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  1. Hypothetical album time. I was messing around with different album ideas in my head, and I have one in notepad from on my hard drive (Marble Madness), when I started thinking of something Darkesword said he'd like to do. Take all the short map themes in the Mario series and turn them into extended trance mixes, kind of like this song from Daniel Kandi: I had in mind SMB3. 8 worlds, 8 tracks, but long trance journeys like the song above, or this one: I might start working on the concept and submit a formal proposal for it based on the response here.
  2. First off, WAAAY too repetitive. That out of the way, you neglected to add a bit of melody, which is played by that "wah-fart brass" thing in the original. if you were to submit it, I don't think it would pass at all. Keep at it though!
  3. I dunno, depends on whether I can pull off fake piano convincingly enough, got any tips?
  4. ...is there any way to denote a range for an automation clip? I.E. I'd like to put rubato in one if my tracks, however if I put an automation clip down for tempo, as it is now it ranges from 10BPM to 999BPM...huge problem. I'd like it to range from say 90-120BPM, which is more manageable. is there any way to do this?
  5. Zircon and Jillians new video caused me to write. I have known Zircon ever since the middle of the '00s, in the SoundTempest room on IRC network EsperNet. I think that is around the same time his first mix was posted on OCR. I remember actually telling him that I wish I knew him earlier so we could grow together. Fast forward 10 years, and he is now this near-international superstar. it's an understatement when I say I am happy for them, and I think subconciously he inspired me to give it my OWN go at getting onto OCR. I think Andrew really inspired me to shoot for the stars, and it's why I never gave up. My goal was to get my OWN mix onto OCR, and I would do it no matter what. Got my start in the OHCs, and slowly learned new things there. my first submission was an instareject, the second made it onto the panel and got shot down there ( http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=32607 ), but even then I never wavered, never got angry, and always stayed the course. always kept my goal in mind. My break I feel came in the "Grand Robot Master Remix" contest, 2011. That too I lost (in the first round even), but out of that came the groundwork for this: http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR02530 I felt like "Mission Accomplished" when I saw that on the front page, and I feel I have Andrew to thank for this. without his indirect guidance, I never would have gone on this journey in the first place. While musically I may never do what he does, I am happy where I'm at, I'm just happy doing music, even though I may never do anything with it. Thank you Andrew!
  6. "You want some Bloodlines? We're gonna get you some Bloodlines... or more accurately, Greg is, with this sinister, shuffling, synth-laden arrangement off VV2 that even comes complete with its own blood-curdling scream. In case you have blood... that needs to be curdled." DJP implying here that we're all zombies.
  7. My, Yamamoto, you have some pretty ample main guns there....I've never seen a girl with more than two batteries though.... sorry, just HAD TO, I had a question too but when that came up...ahem, sorry.
  8. http://tindeck.com/listen/jzpo Update 9: I'm at the point now that I just need a mod to review it so I can add some last minute things to it that I'm missing. The 4-beat pattern in the B section isn't finished yet but I will get around to it. Hopefully this is the first and only mod review pass, but eh. SOURCE BREAKDOWN: 0:00 - 0:15 - Intro 0:15 - 1:05 - Fear Factory in the background and Hot Head Bop in front (arp first, taking the lead at 0:32) 1:05 - 1:36 - Lead starts out as Fear Factory, morphs into Corridor of Time at around 1:15 1:36 - 2:09 - Hot Head Bop arp, Corridor of Time airy pad 2:09 - 2:17 - Nothing, letting reverb do the work. 2:17 - 2:51 - Original piano passage and pad 2:51 - 3:07 - Return of CoT strings 3:07 - 3:23 - Last half of CoT, return of Hot Head Bop arp 3:23 - 3:40 - Hot Head Bop 3:40 - 3:56 - still Hot Head Bop, adding Goron City marimba in background. 3:56 - end - No source, club-style ending. (DKC - Fear Factory) (DKC2 - Hot Head Bop) (Chrono Trigger - Corridor of Time)(Alduin is plotting his return)
  9. If DJP ends up dropping the Quad Mist track, I might be able to turn it into something...
  10. if you didn't see it.I was working on a synopsis myself, and I NAILED the witch theme, but that's it. (Unfinished synopsis - https://docs.google.com/document/d/15pdfqVmYYJOxsAQxfdaCKsNZDFIjualbzhYR-t-QOL0/edit?usp=sharing ) Alrighty, now onto the video. It looks as if a girl is walking through the forest and comes up on some kind of magical mirror, probably placed there as a trap because she is caught by three witches soon afterward. One of them knocks her out and they start turning her into one of them? Anyway, she makes like Tubthumping (she gets knocked out, but she wakes up again), but she keeps getting put back to sleep. After a while she escapes and dives into a creek, which undoes the enchantments, and then she just relaxes in the water? It made it to my Favorites anyway, and I know Jill is HUGE on wordplay and visualization. Overall, I LOVED it. Great job Jill!
  11. I actually think that's why I never do anything anymore, my ears hate what comes out of my speakers, lol
  12. While I LOVE this, I'm not too sure I could sound off on this, because unless my ears are playing tricks on me, this does not follow standards explicitly. It's one of the bad things about being a musicphile, unfortunately. http://ocremix.org/info/Submission_Standards_and_Instructions 4-2b states: Whereas it is not THAT extreme, my ears have nevertheless picked out some nuances. I have bolded the relevant part. I have compared the original to the remix, and the backing in the ReMix has the same exact timbres as the original does. While it is awesome, I would have went "NO, resub" based on the fact that it uses the in-game track, sampled excessively. I agree that it does completely awesome things OVER it. No idea why the judges didn't pick up on that. and I've never felt so strongly about this either.
  13. I'm just posting this because look what is #5 When I heard that I was like...HUH? o_O
  14. This one started life as an original called "Victoria's Cove"...but then I started experimenting with the Kakariko Village theme in it, and it just seemed to fit after a few chord tweaks. It's annoying when that happens unfortunately...lol Done on iPad + GarageBand, and not finished yet https://app.box.com/s/omr33gjhk8z7ur01h8g7 Not even sure iPad submissions would be accepted, as GB iPad has a limited amount of stuff in it.
  15. Okay, I only need to link to one ReMix here for this: http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR02712/ Now, everyone knows how long that mix was stuck in the Conditional section of the judges queue before getting posted. So... Any mix that is stuck in Conditional for 3 years or more is said to be "Shinesparked". I.E. the FF VII mix "Melancholy Thicket" is shinesparked right now.
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