it off quite well. would love to see more from that game.
  16. I liked the first 28 seconds of it, but after that, it just way too techno to still be considered "sad"
  17. I LOVE this remix. Just because of my love for bionic commando
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