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  1. This has been my favorite track on Maverick Rising so far (and there's a lot of greatness to choose from). There's just so much POWER and ENERGY. It's wonderfully made, and made me appreciate the source material about a hundred times more. I'll be watching you in the future, Dominic. Work like this could put you among my favorite remixers fast.
  2. My only sorrow is that there aren't nearly enough seeds yet for the torrent dl to be quick.
  3. This is the most excited I've been for an OCR Album release since Voices of the Lifestream. Pretty close in scope and size too. I can't die until I absorb all of this music through my ear holes. Sensually.
  4. This is the same as the version on the FFIV remix Album, right? Loved it then, love it now.
  5. This piece is incredible. This is my favorite track put up since bLiNd's "Jade Catacombs". It seems your intention at contrast was carried out very nicely and provides a greatly epic experience, and I would hope that a good orchestral piece like this could set the tone for more work from FFVIII like it. The source material in that game is incredible, and you guys did it great justice.
  6. A buddy and me did that on Melee once. He held the right side of the controller and I the left. I'm pretty sure we actually got a couple kills, but otherwise it was mostly frantic and painful.
  7. Anyone who put the time into it could learn all the Melee Advanced Techniques, so I don't see what's cheap about it. It was a nice gimmick of being someone who really put time in the game. As for this B-stick stuff, this if the first I've seen of it. I think I'll wait until some others find good applications for it before I try learning for myself.
  8. Where can I find the OCR Brawl code database? I'd like to test my mettle against you crazy mothers.
  9. I didn't think I would ever hear a good or effective remix of One-Winged Angel, especially since the Advent Version is among the top three most epic songs of all time. The problem I foresaw was not a lack of material to work with - but such an abundance of it that bringing it all together effectively would be nigh impossible. And yet...this remix is jaw-dropping; utterly awesome! You guys took the right approach from the beginning in opening up creatively and taking it very far away from the original. The intro sets up for the buildup so well I get chills every time I listen to it. There is such a drive and power to the music that it makes me feel like I'm fighting Sephiroth for the the first time all over again, praying Bahamut Zero can last a couple more turns. Heck, the song is just long enough to make it through one usage of Knights of the Round (jk). It's just great, and a very original take on the piece. It succeeds at what it was trying to be to the highest level. And while it is short, the piece itself is so engaging that it feels longer.
  10. Love the alternate cover art! Since Friday, I've listened through the entire album 3 times on my PSP and/or computer while lounging, and I can say that there is no reason to be disappointed. It just becomes more enjoyable the more I listen to it, and I love the style present in nearly every track. I've burned it to CD's so I'll be listening at work as well for much time to come. Though I plan to review these tracks individually in the future, I'll name a few of my favorites- - Deliverance of the Heart (perfect way to start off!) - Nomura Limit - Son of Chaos - Lunatic Moon - Short Skirts - Serenity - Crystal Sermon (Addictive as heck) - Sephiroth's Wake - Midnight at Club Corel - Daydreaming Again - The Crossroads - Omnislash - Beginning of the End - Black Wing Metamorphosis (In regards to this, I feel this may be the only successful remix of OWA - not because a lack of material, but an abundance of it. Considering that, this came out fricken awesome. I feel deprived at only 3:17, because the drive and build up totally captures the feeling of the situation just as well as the original.) Though if you put it against A:OWA...wow. Anyway, this album is a success in every meaning of the word on the highest level. Much love for everyone who worked on this! I shall be enjoying it for years and years to come.
  11. This has altered the entire course of my month. I am currently in a financial low point and did not know what I was going to do for fresh music. I check OCR once a day in hopes for a new track... And I get 45 tracks across 4 CD's of one of my favorite soundtracks of all time. OWA is definitely different from what I'm used to, but having heard the other versions so much, it's great to get a fresh take on it, and it really is cool. Everything sounds great thus far. This is just so awesome I cannot believe it. I wasn't even aware of this project. It was a complete surprise to me. I can't sleep now. Yes. Yes. YES.
  12. What an excellent mix to open up the doors for Nintendo's latest journey into Hyrule. The piece is beautiful, the source is used wonderfully, and I couldn't be happier to have heard it. Great work as always, DarkeSword
  13. I love this remix. I didn't really notice it at first when I dl'd it, then I threw it onto a CD to fill up the last 8 minutes and when I listened to the whole thing through at work, this stuck out as my favorite track by far. I love the slow buildup, and where it leads. I wouldn't want anything about it changed. A wonderful, wonderful song.
  14. I watched 2 for the first time today and, as I decided when 2 came out, immediately went and saw 3. Eh, neither comes close to 1, as I expected, but 3 was a pretty enjoyable movie. It just seemd too...ambitious. Too much going on. The plot was crammed. And a few moments here and there made me cringe. I've had too much Pirates for one day. At least I partially made up for it by playing Smash Melee for 3 hours directly afterwards.
  15. I remember looking up the game on IMDB for VA's and ending up having the same question. I guess we'll never know. On TS - I like the original and the remake in different ways, so I don't really feel the need to pick one over the other.
  16. I've read all of the english Manga thus far, which includes Volume 11 (of 12) that came out this week. It is the best Manga I have ever read, followed by One Piece and I"s. I caught a few episodes of the Anime before it got lisenced, but then I just stick to the Manga. It certainly did tend to look "too easy" for Light for a while and he gets very over-confident as time goes on, but I don't see this ending well for him. Near and Mello are awesome and I'm rooting for them all the way. But I've been able to avoid spoilers almost completely as I've read through the series and have not partaken in much internet discussion of it due to those who have read fanslated Manga to the end. The next 2 months will be extremely difficult. http://www.vgcats.com/comics/?strip_id=233
  17. There is mystery in the air. The source tune always had a very dreary and dark feeling to it that well personified the early part of Crono's journey. What you did with this piece, lyrics and all, built upon that basis and expanded it to a masterpiece. I have enjoyed several of the lyrical pieces I've heard on OCR before ("dreams come true" being one of them) but this easily topples them all. The Piano, the Guitar, the Vocals - this is a Masterpiece. I love everything about it. I had held off downloading CT remixes for some time due to the sheer volume of them, but I made an exception for this and Black Wind Rising solely because of how awesome the pieces you've brought together are. I am now a loyal fan of Star Salzman.
  18. This is a nice, charming piece. There's no critcism I could offer that hasn't already, so I'll offer praise. I really enjoy listening to this and always felt the source material had potential, which you have tapped masterfully. It also stands unique among many of the OCR songs I've heard in the past, bringing something sort've new to the table. This is one I'll be listening to often for a long time to come and is already one of my favorites. Great job, I hope to see you do much, much more work of this skill and quality.
  19. This is an awesome and gorgeous piece of music. It giives me a moving yet mildly depressing feel, as though a great adventure had come to an end and yet nothing really changed to make the world better. A solitary emptiness. Nonetheless, despite how much I love this piece, the quality seems mildly lacking in a couple parts. No big deal to me, but it is there.
  20. Who knew. The remixer responsible for Broken Mirror Reflection is also behind this, thus making you the creator of 2/3 of my favorite Xenogears mixes. The source is my favorite track from the Xenogears soundtrack, and this mix takes it places I could previously only dream of. It's absolutely beautiful and without flaw.
  21. Hey, this is a really fricken awesome piece. One of the best Xenogears remixes on the site! Great work.
  22. How can this song be gripping, emotional, and epic all at the same time? This really is a perfect piece to me. I love everything about the way it sounds, the way it's sang...I've played Xenogears through before twice, and now I feel the need to buy the OST just to hear more of this, though none of it will match such greatness. I especially love the buildup at 1:32 until 2:05, as well as the lyrical part that follows. Ugh, how can I pick a part that I like best?
  23. This is a great song! It stands among the best of all the Zelda remixes on the site. It reminds me both of starting a new Zelda adventure and Pirates of the Cartibbean, oddly enough. It works great and I don't imagine I'll stop listening to this piece for a long time to come. The build up, the transitions...the everything. This sounds like it's coming right out of a symphony orchestra. Having the main theme show through for only that little bit is really a highlight to me, as well.
  24. Everything about this piece is so good I don't know what to say. I got MMZ2 when it first came out and these two themes were clearly the best of the game (only a couple others are memorable...) and just love the entire feel and execution of the games intro. This takes it to an entire new level and although there are only 2 MMZ remixes, a song like this completely makes up for the lack of others. In a way, it fully encompasses what the Zero series is about, to me.
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