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  1. Seconded. Though there isn't an artist on this album that I'm not excited about. My favorite game/soundtrack with this lineup - what's not to be excited about? By the way Brandon, Passing Sorrow is one of my all-time favorite tracks in game music history and I'm super stoked to hear what you did with it. Just thought I'd throw that out there Can't. Wait.
  2. Oddly enough, I did the same thing in a sense. I bought the guide before the game, but my friend had the game and not the guide. So I brought it to school daily, then we'd go over to his house after school and play it until nightfall. I started a perfect game run a few days ago (boy am I regretting that decision). Not that I care about how the graphics are (I still love the game regardless) but playing on an emulator with a decent shader plugin makes a nice difference.
  3. I'm mostly curious as to why the image shows 4 discs for FF7.
  4. I noticed in the SD3 album thread that there was an announcement about certain restrictions now in effect due to the whole Square-Enix/Kickstarter mess that took place. I'm assuming these restrictions also apply to the FF9 album, but I'm just curious if it will cause any setbacks.
  5. I have a few PS3 games I'm looking to sell as I haven't even touched them since buying them, as well as other games. Not exactly sure on prices, I was attempting to use ebay as a base but the prices there vary so much. So everything is open to offers/negotiations. PS3 Hyperdimension Neptunia Premium Edition - this is still factory sealed and comes with a deck of cards, also sealed. Ar Tonelico QOGA - I opened the box on this one but never actually played the game itself, so the disc has never left the case. Comes with a still sealed Ar Tonelico calender. PS2 - All games listed here are subject to removal. My attachment for them might return at a later date. I'm just listing them to see if anyone shows a real interest. Ar Tonelico II Atelier Iris Devil May Cry box collection (includes 1, 2, & 3) DragonBall Z Infinite World DragonQuest VIII Final Fantasy X Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex .hack//Infection, Outbreak, Quarantine (3 separate games in order, missing Mutation which is the second of the the four) .hack//G.U. Rebirth, Reminisce, Redemption Mana Khemia Mana Khemia 2 Mega Man Anniversary Collection Mega Man X Collection Radiata Stories Rogue Galaxy Shadow Hearts: Covenant Shadow Hearts: From The New World Star Ocean: Til the End of Time Valkyrie Profile 2 Xenosaga I, II, III Zone of the Enders All PS2 games are in perfect working condition. PC Hexen II - I don't know if this is even worth selling but I found it in a box today. Might throw it in as a gift if anyone ends up buying either of the PS3 games. Like I said, I'm not necessarily sure on prices, but open to offers.
  6. Hey would I be able to get white-listed for the OCR server? Username is KieranCarden
  7. Well you can put me down for being interested whatever is thought up. Distance isn't really an issue for me, would just like to take part.
  8. Is there a direct email address to reach them or are we forced to use their shitty contact form on their contact page?
  9. Enough said. I like traveling in general, so I'm down for any midwest meetup - so Chicago, Indy, etc, are all open options for me. But a Minneapolis one would be especially doable. I'm about 2 hours south of the cities now, but moving to Minnetonka within the next month or so.
  10. There is. Neither of which warrant a full days worth of activities alone, but combined they make for an awesome day out. Navy Pier is a lot more fun during the evening though - well, I thought so anyway. It was really busy the entire day, but after it got dark it just seemed more inviting. Chinatown just brought out the fanboy in me since every other store has anime/video game merchandise. That was a bad day for my wallet. I believe it was mentioned but there are some major art facilities within Chicago that are a must see. I can't think of names off the top of my head though. What? No MoA? That's almost a requirement in you're visiting the Twin Cities area. Though since this is where I'm from, it's not all that exciting honestly. A meet-up sounds really fun; sadly I'm not active enough here (more of a lurker) to be able to join up. If suggestions are needed though I'll gladly chime in. I know the area pretty well since I have lived in the midwest my entire life... :/
  11. Har Har xD I figured my post would be overlooked anyway, at least someone else saw the article as well. Why are they saying SOPA passed? I got an e-mail from DemandProgress today stating: Plus some other stuff and a bunch of links regarding donations.
  12. And I'm going to leave this right here. Hypocrisy much?
  13. http://www.google.com/support/youtube/bin/request.py?hl=en&contact_type=contact_policy&policy=yt&rd=1 This is the only place I found that was talking about being able to e-mail them. Otherwise there was also: http://www.youtube.com/t/contact_us Which has a few different resources. Not sure if any of that is what you're looking for though.
  14. Also tweeted, though I don't use twitter that much so I'm not sure the extent of which it will help. Pretty disappointed in YouTube but honestly it doesn't really surprise me (the fact that YouTube would pull something like this that is).
  15. I saw a link to this: http://venturebeat.com/2011/04/30/kazuo-hirai-brief-psn-outage/ saying there's going to be a briefing tomorrow. At the bottom I saw a similar link to the Kotaku one but that actually had information in it about someone having fraudulent charges made with their credit card: http://venturebeat.com/2011/04/28/hackers-brag-that-they-have-playstation-network-credit-card-numbers/?obref=obinsite
  16. Haven't checked any stores around here, but it's out there on the internet (trimmed and pre-cracked though, no clean dump as far as I know).
  17. Not that anyone really knows me here (I'm no remixer either) but I think that would be pretty cool. Midwest never gets enough love for anything Where in Wisconsin? Perhaps I could get in on that pick me up as well and help pay for gas. I don't have a car though (no way I can afford one right now with all my college finances/debt) so there's no way I can drive. Too bad it's not a little in future after the 26th; I'm going to be in northern Indiana (literally 5 minutes from Chicago) on/around the 29th until July 10th or so.
  18. They don't sell day passes anymore? Last time me and my buddy went they sold both day passes and weekend passes. We were planning on day passes but when we got there opted for the weekend passes and just got a hotel. 1) I've been there several times, seeing as I'm from Minnesota and it's the closest anime con to get to. It's really nice, I think you'll enjoy it. Unfortunately I'm not able to go this year :/ so I won't be able to meet up with anyone from OCR... not that anyone really knows me anyway >_> 5) This. 6) Hope you enjoy it... outside of the twin cities we have nice... nature/scenery? 7) Holy crap, you're coming from Baltimore? Hey I'm from Minnesota too and I resent that... ...Nah, you're right :/ Aside from MoA, we really have nothing to offer (unless you're big into camping and the outdoors, then we have a lot to offer...) Anyway, I really wish I was going. It's cool that there's going to be an OCR panel this year. Good luck to everyone, hope it's a big hit!
  19. And you assume that because...?
  20. Pssh... I disagree. I played Sonic3&K just a couple months ago - Did a run with each character, got all the emeralds/super emeralds, etc and I enjoyed playing it just as much as before, and I'm 24.
  21. No :/ My SegaCD system still works just fine so I'm not really concerned about it being re-released, but it would be nice for other people. However, using Sonic 4's "upgraded" graphics would be the worst idea and should NOT happen, ever. QFT
  22. It was all in good fun... I agree though that some people took it a little too seriously, not just him.
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