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  1. Please, we all know that it's Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, A, B, Start *pantie sniff* The Konami Code is Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start!! You fail at the Internet
  2. Yes. I'm so happy her "Oh GOOOOOOD!" was timed just perfectly to synch with the pause inserted in the background music. One of us is gonna have a lot of fun with that one It would be me but my remixing experience is negligible... So long URLs turn TheWingless on, eh? That gives me an idea... Edit: 40 minutes into the new month and you already got a vote from me. Edit 2: So glad to hear TheWingless has his own character after only 2 shows, to compete with the "Blessing Candy Woman" and Prince Azuzu.
  3. Thanks alot Arcana! Weren't people saying the same thing about Rama? Hmmm... Ya... in the 'omg bad rekordingz' way *remembers the legendary and hilarious "Rayza Report" stinger.* Yeah, what Rayza & cohost always did with the lack of Rama Report was funy, especially the blackmail OMFG TRIAL RAP
  4. BTW, whatever happened to that "Tune That Sample" thread and contest like a year ago? You know, the one where the 1st round sample was a terrible "Looks like it hit the tree!" and you had to build a song around it? I forget who started it, but I'd be all for resurrecting the contest. Just to hear Rayza and Aurora arguing over the "die/dice" thing made it worth the time in past episodes. Is it really 2 minutes anyway? Is it really that painful? I guess aside from the exposure to old ReMixes, it also an extension of the "randomness" I mentioned earlier; a chance for our hosts to bounce off each other for awhile while talking abour ReMixes the love (or don't love). One thing I don't want is a show where things run like clockwork and everything is edited and planned. It's no fun that way. I want to hear some banter and laughing spurts and "Holy FUCK!"s ( ) (Never thought I'd here those words, Pixie...) Maybe a few seconds of pimping various RRR ReMixes on the fly & as you see fit would make it worth the while. Like "Yeah, I miss DJ Crono. His stuff was always hardcore," or "I'm voting for the Final Fantasy. This mix really stands out from the rest." Something like that.
  5. - Provide said intro, and we'll take it into consideration. I'm perfectly happy with the intro as is, but special bumpers are always welcome. I think the intro is cute, though the samples do get old. There are definitely worse podcast intros out there... This last show I was secretly hoping for a huge dramatic re-entry with either DJP or Aurora actually saying, "Let there be rrrrrrremmmixxx!!!" I think the most-recent show order is fine. Intro, general news, ReViews, Cyanide & Rama, Roulette, then randomness at the end followed by stinger. Having Cyanide before the ReViews in previous episodes helped space things out, but do whatever you see fit. This show the intro was more drawn out b/c of the new hosts and what-not. I agree with you and (the late great ) Rayza on this. Speaking out 6 ReMix names doesn't take all that much time and hey, it's a podcast, you can always fast forward! Besides, maybe an OCR newcomier hearing an artist or song title will spark interest and he or she will pick it up.
  6. May I comission a pixietricksMix in honor of the occasion? She does deserve it, you know. Of course, I was originally going to try my hands and keep myself busy with this while waiting for a new episode, but oh well... And also, guys.
  7. You've never been on VGDJ before--except to make that AuroraMix (ahh, memories... ). And you're also not a girl. But it all seriousness, I like your ReMixes, the community says you're good personally, and I'm interested in hearing you on new episodes of VGDJ!
  8. You could always just post an episode or 2 in this thread as a loose MP3 until you get the access. Been... too... long Must... have... VGDJ... NOW!!
  9. With an Italian accent: Is this man bothering you miss? Want me to take hm out back and give him a once over? Maybe introduce him to a couple friends of mine? /Italian Accent "ees thees man a-botherin yu miis? Want-a mee to take heem out back and-a geeve heem--" wait, that's not right... You know you're a video game nerd when you read "Italin accent" and think Mario instead of Don Corleone (sp?)
  10. Nicely done. Good atmosphere with the insturments and choir samples. DJP was right, it is a bit lacking in the lower frequencies, but still a great ReMix.
  11. Great job. Liking the first half more than the second, but very nice and well-executed all around. The kick does stand out--and truthfully I like it that way
  12. I remember this being a WIP from so long ago. Great to see it finally getting some love! Probably the best "popular-style" song about a video game since "Pac-Man Fever" . Respectable MC skills Star, or whoever did them. Was it you who did the voices?
  13. The sad part is, how many people would have never heard this great song had that "someone" on Napster not mislabeled it as coming from a popular band?
  14. Probably my favorite Radical Dreamers remix on OCR, the only one that authentically captures the epic feel of the original from the game's opening. Short but very sweet. Haven't checked out remixes of Chrono Cross' "Another World" yet, which is supposed to be the same melody, but I should soon.
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