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  1. Fact: Playing this song increases your chances for true love and a happy life. And also robots with fucking lasers and explosions and racecars and stuff.
  2. Jeez. If this is how you treat people who go out of their way to do something cool for your sake, you don't even deserve the theme song I made. Way to be a crappy sport just because *you* didn't like the end result of my free labors. I now say that this is Gollgagh's theme song.
  3. No problem, dude. Your description really inspired me to do something that would make both of us proud. I think it really pushed my composing skills and helped me make something that would make you feel like a total badass, rather than just some boring kid. http://www.sendspace.com/file/dyvhu8
  4. Agreed with above. I've "scored" images before... and that image is yeah, it just looks like a picture taken with a shitty camera.
  5. Unce-Unce remix of Listen to the Cry of the Planet.
  6. I'm a film scoring student and very interested. PM sent.
  7. It depends. If you're a white male guitarist from the US, like me, you need to get your shit straight to get ahead of the rest. If you're a female eskimo from a rare tribe in Russia and you play accordion, well, you'd get a scholarship. Berklee has a real emphasis on diversity, which is maybe understandable, considering like half the students are male guitarists. (1:5 girl to boy ratio) Either way, they have beginning theory classes and shit that teach you pretty much from the start. But the more you know already, the better your chances of getting in.
  8. Hey that's my school but the not online one
  9. Benefits - it sounds better. Weaknesses - it takes up wayyy more HDD space. Really, I wouldn't do 24/96 unless you've actually got everything else high end as well (treated recording room, treated mixing room, high quality instruments, lots of mixing/mastering skill).
  10. Yeah, I can't imagine mastering a metal song at -12db RMS. Part of its sound is having everything right up front. In other news, I won the loudness war. Just saying.
  11. Halfminuteherohalfminuteherohalfminuteherohalfminuteherohalfminuteherohalfminuteherohalfminuteherohalfminuteherohalfminuteherohalfminuteherohalfminuteherohalfminuteherohalfminuteherohalfminuteherohalfminutehero
  12. http://dod.vgmix.com/past/oct07/07-KiddCabbage-SCV4-Stroke-DoD.mp3 lolpimpin
  13. It's funny that this thread (and the post information) is more focused on the product than the song. But since that seems to be the purpose, I'll post my thoughts as someone who produces plenty of metal with a rhythmic focus. -While this isn't the actual samples and more the amp sim, it sounds a lot like a direct-input guitar. Distorting guitars is one of the hardest things to do with software, since half of their sound on record is based on acoustics. -I wouldn't have really given a second thought that the guitar was played in a lot of the chordy parts. They sound le nice. When it gets to the lower parts, it sounds a little off - I'm not sure if this can be fixed through altering the MIDI timings and articulations or not. I'm not sure how a lot of the other articulations used in metal sound (palm mutes, half muted, harmonics, pinches), so I can't really give thoughts. So now, if we can talk about the actual song... you totally listened to Snappleman the whole time you made this, I know it!
  14. Just posting a little late, since I've gotten this response a few times. "Bombing Mission" is the ending section of the song. I changed the time from triplets to a gallop, so it's a little harder to hear it out, but that's it - the 'headbanging' section at the end.
  15. Very wow, BGC! I didn't know this until now! Great thing to have a resume, and I'm very impressed (and a little jealous. ). Anyway, while it's hard for me to ask many specific questions about the soundtrack, since I'm still on my first playthrough of the game and I refuse to listen to soundtracks before I play a game through - I feel this ruins the intended attachment to the visuals onscreen, and it spoils it a little... there are a few questions I'd like to ask. Jimmy: I'd also like to chime in with the question of getting the gig. As a Film Scoring major at Berklee, composing for games, especially a game on this scale and integrity, is my dream that I'm working towards. What avenues would you recommend taking towards these goals? Internships? Small indie games? And for you and the rest of the team, what other skills are necessary/helpful in the gaming industry aside from simply being able to write good harmonies and melodies? (synthesis, production, etc.) And for Jack Wall: Were you using a real hardware Roland Jupiter or a software one all over the Mass Effect OST? I'm hardly a gear-junkie, especially when talking about synths, but I could tell that one a mile away.
  16. Oh motherfuck. They sold out of 3-day passes and this is like a block away from my school.
  17. This is a dumb argument. Can't people just make music and support each other for doing so? Not everything has to be a competition for the spotlight.
  18. Well, your mixer and controller are very different things and do very different things. You won't actually record any audio through a controller like you will a mixer, and the controller controls control (olol) MIDI parameters that are mapped to software (controlling synths and software mixers and the like - kind of making a hardware mixer unnecessary unless you are recording with 8 mics at a time). And while I may have come off as harsh on M-Audio, I'll be keeping my Oxygen 49 until I feel that coughing $600 for a Novation 61SL MkII. D:
  19. As an old Dota player, I can say... Fuck Doom.
  20. I dunno. I have an M-Audio and while it suits my needs, I wouldn't say it's the best keyboard in the world - definitely good for starters, though. Anyway, I use an Oxygen 49, which might suit your needs. I'd take the Oxygen over the Keystation any day because the MIDI parameter controls on it (the knobs, faders, and buttons). And you really should use ASIO drivers for sound unless you have an audio interface and drivers that came with it. If you don't, just download ASIO4All and use that. It will work much better for you, latency-wise.
  21. I threw this together yesterday just because. This is my first EDM song ever, but I'm still proud I made the bass patch from scratch. However, my pride (and dignity) only go that far... So, here's some fucking electro music ala Kidd Cabbage. http://www.sendspace.com/file/9lqzvd
  22. I hope you're not referring to the people who left for TheShizz clan. While, yes, we do enjoy winning games, I have a number of people here on OCR who can testify that whenever we play and this shit happens, I'm always the guy standing up and trying to play referee, telling people to stop raging, throwing blame, and having shitty attitudes - trying to remind people that it's about fun. In fact, there are some people in OCR that I won't name who don't want to play with me because I'm calling people out for this stuff. I've said a million times that I'd rather play with people like Luke that aren't as good (no offense) but have great attitudes rather than other people who have crappy attitudes, despite being great players. And these are all things that I share in common with my fellow Shizz clanmates - the whole reason we left to reform The Shizz clan.
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