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  1. I concur with OA about the stiff sequencing and the way the stereo field feels strange. I, too, think that the arrangement is really lacking in terms of development. I see where you tried to do some extra to it when the guitar picks up and the instruments are all flowing together, but it's really not there yet. This is tricky for me to give feedback on. On the one hand, the idea of making this otherwise-terse and energetic source tune a mournful ballad is a great idea. On the other hand, you'll be hurt in that endeavor unless your instrumentation is much more dynamic and realistic. You can alleviate some of that by changing the string patch to a more synthetic pad sound, but the pan flute is so clearly sampled that it's really not doing the job that needs to be done. Like OA said, a B-section would really help this track--maybe take another source tune and use it to give the song some development. You'll also be helped if you can make your instrumentation more believable. I betcha the Workshop forums would be a good place to start if you're looking for more insight. NO
  2. Wow, I can really hear why this one is getting a split vote. The song itself brings a lot of energy, and the production is ace, which would usually be where I'd get hung up. It's not a terribly satisfying arrangement, though. I think Beatdrop has said exactly what I was thinking here: And I'll just go ahead and echo his vote, too. NO (please resub, I wanna hear this done justice!)
  3. My gift should be leaving for its recipient this week. I think he's gonna dig it.
  4. This has shades of Machinae Supremacy in it to me. Maybe crossed with some In Flames. I dunno. I really love it! I only stopped headbanging to write this post. Also, definitely added you to my subscription list. Between you, LittleV, FamilyJules, and Erock, I feel like I'm well up on my Youtube metal shenanigans.
  5. May just have to grab this, especially since I'm looking at the prize package for my compo and drooling a bit.
  6. dude timaeus why did you necro a four-year-old thread?
  7. Contest is closed, and I'll be posting results soon.
  8. I celebrated the McRib today and didn't even regret it afterwards.
  9. Hey dude, friendly warning before you get someone official--your signature is way too tall, pretty sure the max height is something like 250px or around that height. :-)

  10. I have reasons for that! First, the mix with Jason Covenant for the SZRC is still technically in WIP form, since we're going to be redoing it, and Antifreeze got signed to Gamechops, so I'm not really releasing it anywhere else. Banana Revolution is going on my upcoming original album, and it's being renamed to Revolution (feat. Jason Covenant and AkumajoBelmont). I didn't really use enough source in my remix of a ReMix to qualify for OCR posting (I don't think), so I figured I'd give it a second life on my album. Oh, and just so you know, there's some neat bonus stuff when you download the album, too.
  11. Hmm, maybe I should do a live Launchpad mashup of everything sometime. THAT would be interesting, for sure!
  12. Just released a collection of all my VGM remixes on Bandcamp. Free if you enter 0 as the price! If you've been looking for lossless versions of any of my OCR tracks, this is the place to find 'em! https://flexstyle.bandcamp.com/album/press-start-five-years-of-video-game-remixes Also, good grief: can you believe I've been remixing VGM for five years now?
  13. Wowee, looks like a ton of work went into this--nice job, best of luck with keeping it online!
  14. Deadline extended! For those of you who wanted to enter, but haven't, or for those of you who wish to polish your entry or even submit a new one, the new deadline is November 16.
  15. I am suddenly able to come, thanks to the generosity of VinnyMac. CAN'T FRIKKIN' WAIT TO SEE YOU ALL THERE! :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:
  16. Wow. My eardrums are really happy right now--that was fantastic.
  17. Just upgraded my monitors from a set of E-Mu PM5s to a set of Yamaha HS8s. SO PSYCHED. Also been using a lil' iMac alongside everything to do things like multitracking and take-editing. In the pic: - Yamaha HS8 monitors - 2008 iMac - Custom-built PC - dbx 215 graphic equalizer (left over from the PM5 setup) - dbx 223 crossover (left over from the PM5 setup) - Akai MPK49 MIDI keyboard - Novation Launchkey 25 MIDI keyboard - Novation Launchpad Mini (and I've got another on my shelves right now) - Numark MixTrack MIDI DJ controller - Asus UX32VD ultrabook w/ Native Instruments Traktor Audio 2 - Sennheiser E815s mic - Yamaha MG102c mixing board - Audio-Technica LP60 belt-driven turntable Also just upgraded my mic locker, so here's my list of stuff not in the picture: - Audio-Technica AT2035 x2 - AKG C214 x2 - Studio Projects C4 - Studio Projects C1 x2 (one first-gen, one latest-gen) - Shure SM7B - Sterling Audio ST51 - GLS Audio ES-57 - aaaand a Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 to run everything through.
  18. Hey guys, just a quick reminder: this contest is scheduled to be over at the end of next week. Get those entries in!
  19. I love crazy stylistic mashups like this, and Timaeus did a great job on this. Surely EDMF is a thing now, right? (EDM-Fusion, that is.)
  20. Aww yeah, schmoove groovy stuff from Mr. X. The themes are blended well, I dig the flow of the song, love the sound choices...honestly, I haven't really got anything to criticize here. I feel like this could almost have been a DP, and really shouldn't have any trouble on the panel. please don't make me eat those words, guys Anyways. It's fun, it's well-executed, and I've got no problems giving this a... YES
  21. I dig this a lot. The samples are clearly that--samples--but they're used well enough and with enough dynamics that I'm not worried. The arrangement is gorgeous, and I can clearly hear the source in there, but I love the way you've picked the entire thing up and done a much more energetic, driving sort of orchestral arrangement rather than the much more somber tone of the originals. Yeah honestly, I don't have a whole lot to say on this one. There are times when it feels a touch loud, and I'm not sure if that's my headphones or just a rogue frequency somewhere, but it's not enough to bother me right now. YES
  22. Yeah, I gotta say I'm with Chimp here. Most of the song is definitely reminiscent of the source tune, but I'm not really hearing hardly any of the melodies actually in there. This source tune isn't *just* ambiance, either, so there's no real excuse for that. Some of the melodies that are used (that, I think, are new, and not based off of something from the source) are dissonant, as mentioned, too. It's a cool track overall, but I'm just not hearing enough source to keep it moving forward. That *should* be a pretty easy fix, though, since you've got the basis of the track already in place. Add some proper source, and send this back--I look forward to hearing it! NO (resub!)
  23. Oh man, this is tasty! I'm definitely hearing bits of everything in there, nice job combining all those sources. Dat snare is teh thickness, synths are on point, love all the noodly bits. Just a really nicely done package overall. I don't really have a whole lot to say for this one other than.... YES