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  1. EarthBound, Giygas... SPOILERS... i guess. I remember the first time I fought him I really felt completely alone with no hope. It would hit me the hardest right after the game would show the people stopping to pray for you. It was like a little break from the chaos showing you all the people who you have met and that they care enough about you to stop what they were doing and pray, then instantly put you back in the Giygas fight with that extremely creepy music (if you can call it music.) and formless creature in front of you. That game left an impact on me.
  2. Trying to get someone into video games is tough, even if they're the one who decided to try. Just keep in mind that most games are very over the top to a non gamer, civilization sounds like a great idea for someone with the tastes you described. I find it best to stick with a more "normal" themed game for someone in his age range as apposed to something he might find too weird of a concept to accept. A slow paced puzzle game could work too.
  3. I wonder if that's why they chose that name. maybe they want to start a series that's more like traditional Final Fantasy and keep the same kind of theme with the title. ... Or maybe once again this is expected to be the last game by Sakaguchi. (doubt it though)
  4. It may require some timing reflexes but I enjoy playing Kirby's Pinball Land on my Motorola droid. Just keep your thumbs resting over the two paddle buttons and you should be fine. I tend to ignore the buttons to shake the table unless really needed.
  5. any 3D game from the psone era and earlier looks pretty bad to me, I even thought so back when they were new. but I find that any game from the N64 era and on can still look fantastic when played on newer hardware. for example, N64 games can look really nice when emulated with a smooth frame-rate and a resolution of 1920X1080 or higher, even the standard-def 480p Wii VC versions look a lot better than the original.
  6. Muskweeto

    Nintendo Wii

    Oh yeah, they did remove the rotating building, now you just kind of wait for the door to appear. I think the charm people say isn't captured in the remake is just nostalgia getting in the way, the gba version is almost identical when it comes to level design, and the updated visuals and audio look fantastic on the gba. That isn't to say your wii points shouldn't be spent on the original, as already stated the game really pushes the nes hardware, the only downside is it suffers from frequent slowdown.
  7. Muskweeto

    Nintendo Wii

    My personal favourite in that list is Kirby. I don't know if you have played it before so I will warn you that nightmare in dreamland for gba is a remake of this game. if you own or have played nightmare in dreamland a lot you aren't missing anything. Zelda 2 would be my second choice...
  8. I can hear them all. 18 - 22 kHz I can hear faintly. they also make me feel dizzy and light headed, as if I would pass out if I listened to them too long. I'm 25...
  9. Are those the actual starters!? I like them all... This generation is just full of hard decisions for me. And gray is a great idea, it should definitely be gray.
  10. wow... this will be the first generation that I can't choose by color/gem/whatever preference. I really have no idea if I like black or white better. I guess I should just wait for the inevitable third version, wonder what they would call it...
  11. The sonic Mega Collection for the xbox, ps2, and gamecube let you play them as one once you unlocked the option and I used to have a pc version (not emulator) that would also let you.
  12. In the levels the video showed you have to kill all the bad bugs around the flowers so the other hummingbirds can get to them. Later in the game the levels change, some are auto scrolling while others require you to explore caves and such. It may look strange but it's actually pretty cool.
  13. If this system is for Genesis games, why would it come with a controller that has a completely different layout of buttons? I know it will still work out just fine, but I don't see the point.
  14. Can you remove the download from your pc and just use the backup disc the same as a physical copy?
  15. I edited my post to answer big giant circles but your reason is very good.
  16. ok, thanks, that's good to know. I'm not all that familiar with pc online gaming, but I loved the first Left 4 Dead and a game that intense must be played with a keyboard and mouse. And steam just gives the pc that xbox live community feel. edit @big giant circles Well, for whatever reason the games I download from steam don't run anywhere near as well as my hard copy versions, I've even played Left 4 Dead on disk and on steam on this very computer and the steam one just doesn't work well, even in single player.
  17. Quick question, If I were to buy the game on disc for the pc would I be able to play it online with my steam account?
  18. Maybe someone knows this, I had downloaded a "Free" version to test how the game would run on my computer and it seemed to run fine so I decided to sign up for steam and start buying my games from there, I downloaded Left 4 Dead off of steam but it doesn't run as well as my other copy. Is there something I can do to make it run smoother or is it just because having steam running in the background is slowing down my computer?
  19. lol, I would rather this video become popular instead of the keyboard cat, That dad had a lot of classic lines that could be used in many online situations.
  20. I remember playing gold and silver back in the day, I could not believe it when I found out you could go back to Kanto. Hopefully they'll expand on the Kanto region in the remake with more things to do instead of just flying through the gyms.
  21. I went to the the Play! concert in Baltimore in July and they certainly played the Chrono Trigger/Cross medley among other great songs, actually the most emotional one for me that they did was the Oblivion medley, and I've never even played the game. I highly recommend going if you haven't. Here are some videos I found of the Baltimore concert. Castlvania. http://video.google.ca/videoplay?docid=-8524740336635400966&ei=sLdlSZX4GZr-qAOusrneAQ&q=Play!+a+video+game+symphony+baltimore Chrono Trigger/Cross. http://video.google.ca/videoplay?docid=6410290794097594714&ei=sLdlSZX4GZr-qAOusrneAQ&q=Play!+a+video+game+symphony+baltimore Zelda. http://video.google.ca/videoplay?docid=3546767103420674046&ei=sLdlSZX4GZr-qAOusrneAQ&q=Play!+a+video+game+symphony+baltimore Mario. http://video.google.ca/videoplay?docid=1449352987954211615&ei=sLdlSZX4GZr-qAOusrneAQ&q=Play!+a+video+game+symphony+baltimore
  22. Oh man, I can't believe that... I love his books and was just about to start reading Next. Now through the whole book I'm going to be thinking about this. RIP indeed...
  23. I assume you're talking about the red light of death. I hated the fact that I was able to predict what was going to happen, like the spike roof for example, but it still made me jump a mile high.
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